May 30, 2009

The Truth is Out

After reading my post about the kids and the mud (the post just after "Car Sense") my mom decided to post a few of my, er... extra curricular youth activities. Ya, that's what they were. Yup!

You'll see what I mean after you click HERE.

You get points if you can find me. But I'm pretty sure I had the muddiest face so, good luck!

P.S. Don't tell anyone else! I can't let the word get out that I lead a double life as a professional mud wrestler. Shhhh.....

May 29, 2009

Car Sense

While out running errands, we came to a four-way stop. Off to the right a bright blue Mazda Miata pulled up.


Savannah suddenly sat up and exclaimed, "Look!" pointing at the Miata," They have a Fawarwi!"

Unable to help it, I started laughing but Savannah didn't notice. She was still staring at the Miata as it drove away.

"Mom, why do they have a Fawarwi?"

Still chuckling I simply said, "I don''t know."


Savannah sat back into her seat looking deep in thought. After a moment she said,"Huh, well that's just crazy."

May 28, 2009

The Muddy Crossroads of Motherhood

Unfortunately for us, motherhood is not one straight track. No, no, its just constant crossroads. Nothing is allowed to be easy and straightforward. Because which ever track you choose at the crossroads, you MUST deal with the consequences.

I'm working in the garden. We have two hoses attached to each other and at the point of attachment, it leaks and leaves a nice muddy spot.

I've been working in the garden for a while now, looking very much like an ostrich at this point, and the water has also been on for a while.

Suddenly I hear a slight "shwick splat" followed by a burst of laughter. I straighten and turn.

Here at the crossroads, I ALMOST clean him up on the spot and chain him to the door for not listening when I told him to stay away from the mud.

But I thought about it for a moment and realized that if I cleaned him up he would probably just come back outside and get all dirty again. So, deciding on the path less traveled, I shrugged, turned my back and went back to work.

Savannah, seeing my nonchalant attitude toward the mess, decided that she too would test her limits and see what wonders the mud might hold.

Ah yes, crossroads can be an interesting place to be at. Now that I have let them play in the mud, how far should I let them go? How dirty should I let them get?

Joseph made up my mind for me.

And Savannah followed suit.

After giving their bodies and their clothes and good wash down, I was actually FOOLISH enough to think I had got most of the mud out.

It would seem I missed a spot.

And then there are times you wonder why you even bother at all.

More crossroads....

May 26, 2009

Because You Just Haven't Seen Enough

There was just such an overwhelming amount of comments left on my last three posts begging for more pictures, how could I refuse?

Er... okay, so not really, but I thought I would finish out my Florida trip in style.

Not that I consider a swimming suit in any way stylish. I very much dislike them actually. They make me feel exposed, self-conscious, naked.
If I wouldn't feel comfortable walking around a store in underwear, why in the world would I feel comfortable in a swim suit?
Even as a kid I would always steal one of my dad's big t-shirts out of his closet to wear it over my swim suit and swim all day like that. Until once, at the beach, a wave managed to flip the shirt over my head so when I tried to come up for air I couldn't get any with a big shirt over my face and the waves kept knocking me down so it took me a while to finally get some air. It scared me so bad. That's when I graduated to the shorts era.
I did that for years. But you want to hear something funny? Having kids has a way of changing your body. I know! It shocked me too. So after number three baby, I had to get a new swim suit.
Believe me when I say red would NOT be my first choice, but it was the only color left with the matching top and bottom in the extra long. So, red it is.

Secretly, I'm trying to turn Alayna into a beach bum.

See? I love this next picture because she's smiling! My secret plan is working! Now we'll just have to go back to the beach someday soon, just because Alayna will bat her pretty dark eyes at daddy and beg. And who could resist that?

Especially now that she has had the toes in the sand experience. She seemed to like that.

Oh ya, now there's some good looking beach babes!

Now I can't really tell, but it seems as though my nephew enjoyed myself. Maybe. Perhaps. Just a little.

Of course, Alayna got to chill on the beach in style. Oh ya.

The gang. My bro, me, nephew, bro-in-law, sis, married sis' friends.
You know, when I wear a swim suit, I tend to make the world a much brighter place. The sun shines off my skin like diamonds! Maybe I'm a vampire. (If you've read Twilight, you'd get that. If you haven't, well, just forget I said it)
Okay, so maybe its just that my skin never sees the light of day. Expect my arms. I have a pretty sweet farmer's tan.
I know, you all are SO jealous. I can sense it.
My mom and dad.
See all that light in the background? That's not the sun reflecting off the water, its the sun reflecting off my legs.

Come on, you gotta love the face my bro is making while my bro-in-law is practicing his flamingo in the back.
Imagine you were watching a movie. There's inspirational music playing while you watch my dad walk down the beach in slow motion.
Haha! Works doesn't it! Of course, when my dad saw this picture his comment was, "what a man!"
Honestly, I like this picture for one reason. My bro-on-law in the background looks like he's about ready to take a swing at the person taking the pictures. Which wasn't me luckily.

And now, I feature my father again. I suppose you would have to know him to appreciate his... creative self.
The tide was coming in fast. He said he was building a temple that would last forever!

Uh, I guess its a good thing he isn't an architect. Actaully, i h ave no idea what he was really doing.
As a side note, I laugh at this picture. Look at my arm compared to the rest of my skin. Awesome.

And when my mom told him to watch what he said or he would get struck my lighting, and he did this... of course.

And when my dad saw this picture he had to point out the "hero worship" going in in the background.
Don't worry Jackie, we know the truth.

Well, it was another fine day at the beach. And I think Alayna makes the cutest little beach bum.

May 24, 2009

The Reception

Its funny the relief one experiences when the decorating part of an event is finally completed. Especially when that completion takes place any time after midnight.
I just have one thing to say, I never want to tie another bow as long as I live.

My mom found this and thought it would add just the right amount of... uh, Becka spice to her cake, which was of course amazing. Our awesome family friend Renee made it.

My little sis was one beautiful bride. (sigh... sniff) What a gal.

The dance with daddy.

The dance with the new hubby.

And of course cutting the cake is always... an adventure for some people. Umm, personally I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

Becka had to throw the bouquet twice. The first time she threw it went way too far. Far enough to reach the married people. Opps.

Can you see the flowers way up in the air?

The second time, it was a bit too short. But Jackie, she's quick.

Ahhh... its over. I had a blast catching up with old friends and socializing. But now, my foot is killing me and its time for a chocolate break!!!
Er, I mean its time to clean up and go home. I would NEVER sit down and eat a bucket of chocolate, let alone fight with my pregnant sister over it. Really!

Don't you think my cute brother looks like a superhero?

And my little baby looks as adorable as ever.

Oh now, don't judge us. My sister is pregnant, my foot hurts and my other sister isn't use to heels. Can you blame us?
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