February 28, 2010

My ego is easily influenced, so I'm giving you stew meat.

I would like to start out by simply saying, it's all your fault.

No it, really is.

I quite innocently posted a few recipes, the most recent being of course the Layers of Love Chocolate Brownies and then Savannah's Stuffed Pasta Shells. That's it! That is all I did.

And then what did YOU have to go and do? Actually MAKE the recipes! I was stunned. I didn't think anyone would actually TRY the recipes I posted. I guess with all the other gazillion blogs out there posting recipes I didn't think anyone would bother with mine. And I'm certainly not a cooking Goddess like Valerie.

So you can imagine what you did to my dimly lit domestic ego when I received a few comments and emails back (that's right, I'm especially eyeing you Maria and Denise) saying how yummy the recipes were. Some people even went so far as to ask me for more!

I know! Good thing I had my smelling salts handy.

From there my dimly lit domestic flame of an ego, flared into a full blown roaring forest fire. I puffed out my meager chest and said to myself, "Self, you and I make a pretty good cooking team when we want to be... never mind that its not all that often, but you should share the tasty recipes with the world! Or at the least the three people who read this blog."

So, its all your fault that I'm going to try and post a weekly recipe. I'm sorry if you are rolling your eyes and groaning. I suppose you'll just have to avoid me on Sundays. Or come and feed my domestic ego with delicious comments and feedback.

I'll let you choose.

So, drumroll please! Today Me, Myself, and I, would like to present the super easy, yet oh so VERY tasty:

Stew Meat and Soup
(it was a family favorite in my house growing up)

1 package stew meat (since we get our meat from my in-laws, I will often just cut up a roast or some steaks. It works just great too!)
1 package Lipton Onion Soup mix
2 cups water
1 can cream of mushroom soup

Pour all ingredients into a pot that can go into the oven over raw meat. Cover and cook at 250 degrees for about 4 hours.

Serve over warm rice.

Ta da! The meat is always so soft and it really is yummy.

This picture was taken BEFORE it was cooked. I wasn't actually home when my family devoured it so I have no "done" photo.

Anyway, you'll have to let me know if any of you try it out!

February 27, 2010

I trick people into thinking I have an awesome blog

Blog awards are so much fun! Not quite as good as getting chocolate, but close. 

I was lucky enough to receive two recently from two totally fab bloggers. I would throw a party in my honor but I doubt anyone would come. I don't have enough money to bribe all of you into coming to the frozen tundra of snowland. Sad, but true.

My husband had to pull the marriage card on me since he didn't have enough money to bribe me either.

Anyway, Wonder Woman over at Amazing Family bestowed this lovely blog award on me a couple weeks ago. Sorry I'm so slow to blog about it! I hope we can still be friends!

According to the rules from her blog, I am to list 10 things that make me happy then pass the award on to 10 other bloggers. Well, here it goes!

This list is not necessarily in order. Which should be obvious since chocolate is listed in the middle.

10. Swimming. As much as I cringe at the idea of having to squeeze my baby ravished body into a swimsuit, I would do it in a heart beat to go swimming. Luke thinks I'm part fish, I think he's part rock. He can't really swim. But since this isn't about him, its about me me me... (*cough* and humbly continue)  I'd just like to say, I love to swim.

9. Lotion. I single handedly keep Jergens in business. I apply it from head to toe EVERY DAY after my shower. I go through oodles of it. I couldn't live without it. If my house were to catch fire, the first thing I would grab is my bottle of Jergens Shea Butter.

8. Daisies. Don't mind me, I'm just dropping yet another subtle hint to my husband since he obviously didn't catch the first one. Do you guys think I need to draw a picture?

7. Shoes. Three years ago if you had told me I would be one of "those" girls who loved shoes and wanted to own a billion pair I would have laughed at you and sent you straight to the nearest psych ward. (not that I would know where that actually would be...*cough*) But in the last two years, I have doubled the number of shoes I own. I'm slowly learning that there is no such thing as too many shoes.

