January 17, 2010

Feeling Thankful: NOT what you think

I'm just going to say that whatever you THINK this post is going to be about, well it's simply, not.

Setting the Scene:

Today for church, I wore a stretchy black, just longer than knee length skirt, a shirt and open toe heels. No buttons, zippers, or ties, just an easy to slip on black stretchy skirt.

The Story:

Alayna needed a diaper change so I took her to the mother's lounge where upon entering, I find two friends, one is feeding her baby, and the other is using the changing table.

As I stood there waiting my turn for the changing table, I set Alayna down. She is after all getting fairly heavy. Of course, she is now walking, but still quite unsteady.

Suddenly, as Alayna started to wobble, she grabbed hold of the bottom of the skirt in an attempt to steady herself but instead, she proceeded to topple to the floor, taking my skirt down with her.

I suppose I would have been okay as one girl was checking on her nursing baby and the other was occupied with her own diaper changing duties. Unfortunately, the sheer shock of suddenly bearing all allowed for a cry of dismay to escape my lips as I dove down to retrieve my coverings. This cry naturally turned the heads of the other two ladies in the small room.

Ah hem, awkward.

So today, I am feeling thankful:

-that this didn't happen in a room with men
-that for no reason, I happen to shave my legs with a little more care than usual
-that there was only minimal collateral damage and only two people will suffer from the everlasting side effects of seeing something terribly frightening

On that note, I hope you having a fabulous Sunday!

Me? I'm going to go think of a way to change my identity and alter my appearance.

7 super cool people speak:

joy said...

I have had experiences like that too. I'm sure there will not be lasting effects from the other two women. They will only feel like they're glad they know your human just like them. Darling story, thanks for the post. Love, Joy

Joel & Rebekah Greenway said...


Heidi said...

If I'd been one of the other women, I would have laughed and said "You, too?" :-) But I totally understood the gratitude of no male presences.

Michelle said...

Mine fell down in Young Womens in front of all the girls and leaders! It was just too loose, and I hadn't pulled it up for a minute or two. Like you, I was glad no men were in the room... Oops...

Jess said...

LOL!! Thanks for the laugh!

special k said...

hahahahaha. I may have laughed out loud and read that to my boyfriend. Sorry to get amusement from your embarrassment but thanks for sharing :)

Valerie said...

Glad it wasn't me. :) hehe Sorry that it did happen to you though. But it definitely is good that it happened where it did and not in the hall.

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