January 22, 2010

Yup, things change THAT fast

If I have to wash Jacob's sheets ONE MORE time this week, I'm going to start buying that boy Depends to sleep in!! There is just something wrong in having to wash a kid's sheets every single day!

I know, I know. Yesterday was such a cute post. Well, Wednesday WAS cute! Yesterday, not so much.

Savannah sounds like she has croup, Jacob and Alayna both have very raw bums, Alayna too has a cough and a never ending runny nose, while Joseph, my natural antagonist, is totally fine and just goes around picking on all of them.

Ya, yesterday was not the best day. You know what kids do when they are feeling well, right? They are sad, cranky, whiny, and just want to be held ALL day. I think my eye was twitching when Luke came home LATE from work last night.

Okay, okay, enough of that. I actually DO have something funny to write about today.

Please take a moment to admire the following picture.

This was Savannah on Wednesday as she was getting home from school. Tasting the snowflakes, so cute. Well, you see that plastic sack in her hand? Um, that is what this story is about.

If you need to catch up on Savannah's "love" life, click here and read the last story.

So on the way to the bus stop that morning, Savannah suddenly gasps and looks very sad as she exclaimed, "Oh no! I forgot Seth's phone number!"

I was shocked enough to think my 5-year old daughter was trying to get phone numbers! So I asked her why she wanted Seth's phone number. She replied, "So I know where he lives!"

Somewhat relieved that she wasn't going to be asking for a cell phone anytime soon, I explained that phone numbers are for calling people, which she doesn't need to be worrying about doing right now, and someone's address tells you where they live.


And now, the story of the plastic sack.

I happened to have my camera in hand as I was watching Savannah get off the bus and was able to snap that picture of her tasting snowflakes. Then she walks into the house and somewhat dreamily says holding up the sack, "Seth didn't want this."

The handles were tied together in a knot and the sack had obviously been ripped open. So I asked her why she had it.

Again she said, "Seth didn't want it. So he gave it to me." She seemed quite happy about it.

I've never met the kid but if she comes home with any more of his garbage....

I was never interested in boys at that age. Please tell me its just a phase and she won't be interested in boys until she's 18! Especially not ones that give her their garbage! PLEASE!

8 super cool people speak:

Emily C said...

Ugh. GOod luck, Serene! Sounds like you have your hands full.

I can't give you much hope for Savannah, thought. I used to kiss boys at the bus stop in kindergarten, until one told me that if I wanted to kiss him, I had to pay him $5. I also pinched boys' bums.

And snuck around dating before I was 16, although my parents totally knew and just chose to ignore it.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Strangely, that did not help. At all. =)

wonder woman said...

Emily's comment is cracking me up!

I don't remember liking boys till 2nd grade.

And I didn't stop putting night diapers on my oldest till he was like 4 1/2. My youngest wakes up dry most nights, but will probably wear a diaper to bed for a long time, still. I hate washing sheets every day. Plus, we just reuse the diaper when it's clean.

the Gardners said...

Lol! My sister and her friend at 5 (after they started kindergarten) were caught writing all over their backs the boys names fromt their classes. My sister was always boy crazy growing up! Somehow she has made it to 20 and luckily didn't marry the first guy who walked by, Thank Heaven!

As for the sheets...we have to take T potty 2 or 3 times a night. He is starting to get the hang of it on his own and will wake up and go and then go back to sleep. But, if he is really tired he has a hard time waking up. So, you are not alone!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

The thing is, I haven't started
potty training Jacob at all! He sleeps in a diaper! It just doesn't seem to do a very good job of containg anything.

Emily C said...

Go up a size. Or, for a while, I used Huggies at night on Guy because they contained SO MUCH MORE than the Parent's Choice brand.

Sorry about the first comment! I didn't mean to scare you. Look how nice I turned out! Right?

the Gardners said...

Oh, well that changes my previous comment! I agree with Emily. Sienna pees out all the time in the Wal-mart/Target diapers at night, and so did Tyrus, come to think of it. I like huggies for night time, too.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Huggies, huh? Hmm.... I think I'll have to try that out! Thanks guys!

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