6. Drawing. I don't get to do it nearly as much as I would like. I'm actually quite rusty. I picked up my pencil the other day for the first time in ages and couldn't think of a single thing to draw. As much as I love and adore drawing portraits with pastels, I confess, I miss drawing dragons. Don't hate me because I'm honest.

5. Chocolate. I have strapped four little bums into their cars seats, driven to the store, loaded them up into a cart and walked into the store only to come out 6 minutes later having only bought chocolate; then walked out to my car, strapped four little bums into their car seats and driven home. That's how much I love chocolate.

4. Books. I just read "The Goose Girl" in four hours. All 383 pages of it... minus the ten or so pages I skimmed to get to the end. Get past the first couple of chapters and, so good! My book collection makes me happy. I want more. I want the library that the Beast gave to Belle. Its not fair that beautiful, fictional characters get all the cool stuff.

3. Blogs. How else would I be able to get such cool awards and meet so many awesome people... okay, maybe not actually meet them, but e-meet them. I think I'll contact Webster and make that an actual word.

2. Family. I don't care if anyone out there thinks its velveeta cheesy. I love-a love-a love-a my family! Not just my own little unit of terrorizing monsters and my husband who just can't seem to find daisies anywhere, but also the family I grew up in. My seven weird sibling and my awesome parents. I love them all! The in-laws aren't half bad either.

1. Faith. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been my guiding force and strength for as long as I can remember. I am who I am because of it (with a little help from my parents of course). I am grateful to have it in my life. So very, very grateful.

I thought I would pass this award onto some new blog friends I've made recently. I simply adore them and NO, I did NOT list them in order of favorites, just so you know. Be sure to check them out! The 10 bloggers I would like to bestow this award to are:

~ Linda over at See Mom Smile. Like to laugh? She's got the blog for you!

~ Sarah over at For the Love. She has all the fashion sense that I want, but don't have.

~ Evelyn over at The Perks of Life. I think our kids became best friends in the pre-existence as they sat together in the time-out corner.

~ Jackie over at House of Sarager. I just find her blog all-around enjoyable and fun.

~ Patty over at Pitterle Postings. Compares real life to gospel principles.

~ Err... so I don't know her first name and she just had a baby but I think she rocks, The Fowlers live here

~ MommyJ over at Mommy Snark. I think the title speaks for itself.

~ DeNae over at My Real Life was Backordered. I'm not really sure what to say other than, brace yourself. She is a crack-up!

~ Stacy over at Sanity for Stacy. Her son had a cranio surgery like Alayna did, only their experience wasn't as successful. She's got it hard right now, but I love her anyway!

~Brae over at I'm not a Volcano and other such stories. She's got this blogging thing down to an art!

WHEW! That was actually kind of exhausting to write up! 

Okay, in case you had forgotten by now, I said I received TWO awards. Here is the other one from the totally awesome Amber over at Making the Moments Count.

I think it will look so pretty on my blog. *sniff* I love it!

Thanks to all you lovely blogger babes!

February 26, 2010

Goal of the Week and The Picture of the Day

The cold hard, or warm fuzzy (depending on your point of view this morning) truth of the matter is, this week's "Best Mommy Ever Challenge" was H.A.R.D.!

I mean, letting them cook with me was easy. Crafting with them was... hard, but doable. But this? Smiling when mad or frustrated? It was just plain ole' rotten, stinkin' tough!

I probably scored a 5.32 out of 10 points.

While I wasn't perfect at it, it did help during the day. The kids have been a little happier and I have been a little more forgiving. But I failed so miserably at the end of most days.

When you're fried like a Country Fried Chicken wing, being all smiley at screaming kids is like trying to turn yourself into a low-fat grilled chicken sandwich with lite mayo.

I'm just now realizing that I'm hungry.

Once, when Savannah was being a little whiny pants, I looked down, took a deep breath and let out a smile. Next thing I hear is, "Mommy! Stop laughing at me!!" I have learned that there are and are NOT appropriate times to smile. I learned to turn my back and smile during those times.

