June 20, 2015

Twelve Years!

I wrote this post for our ten year anniversary. But I thought it would be fun to update it for our twelfth.

And because I haven't blogged in months. Seems a little awkward to suddenly pop in announce it's our twelve year anniversary then run off again.

So here are our major family moments from throughout the years.


~ "Officially" started dating in January at BYU.

~ In May, Hubby proposed.

~ June 20, 2003 - Sealed in the Orlando, FL Temple...

during a tropical storm.


~ Savannah was born in August with jaundice.


~ Moved to Wyoming for a summer internship.

~Visited Mt. Rushmore...

while sporting some of my awesome fashion sense.


~Joseph was born in March.

~ Although I technically didn't graduate for another semester, I "walked" for my BA in Visual Arts in April.

~Pregnant with Jacob in this picture.


~ Hubby graduated with his BA in April.

~ Jacob was born in May.


~Hubby graduates with his Master's Degree in April.

~ Moved to Idaho for a job.

~ Pregnant with Alayna.


~Alayna is born in January.

~ We buy our first home.

~ Alayna has cranial reconstructive surgery in September.


~ Just life with four kids, working on our home, and trying to survive it all.

~Savannah starts Kindergarten.

~ Pregnant with Claira.


Claira is born in May.

~Joseph starts Kindergarten.


~ Savannah is baptized.

~Jacob starts Kindergarten.


~Pregnant with baby 6.

~Savannah begins homeschooling

~Jackson is born in November

Jackson has surgery for sagittal craniosynostosis.

~Jackson get a helmet

~Joseph is baptized

~Joseph gets rheumatic fever and fights choreoathetosis.

~Alayna starts kindergarten

~Joseph and Savannah homeschool


~Hubby gets called to be Bishop of our Ward

~Jacob is baptized

And that's where our family is at so far this year!

We made it to 12 years!

Happy anniversary to us!
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