January 3, 2010

Crazy Christmas - Part 3

Last night, there I was, minding my own business writing up this blog post, when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I dashed off to the bathroom where I proceeded to lose my dinner. About every 5 minutes for the next 2.5 hours or so, I continued to dry heave. This morning I feel tired, my stomach muscles (or whatever they become after you have kids) are sore, but I feel fine. Jacob did the same thing less than a week ago so no, I am NOT pregnant.

I am telling you this to evoke symapthy so I don't get into trouble for posting about Christmas... again. But this is the last one, promise.


I know, I know. I should be writing about New Year's resolutions and what my big goals for 2010 are. But I can't. I haven't made any yet. Well, at least not written down and planned out. Besides, I still have three days of post-Christmas family excitement to blog about.

If it's any consolation, I scrunched 200 pictures down to 36. Yup, there are 36 pictures in this post. I'm still trying to decide if I should apologize or not.

Well, just think, after you endure all these pictures, I still have New Year pictures to post before I can be all inspiring and write about resolutions!

Not that I'm inspiring, just... well, you know. (cough) Never mind. If I keep digging myself any deeper, I'll never be able to climb out.

Okay, here we go.

The day after Christmas started really early. Walmart opened at 6am and my dad wanted to be there as soon as it opened to get a few things. And, to everyone's relief, I even showered before we left.

 We walked through the doors at 6:07am and I went to return something. Feeling sure I was the very first one to return something I confidently turned to the worker and said, "Guess I'm the first return of the day!" He kind of laughed at me and said, "Actually, there have already been three before you." I was stunned into silence.

And here I thought I was special.

Back at the house, everyone was waking up. Actually, Jacob looks like he has already been into the chocolate or something. My little nephew just sits there looking innocent, like he has no idea where the chocolate came from. But I know better.

When we got back there were yet more presents to be opened.

Then we got started on breakfast. Biscuits and gravy. Now that is one thing I CAN cook!

And you think I look young for my age! Ha! My brother is 29! BTW, he's still single! Know any single girls out in Virginia?

While the biscuits cooked, strange things happened around the house.

We set up two tables in the unfinished basement. It worked out perfectly.

After that, everyone just hung out. Hi preggo sister!!

And played.

And played some more.

Sunday came around fast. I had to teach Relief Society that day. Sacrament meeting was PACKED! I thought, oh man! There are so many people here today! But when it was time for Relief Society to start, it was pretty evident that most of the ward had gone home after the first meeting. Wimps.

But still, I think the lesson went well. Everyone laughed when they were supposed to, cried when they were supposed to, and talked when they were supposed to. I guess that means it went well?

Oh man! Look and those cute girls! Wow, I do good work.

When we got home from church it was like, attack of the scavengers! You'd think we had never eaten before!

And after the food, there was some goofing off.

Sorry dad, but you asked for it!!

See? We're moving right along here! We're already on Monday! Not too bored yet? Good, cause Monday was sure a whole lot of fun for me!

We took the whole family over to a place called "Blast Off'. Just think of a big indoor playground made out of slides and balls. They even have arcade games, laser tag, air hockey, etc.

Pretty girl!

My little nephew.

Even little Alayna had a great time.

My brothers decided that we should all play a couple rounds of pool. Truly, I am AWEFUL at this game. My mom on the other hand? She creamed us all. Wiped the board. Watch out for pool table sharks that hide in the disguise of 5'2" white haired grannies!

This is about all I was good for. Standing around, laughing at everyone. Out of the what, five games we played I hit about that many balls into a pocket. I know, sad.

Forgive the bum shot. I couldn't resist. I had to do it! But I apologize in advance for any nightmares that find their way into your dreams because of this picture.

Right after we were done playing, my preggo sister and her family headed back home. Leaving only 11 people left at out house.

Tuesday was a lot more low-key. Nothing big happened. Unless you count my kids turning into zombies.

Then Jacob started on the throwing up. Poor kid. He was going strong for quite a while. But then he just sat up, drank about a gallon of gatorade (for which I still say thanks in my prayers that he didn't throw it up all over me while we slept) and acted like nothing ever happened.

The uncles are sorely missed around here. Sorely missed


6 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

OH...PICTURES!!! What a BLESSING TO US ALL!!!! Brings back moments...feelings...and rekindles all those tender experiences to the heart and mind!!!!

Sara Lyn said...

Sorry you were sick. Glad you're better! So fun to read about your Christmas! Are you a RS teacher now? (Did I miss something and you've been talking about it for the last six months?) I am too. I'm excited about Gospel Principles this year.

Katherine said...

I know some AWESOME girls in Northern VA! Where is your brother living?

Heidi said...

I don't think you could ever have too many pictures. We once had I think 8 of the grandkids at one of those slides and balls playgrounds. So fun to watch, although I couldn't help cringe every time the kids were in the little ball cages. It's TMI, but I'm already grossed out about my kids playing in them some day.

And I'm like you with pool. I was never good, even after having a pool table in our home for 7ish years (I wasn't around for more than that). That's why I created my own way to play pool and I NEVER lost. Loved it!

Did you do plain ol' gravy or good southern gravy complete with sausage?

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Sara Lyn: Thanks! Umm... I'm not sure I ever wrote about my new calling. BUt it was my fourth... no third... no fourth... I think, time teaching. I do teaching for our time, the fourth Sunday of the month.

Katherine: LOL! I believe he's out towards Norfolk area.

Heidi: Haha, I guess it is kind of gross but this place actually does an awesome job at keeping their stuff clean.

Oh, it was sausage gravy. Definitely.

Valerie said...

Hope you are all feeling better! That's great that you got to spend SOOO much time with family over the holidays. It all looks fun.

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