In the moments I was successful, it helped the whole situation as I was more patient and slow to react in a quick and frustrated manner. It was awesome and I would have celebrated by eating chocolate, if I hadn't eaten it all already.

At the times when I failed, my challenge would always pop into my head and I would suddenly feel terrible. Sometimes I would apologize to my little monsters and other times I would go sit in my room and give myself a good mental spanking.

I think this will be one challenge I will have to repeat often. Maybe I'll try and do it one week a month.

But I am running out of good challenge ideas. I know I'm only three weeks in. I didn't say I was OUT of ideas, just running a bit low. I was hoping some brilliant mastermind out there would have some to offer me!


My Picture(s) of the Day

Now you know why I eat chocolate for breakfast.

The End.

And now your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a picture describes your life or who you are today. Write a little blurb about why and then link back here so we can all come see!

The linky is open for the week. Have fun!

February 25, 2010

Danger in the Toy Box

There I was, perfectly happy and content to live my simple little life, frolicking around in the realm of my imagination with the cutest little rose colored glasses adorning my nose as I looked out at all that lay before me.

But Something had a different plan in mind. She found me early on in the bliss of my innocence and happiness. I could feel it's slimy hands pick me up and bring to it's gaping jaws and razor sharp teeth.

Before I could yell for help, I was plunged into warm, wet darkness. I could feel it chewing, gnawing on my head, blissfully unaware of the amount of pain it was causing as its drool ran down my little body.

And yet, it seemed to be enjoying my discomfort as my rose colored glasses were swallowed whole and the fragments of my imagination were scattered in the wind.

But I held on... barely. I could feel the threads of my sanity dangling in the air as I was left hanging, completely helpless.

I finally couldn't take it anymore. I could feel myself being stretched beyond the limits of comfort, beyond the limits of discomfort, and into a world that only Elastigirl understands. 

I knew at any moment, I would snap.

And snap I did. With all my might I broke free from my slobbering captor as I fought back like Indiana Jones' whip delivering justice with a sting that bumblebees can only dream about.

But the damage to me and my little self was too great, I could not fully escape its iron grip. After a brief session of relief, I was once again plunged into wet, slobbery darkness.

Don't they know there's only so much one poor lowly little indestructible boneless lizard can take!?

And that Mister Director was my first lead role. The film "Danger in the Toy Box" was a big hit! My whole family watched it! And believe me, that's a lot of lizards!

So if you could please consider me in your next film, "Terror in the Toilet" I would be honored.

Yours faithfully and soon to be major star,

Larry Lizard 

February 24, 2010

My memory started working again! DARN IT!

First of all, I'd like to preface this by stating: I can't believe I'm actually writing about this. You'll see why soon enough.

It all started out innocent enough. The house was in a state of complete nastiness and extreme destruction, nothing too out of the ordinary. Still, it was obvious it was time to get down to business with a blow torch.

But since I couldn't find the one that I usually sleep with under my pillow, I decided I would take my chances with just cleaning it all up.

Having a strange and sudden burst of energy, (It must have been those cookies I ate for breakfast. Maybe they're magic energy cookies! Should I share the recipe?) I got the kids all pumped up as we made a game out of getting each task done. Soon it became quite obvious, we needed some music.

Not having a great or large... or even medium sized music collection I had to do with what I had and settled on the music from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat." I know the boys like it because it has both their names in the songs.

If you are lucky enough to have no idea what I'm talking about, just google it and you'll see. But its a fun musical based in the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors from the bible.

Pretty soon music was blaring and we, or rather I, was quite literally singing at the top of my lungs and dancing around while we tackled the mess. The kids tried to sing along but not really knowing the words, it sounded like something along these lines, "ahhhhhhh..... Joseeeeeph  ahhhhhhahhhahhhhh... coooooat aahahhahhahha... blue!" 

I'm thinking of starting a family choir. The Von Trapp family wouldn't hold a candle to us!

