January 7, 2010

Hmmm... interesting.

The boys are stomping on their crackers, making an incredibly huge mess on the kitchen floor.

Should I be doing something to stop them?

I feel very indecisive at the moment.


Oh, wait... now they're having a straw dual.

That's kind of cute!

Blowing bubbles in their water. For some reason, not so cute.

Almost gross really.

Now they are talking about how poop stinks and is disgusting.

Sounds like a typical male conversation to me.

Now the conversation has turned to babies and peanut butter trains.

Wow, okay then. That was interesting.

Now they are pouring cereal onto the floor.

I suddenly feel incredibly decisive and am leaving to stop them and to clean up.


3 super cool people speak:

Kate and Cole said...

Ya I would have stopped them at the cracker stomping. You are far more patient than me! how funny

Mama Smith said...

Don't you wish at this point...some kind of "robot" has been invented to just "clean-up" after little children????

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Kate, it was a strange moment in my existence. Not likely to happen again any time soon. Perhaps I should get a CT scan, just to be safe.

(sigh) Big dreams mom, big dreams.

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