January 15, 2010

Picture of the Day

This is a diaper.

Why is the picture important to me?

1. My hubby ALWAYS, ALWAYS gives me a hard time for leaving wet diapers laying around.
(and I do admit it's a little embarrassing when people come over unannounced and I have to quickly push aside a couple diapers that are just laying around on the floor. But when two kids are jumping on me while I'm changing one and they're demanding things, I confess that sometimes I forget to throw the diaper in the trash. Unless its stinky. Then its hard to forget.)

2. This is Alayna's diaper.

3. I know I didn't put it there.

4. I did not NOT change Alayna this morning, Luke did.

Conclusion: Luke left it there.

That's why this picture is important to me.

And it made me laugh.

I mean, who leaves a diaper on a bed post? Haha, awesome.


4 super cool people speak:

Stacy said...

Come to my house. There is almost always a wet diaper or two laying on the kitchen floor where I threw it from the living room after changing Max. You'll feel right at home.

Big Bahama Mama said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who forgets to walk the wet diapers to the garbage. Thanks for the post.

Mama Smith said...

I would frame the picture...and hang it on his side of the bed...just for a little reminder...that even the "best of intentions"...sometimes...don't come to pass....right away...smile

Royalbird said...

I saw this at the bottom of your post today (7/19) and had to comment. Diaper duty is one of the assigned actual jobs my kids have. They have to pick up any wet/dirty diapers that might have been left by me and put them in the diaper trash in the garage. It lasts for one week. After one week, the next kid rotates into it. Just thought I'd send that suggestion along. And the kids (at least 4 weeks into the job system) LOVE doing their jobs, even carrying the diapers to the trash.

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