Then the worst thing imaginable happened. My memory started working. Its been pretty rusty since having kids but I began having flashbacks to roughly 11 years ago.

I flashed back to certain Stake Youth Conference in which the extremely talented Ramona Zabriskie and Debbi Woods decided to put on the musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat.

For three weeks the coolest group of youth ever to exist lived at the stake center while we made and painted props, learned lyrics and songs, and sewed up costumes. I have to admit, it was a pretty awesome experience.

As fate would have it, my brother Caleb landed the main part of Joseph himself.

Me? Well... I uh... Ya, okay, that's me blowing the kiss.

Yup. I was given the part of Potiphar's Wife. I think the people in the crowd who knew we were brother and sister got the biggest kick out if it.

My outfit? Yes, it was pretty sweet. A 20's style pink dress with black and gold trim. I secretly wish I still had it.

If only I knew what this next picture would do to my sense of dignity in later years.

I was also in the choir. See the ONLY girl in a white leotard there on the end? Yea, that was me, back when I had had a chest to speak of. 

Still, I LOVE this picture of Caleb (Joseph) and Travis (Pharaoh). Now THERE was one funny guy. He had the Elvis act down pat!

Oh man! I just can't take it! Do you see? There on the end in the next picture! I'm the ONLY girl in a white leotard. (sigh) I'm going to carry that with me till my dying day. It will haunt me forever.

Even with the embarrassing white leotard, this next picture gives me chills. Such AWESOME memories. I seriously had the greatest friends ever growing up.

And now that I have completely embarrassed myself and my white leotard, I need to go make breakfast and convince the boys that they don't need to listen to that soundtrack again. I'm not sure if I can handle the images of pink dresses with black and gold trim swirling through my brain.

The white leotard alone will be enough to do me in.

Next time my house needs a make-over, I'm opting for the blowtorch.

P.S. I would like to beat up thank my best friend Sarah for sending me these photos. I had no evidence of my involvement until she sent them to me.

February 23, 2010

Says who?

This is Princess Savannah.

She is beautiful and gorgeous with beautiful hair and can sing and dance beautifully.

Or so I'm told. (remind me not to let her write her own autobiography)

She was captured by an evil bad guy... no wait, a bad witch and put in the high tower and forced  to wash dirty dishes ALL year long. It was hot and very hard work.

This is Batman, strong and super fast! He's here to save Princess Savannah!

Now, I know this looks bad. It looks like he is the evil bad guy who captured her. But he really is there to help her escape. Although, from what I witnessed, he just stood there and watched her clean pots and pans.

Typical man.

Later I found out that Princess Savannah and Batman were both stuck in the high tower and were being forced to make yucky toy trash soup.

Way to go Batman.

But then daddy came home and food that was NOT yucky toy trash soup (I think) was made and the high tower disappeared.

So we gathered family around to celebrate with an awesome Family Home Evening concert.

Who said pots and pans were for cooking anyway?

How boring would THAT be!

What did you do yesterday?

February 22, 2010

Keeping it Real

Bath time

It's actually less about getting the kids clean, and more about getting the bathroom dirty... apparently.

It would appear that the dirty laundry basket, which sits in the laundry room, which is strategically placed right next to the bathroom, is a completely unacceptable place to put dirty clothes.

Who knew?

Besides, when the soapy waves come crashing down to the floor from the naked monkeys trying to leap from one end of the tub to the other, there are plenty of  items on the floor to soak up the mess.

Never underestimate what kids can teach you!

And, being Monday and all, if you are in need an extra feel-good boost for the week, besides just reading about my dirty bathroom floor, check out Patty and Valerie's blogs. They both posted an inspiring song. It lifted me up for the day. Be sure to check it out!

February 20, 2010

The Coveted Mommy Manuel

Just uncovered! Lost pages to the coveted Mommy Manuel have recently been discovered! Treasure hunters still seek for the book that will make them the richest human being ever! For all mommies would buy it if it were ever to be found.

