January 25, 2010

Alayna's One Year Old Interview

Hi! I'm Alayna. But you can call me Layna for short.

Yesterday was my birthday and so Channel4Monkeys begged for an interview. I wasn't really in the mood. I was tired. I wanted my bottle. My cheek hurt from a recent fall I had during my battle with two left feet.

Still, I decided to be kind and give the interview. But I didn't humor them. They could take my picture all they wanted but I was in no mood to give them my world famous smile.

They could just deal with it.

Okay, here we go. I was probably one of the cutest babies ever born. I was so cute in fact, that I made my mom completely baby hungry for more cute babies just like me! Still do in fact.

I was my moms only natural birth, which she swears she will never do again! She describes it in great detail here and here. (read at your own risk!)

I am also famously known for having the only brown eyes out of the 21 grandkids on my dad's side. Pretty cool huh!

When I was 6 months old I was told I had Sagittal Craniosynostosis, which in a nut shell means that the top plates in my head had prematurely fused together. So, at 7 months old I had major surgery.

(I know, I sound so grown up and knowledgeable about all these things! I'm a very alert baby.)

But being as great and cute as I am, I handled things so very well and recovered quickly. This was back in September.

And so here I sit, glaring down my adoring fans as they try to snap a few shots of me.

This is my birthday cake. Try not to think less of my mom. She means well but she generally has no idea what she's doing. But I THINK it's suppose to be a butterfly.

My cooky Uncle Abe came down just to see me and eat some of my cake. He even dragged a buddy along, poor kid. But Abe's running the camera here so sorry if you get a little motion sickness.

(sigh) And my mom is using her high, squeeky, 'I'm talking to little kids' voice again. She sounds so weird.

Can you believe they ACTUALLY thought I would blow out my candle? How old do they think I am anyway?

I'm super smart. I know how to tear things apart but I also like to put things back and will concentrate very hard to do so. I fold my arms for prayer and tackle other babies twice my size. I'm learning to dislike vegetables but I really like to suck on shoes.   
And there you have it. Story of my life in a nut shell. Now excuse me while I finish my cake.

Yours ever,
Princess Alayna

P.S. For an autographed photo, or to make a donation of intrinsic or cocoa value, please contact Channel4Monkeys.

9 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday (a day late) to Alayna! I forgot she shared my great-grandmother's birthday. I've loved following the first year of her life. I try not to pick favorites, but she's so cute--I can't help it!

Have I ever told you you're awesome?

Renee said...

Happy Birthday little Alayna! Serene, I love reading your blog everyday. Sometimes in my hectic day at work it gives me a much needed laugh break. Love you guys, hope you are staying warm!!

Shelby Bingham said...

Hi, Serene -- we don't know each other and this is just my second time visiting your blog, but I just have to tell you that my third child had a similar situation to your Alayna. My Jared had his surgery at 4 months old and will be 11 years old in a couple of weeks. His sagittal suture had fused closed before he was born. The pediatric neurosurgeon performed a sagittal synostectomy with barrel staves (I think I got that right, it has been a while!). Jared didn't get a zigzag from ear to ear, but he got an S from about an inch into his center hairline at the forehead to the center back of his head (still in the hair). People never know he's had surgery unless we tell them. Back then there wasn't much of an internet to get support, but I know there are support groups out there now! I'm sure the surgery techniques have improved as well. I went on to have 2 more kids without any issues. Thank goodness for the gospel and the knowledge of eternal families! (I am LDS) I know the Lord helped us through the experience. I trusted that He knew best and that I would be okay whatever the outcome. But oh, handing my baby over to the nurses was one of the hardest things I ever have done (I'm in tears just remembering). There were many tender mercies shown to us during the hospital stay and recovery as well. I know this is a big jumble of thoughts, but know that this mom knows something of what you have recently gone through. Hugs! Shelby

kbankids said...

Happy Birthday to Alayna!. I've been so behind lately that I just read all of your posts for the last forever and I just have to say You make me smile! Thanks

wonder woman said...

What a cute girl! I have a friend whose daughter had the same cranial issue. I wonder if it's always been this common or I'm only becoming aware of it as a mom.

Happy Birthday, Layna!

Sara Lyn said...

It never ceases to amaze me how kids will put ANYTHING except food in their mouths. I don't understand. :)

Mother Smith said...

I loved the video...At least from here...I can enjoy the moment of my sweet granddaughter's first birthday!!! Loved hearing Abe's voice...and briefly seeing a quick shot of Jonathan...(smile)

Hey!!! I liked your "butterfly" cake!!!!

Sarah said...

What color of eyes does Hallie have? For some reason I thought they were brown... or hazel? Nah, they're probably blue.

Happy Birthday Alayna! Glad you've recovered so quickly and completely from your surgery!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Thanks Heidi and Renee! (sniff) You made my day!

Hi Shelby! Thanks so much for leaving your wonderful comment. Its so funny, you're the second mom to comment on Alayna's surgery saying that they had a similar experience.
We too feel so blessed to have the gospel. Luke gave her a blessing and I felt so at peace through the whole thing. Even though yes, the hardest part was handing her over to the doctor.
Every once in a while I go back to my September archives here on the blog and re-read everything and I can't help but feel so grateful everything went so well. Thanks.

Bryn: LOL, thanks! It was so fun to see you guys! Thanks for staying with us.

WW: I had never heard of it at all until we found out about Layna. I think it is fairly common.

SaraLyn: I know, seriously!! I can only imagine all that that girl has swallowed!

Thanks mom.

Sarah: If you look on Bryn's blog you can see that Hallie's eyes are definitely NOT brown. But I'm not for sure if they're blue or hazel.

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