January 29, 2010

When there's destruction... I mean, love at home.

We drove the hours down to Primary Children's and waited our turn to see the surgeon for Alayna's post op check-up.

He sat down, ran his hand around her head, asked two questions and announced, "She looks great! See you in September!" He also said that he'd like to see her about every 2 years until she turns five. I got all concerned and asked, why? Was there a chance something could go wrong in that time? His reply, "No, I just like to see their heads grow."

Oh. Umm... okay. Can't I just send photos? Its kind of a long drive. Oh well, at least she looks awesome. Nothing is wrong.

Feeling thankful.

We left the hospital and started to make our was to BYU campus so Luke could talk engineering (zzzzzzz..... snort, huh?) and take care of thesis stuff.

But not long after we headed out, Alayna suddenly looked really... tired. Almost sad. I was starting to get worried. I recognized that face... but from where? I just couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Without further warning, the geyser exploded and out came her 6oz bottle of milk, and her yogurt, and her cheese. Nothing like half digested dairy to make the car smell just peachy.

Now I know why that face looked familiar. All of our kids seem to be prone to car sickness. Stink, literally.

So Luke's on the phone with his professor learning that the engineering building on campus had an accident and it is closed for the weekend and all the professors and staff went home, (Some guy hit a transformer, started a fire and a gas leak. At least now I know where Optimus Prime sleeps.) I'm turned around in my seat, bum pointed at the front window trying to contain the fountain of foul, (poor oncoming traffic drivers, probably wondering what that big blob in the front window was) yelling at Luke to pull over, while we're driving through the middle of Salt Lake. After cutting off a driver and jumping a curb, we stopped, pulled out Alayna, which was not an easy feat since we had to wipe up all the goop so we could find the buckles, and we did our best to clean up the mess.

At least I had brought a spare outfit. But it didn't change the fact we all stunk.

We made it to Provo without further incident. In the end, Luke didn't get a chance to take care of anything and we drove home.

Alayna was so good and patient on the long drive. She is just too sweet. 

 On that note, I would just like to say that after Savannah spent hours and hours building this little "house", all of her loving, thoughtful siblings in a combined effort destroyed it in less than minute.

And she desolved into a puddle of hysterical tears.

"Love at home."  That's our motto. We aim to please.

9 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

I've never heard of anyone so prone to car sickness as you and your kids. It's almost amazing...if it weren't so icky, too. I'm glad Alayna's doing well head-wise!

Katie said...

That checkup (minus a couple of hours of the drive) sounds like the ones Josh has. He has three surgeons who need to check in with him every three months. Plus, he needs several scans the week before. It is a long couple of days to hear "you are still fine." Hard to remember that the alternative would be devistating when the status quo is annoying.

Stacy said...

Glad everything checks out. I only have an hour drive to that blessed hospital, but it's the worst to drive there, wait hours and see a surgeon for approximately 2.5 minutes. And sorry about the barfing. Nasty!

pcNut said...

Sounds like it was really rough for all parties involved!
I hope you guys are all well, that Luke's thesis is coming along inspite of the teachers not being available, and that the spirit of "love" continues (or discontinues?:)
Love you:)

Brittney said...

we have to go on the four hour drive to primary childrens again for a checkup in 3 weeks. We just have to remember to be grateful for surgeries that worked and modern technology I guess! That Alayna is a cutie.

Shelby Bingham said...

Glad things went well with the doctor, but so sad to hear about the car sickness! Ugh! I'll bet the drive felt as though it was 10 times longer than it normally is!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

Glad that everything went well! Your girls are beautiful and look like they love each other so much. How sweet.

Sisters are so loving.


Emily C said...

Yeah, that's a pain about the Clyde. It's also where Josh's ward meets (he's in a bishopric, you knew that, right?). So tomorrow, since the building is still closed, they're having church at 5:45 p.m. At least it's only Sacrament meeting, and he doesn't expect me to come and bring the kids!

I'm glad Alayna is still doing a-okay.

Mother Smith said...

I absolutely LOVED these pictures of Savannah and Alayna...Hope it will always be this "harmony" between them....I noticed the "hair" berets in Savannah's hair!!! smile

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