Page 27

- Kids love to be naked. So you will find yourself chasing a buck naked almost four-year old, who happens to be laughing hysterically, over the couch and through the kitchen, down the hall and into the bedroom closet. Its inevitable. Try not to fight it. It will make the workout easier.

- You WILL be excited when your sick and dehydrated baby finally drinks enough to soak her diaper, her pants, and your shirt. So excited in fact that you will inform your husband about it with a big smile on your face while squeezing your baby tight until it finally dawns on you that it would be a good idea to stop with the squeezing. It's only making the wet spot bigger.

- When you are dancing like a silly monkey on a sugar high with your kids around the kitchen and you happen to leave your curtains open and your neighbors happen to see you, you have no one to blame but yourself.

- Don't let the guilt get to you. Accidentally spilling that whole pan of freshly made mac n' cheese into the sink was just an accident! It was only 87 cents. Of course, with that much money you could have bought a chocolate bar. Never mind, feel guilty. Feel very guilty.

- Count your blessings. At least your two year old is chewing on all his siblings toothbrushes instead of yours! Oh, and that one old toothbrush that you use for cleaning? Ya, ummm... count your blessings that your baby didn't grow horns after finding and chewing on THAT toothbrush a while ago.

- Try to understand. Cleanliness begets messiness. Messiness begets nastyness. Nastyness begets cleanliness. Cleanliness begets messiness. Messiness begets nastyness. Nastyness begets cleanliness.... Its a lose/lose situation. But the feeling you get for the two minutes that the cleanliness lasts will be enough to hook you and make you want to try it again sometime.

Page 28

- The secret to being the ultimate mommy, the best cook, and the greatest housekeeper, is also the key to having most well behaved, obedient, helpful, and polite children. And that  is  

We will keep you updated on the progress of any other discoveries made. If you would like to become involved in the cause, contact Serene. She will be happy to accept any donations, especially big ones. Free babysitting is also an acceptable donation.


P.S. I so appreciate everyone's comments regarding my dad. I truly, do. I tried responding to most of the comments through email but a lot of your profiles have a "no-reply" email address so I don't think most of you got them. Sorry.

February 19, 2010

The Sickies, The Juicer, and the Picture of the Day Challenge

Poor little thing. She has been just SO sick these last couple of days. I'm not exaggerating when I say she has only been awake 4-5 hours during the day for the last two days. She has just slept and slept. And when she is awake, she just wants to snuggle and be held. 

Last night was the first time she ate anything with any kind of substance and she has a big sore on her tongue.

She coughs constantly and her little nose and Niagra Falls have a lot on common right now. Her eyes are still pretty gunky and her little whimper is just so pitiful. This morning was the first time she seemed to be without a fever. Her breathing has been quick and shallow, which has had me the most worried.

I think she looks sad even while she's sleeping! 

I finally broke out the Champion juicer my mom had found at an estate sale over a year ago for about $30. They are normally over $200.

It has been FANTASTIC! I've been making her fresh apple, orange, and pear juice since she won't really eat anything. And I've been watering down her milk to help keep her congestion down.

Please get better my sweet baby girl!

I have fallen in love with this juicer, for more than one reason. While it has been a tremendous help for me, it has been even more so for my dad. 

A few weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma (cancer). It was very unexpected and very hard news to hear. My dad is incredibly special to me so I don't like to think about it too much. I'm getting all teary-eyed just writing this.


We are still not sure EXACTLY what form it is in, for there are many, or what the next step is. But, I do know that he has been living off of raw and juiced foods for the last couple weeks. Apparently, eating cooked foods puts him into intense intestinal pain. So he has been juicing a lot to avoid that.

So thank you Champion juicer! I'll love you forever!

If you would like to read about it in his own words, to date, click HERE and HERE. Just beware, his unique sense of humor is still in tact. =)


As I've mentioned HERE, my kids are all about giving gifts, especially homemade ones.

They also have a fascination with plastic grocery sacks. They like to stand in them, grab hold of the handles, and have sack races around the house. 

Of course, being the wimpy little plastic things they are they don't tend to last very long. 

