January 12, 2010

Interior decorating help needed!

As I stood in the shower eating my Twix... don't give me that look! It's the only place I can safely eat my chocolate and not have to share! So there.

Now where was I? Oh yes... As I stood in the shower eating my Twix, I tried to decide if I should enlist the opinions of any readers out there. Would they think me obnoxious? Dumb? Cool? Brilliant? Stupid? Lame? Totally rad?

Finally, I decided that if I created any enemies they could just stop reading. I know it would be difficult since I placed a spell on my blog that makes people want to come back for no logical reason. But still, it would be possible with a lot of self discipline.

Anyway, I have a question, I need help. I posted it on my portfolio blog HERE.

Maybe I should have just posted it here, but I didn't and I didn't feel like re-posting it. Just think of the extra exercise you're getting by having to click the mouse button one extra time!

Anyway, hope to see you over there!

3 super cool people speak:

Lisa said...

SO what is your secret to staying so skinny and getting to eat chocolate in the shower I am so jealous

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Pictures can be deceiving you know!
But my diet pretty much consists of chocolate, veggies, and chicken. Its not as boring as it sounds, really.
But believe me when I say, I need to start working out!

Amy H. said...

I liked the brown ones. They seemed more sophisticated.

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