After one such race, I walk into the kitchen and happen upon this.

After a good laugh, I asked Luke why he had that on his back.

"Joseph made me a cape."

Only a REAL man would be awesome enough to wear a cape like that. Sorry Batman, your cape just isn't up to snuff.

And now your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a photo that describes your life or who you are and link back here so we can all come see! The Linky is good for the whole week.

We're averaging about four links a week. Not bad! LOL.

February 18, 2010

I am more.

Life and motherhood are so much alike. You have good days and bad days. Some days are are lot of fun, filled with successes. Others you just want to drown your sorrows in chocolate. And all the grand plans you make tend to get tangled and crushed like the spagetti and crackers all over my floor.

Some might even say motherhood is their life.

But not me.

While being a mother is a colossal part of who I am, much like my extra long feet, its not ALL I am.

I am a wife. Not quite a perfect one, but almost. Luke just hasn't figured that out yet.

I am an artist. At least I pretend that I am. It does wonders for my ego.

I am a reader. I love to read. This way I can play pretend with out having to dress-up.

I enjoy movies. Especially ones that involve the guy getting the girl. I'm a hopeless romantic.

I enjoy friends. I like to pretend I have some. Of course, I don't know how they feel about it.

I enjoy crafts. Creating things gives me an artificial chocolate high without the nasty caloric side effects.

I love flip flops. My in-laws will never let me live down all the years I wore them in the snow.

I love swimming. Alas, here in the west, swimming pools are a thing of the gym.

I love daisies. Perhaps upon reading this, my husband will pick up my subtle hint.

I want to travel. Its just wrong when you can say you've been to Paris but not San Diego.

I want to learn. Someday I'll know photography, painting, and juggling.

I want to have an egg-laying chicken one day... I think.

Yes, I am a mother. Does it consume my every waking moment... and my every non-waking moment? Usually.

But I am not just a mom. There is no such thing as just a mom. I am so much more, and I'm not talking jean size. And I am more not just for me, but for my children as well.

That is part of being a mom too.

So look beyond the snot covered clothes and the bags under the eyes that rivals the size of an overflowing diaper bag. Look beyond the toy scattered living room and the dishes piled high in the sink... oh, and that stinky diaper thrown in the corner over there.

For I am more.

What are you? What do you enjoy? What do you love? What do you want?

February 17, 2010

Little Rascals

Dear Darla Pink Eye,

I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit.

You're scum between my toes! 

Love, Alfalfa

P.S. Be gone evil Pink Eye! And take your pals cough and cold with you!

Oh, don't forget your $100 bottle of eye drop medicine on the way out!


I... Stymie Jacob... Member in good standing of the He-Man Woman's hat Haters Club... Do solemnly swear to be a he-man and hate women's hats and not play with them or talk to wear them unless I have to. 

And especially: never fall in love with them, and if I do may I die slowly and painfully and suffer for hours - or until I scream bloody murder. 


Actually, I've always had a rather extensive vocabulary, not to mention a phenomenal grasp of grammar and a superlative command of syntax. I simply chose not to employ them. 


 You're a team, like Bert and Ernie, Superman and Clark Kent, Milli and Vanilli.


Special thank to The Little Rascals movie script writers. This post would not have been possible without you. Nor without the candy I ate for breakfast.

February 16, 2010

Savannah's Mite

We went to a neighbor's birthday party last night. My kids LOVE parties. And as much as they love to get presents, they also love to give them.

Especially Savannah.

At first she thought the party was for their son, who is just a year younger than her and informed me in a devastated and dramatic way that we didn't have a present for him! After informing her it was for his dad, she stopped, "oh".

She looked very thoughtful for a minute, then suddenly her eyes lit up and yells, "I know! He would like some  money!" And off she goes to her room. A few minutes later, she comes back with all the coins that were left in her piggy bank. 

Thirteen cents.

I smiled at how excited she was and asked if she was SURE she wanted to give away all her money.

"Yes, because it will make him happy."

Later that night, after the party was over and the cleaning was done, my neighbor called me up to tell me that when we first arrived at their house, Savannah had run up to her, put the money into her hand and whispered, "This is for Spencer. Can you give it to him?"

Both of us had forgotten about Savannah and her thirteen cents until my friend checked her pockets as she was getting ready for bed.

Then she told me as as she gave the money to her husband he couldn't believe it and asked, "How did she know?" Turns out he collects coins. He has a coin jar and whenever it gets full they take it in and use the money to pay off a bill.

I don't think Savannah would understand any of it, but it turns out that her little thirteen cents was the perfect gift.

Children are amazing.

And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.
2 And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites.
3 And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all.
Luke 21:1-3

Cool Caterpillar Craft - I know you can't wait to see!

Have you noticed my new goal for the week in the corner over there? Make a craft with my kids EVERYDAY. Sounds easy enough, right?

But honestly, you might as well ask me to go sit in the corner and suck on my big toe. Trying to make a craft with all three of the older kids at the same time is like putting on a swimsuit to take a dive into the snow bank.

I love doing things with the kids, and making crafts with the kids always starts out fun (not that putting on a swimsuit to jump in the snow bank is fun). But pretty soon, there is fighting over the glue stick while trying to keep Jacob from sucking on the markers and Joseph from cutting his fingers off with the scissors. Savannah gets upset if her craft doesn't come out just right, and they all get impatient while I take turns helping each of them.

I'm thinkin' I deserve chocolate for this one.

I did a craft yesterday and already I want to flop out on the beach somewhere and get a massage while eating chocolate covered strawberries.

Oh wait, I'd want to do that anyway.

But I have my goal, sittin' there in the corner of my blog and I would feel like a wimp for not sticking to it. Just like I feel when I try to do a push up, but can't. There's only so much humiliation I can take!

As many long time readers may know, I save my toilet paper rolls for just such an occasion. I'm all about making crafts that you won't feel bad about if they happen to get ruined or destroyed within the first ten minutes of making them. Since that's usually what happens to ours.

In times past we've made butterflies and cars. But what do make next? So I puzzled and puzzed, till my puzzler was sore. That I thought of something I hadn't before. (Besides the fact that the Grinch and I have similar mannerisms, we also have the same pooch gut. I think we must be related.)

Where was I? Oh yes, my brilliant idea! Caterpillars!

Come on, admit it. You think its cute.

Wanna know how I did it? SURE you do!!! Its super easy and it will only take a moment. So go ahead and grab your snack first.

Each caterpillar takes two toilet paper rolls. Just cut it lengthwise, then into three pieces. So six pieces total.
Then cut pieces of any color construction paper a little wider and a little longer than your cardboard strips.
Using a glue stick, glue a strip to the inside of a t.p. roll, tape the cut ends together.

Then do the same to the outside.
Once you have all six pieces done, draw a face on one to be the head.

After that just poke two holes through each roll, except the head, just one hole in the back. I used a sharp knife to poke my holes but if you have something more sophisticated like an awl or an ice pick, that would work better.
Wrap a small piece of tape around the end of some yarn so you can thread it through the holes. Tail first, head last.

The kids are having a blast so far, can you tell? Actually, Jacob was just mad because I took away the red marker he was licking. And Savannah got bored while I poked all the holes.

Just tape or tie a knot to the end of the yarn on both ends, add some antennas out of pipe cleaners or wire wrapped around some yarn, like I did, tape it to its head and WAL-LA! Easy peasy craft the kids can do! Well, except for the poking part.

Now now Martha Stewart. Its okay. We can't ALL be genius's in household garbage crafts. Its a specialty skill developed by those of us who don't know how to use a sewing machine very well.

Oh dear, now I have to think of enough crafts for the rest of the week and my chocolate supply is sorely lacking. I'm not sure I'm going to make it!

I'm thinking a toilet paper roll flower is in order today. What do you think? Any ideas?

Would it help if I got on my knees and begged?

At least do my ego a favor and pretend like you thought this was cool.
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