December 30, 2010

Wrapping up Christmas

Ha! No pun intended in the title there. 

Well, okay, so... so maybe, a little pun was intended. A really... bad pun.

*awkward silence*

Okay then, moving on.

I realize by now that most people have blogged about their Christmas and have moved on in their bloggy lives. But I been basking in the awesomeness of having my hubby home all week and so my blog has been a sorely neglected. 

We've been working, playing, hanging out, watching Star Wars, eating the candy we bought for the gingerbread houses we never made late at night after the kids are in bed so we don't have to share, and just about anything else that floats our boat this week. 

And it has been pure bliss. 

Well, outside of a few well preformed tantrums and fighting sessions loving put on by our kids, of course.  

Our Christmas was so chill, quiet, and laid back this year. It was just us and the kidlets. 

For starters, as any dutiful and loving parent would do, we tortured our children by showering before we started opening presents. We were just trying to build up anticipation and all, you know?

And thanks to a sweet and generous friend, our kids had an extra present to open this year. Thanks Maria!

Although at first, Savannah couldn't quite understand why Alayna got diapers for her gift. She didn't realize there was something other than diapers in the box.

And after presents were opened, which didn't really take too long, I'm not kidding when I say all we did for the rest of the day is relax and play with all the new toys.

Haha, I love Jacob's face in this. I just wish I had a better close up.

Real men do tea parties. Just sayin'.

Although, the biggest hit of all, was these bad boys.

We thought the boys would like them then decided we should get one for Savannah as well so she wouldn't feel left out.

But truth be told, Savannah was only mildly interested and even if she was otherwise, I doubt she would have much chance to play with it. Daddy has more or less, taken it over and there are constant battles going on between him and the boys. Little Nerf darts are always flying and if you don't watch your back at all times, you're likely to get shot in the bum.

Because boys think that's funny. Boys off all ages, think it's funny.  Eh hem... daddy....

I gave Luke a really, really, nice shirt that was sure to look fabulous on him. And even though it was in his size, it totally did NOT fit.

Apparently no one knows how to make nice shirts that fit a guy with broad shoulders and long arms. Pish, I was super annoyed.

Luke too gave me a little something.

And for him to hand over a little cash says "I love You" in so many ways.  :D

Although, I don't see why he would have to put a stipulation on what I can spend my gift on. But apparently buying $20 worth of shoes every six months or so is too often. *sigh*

But truthfully, it's okay. I really am in desperate need of some maternity clothes.

Especially since a certain sister of mine never returned most of what I let her *borrow*.

No names will be divulged at this time.

But you know who you are. *couAngelgh*

December 28, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and I didn't feel like cooking,
so thank goodness for traditions, and while everyone was looking,

I cut out the tops of the bread bowls care,
and poured in the chowder and ignored Jacob's glare.

"I don't want it, I don't like it, oh how my mouth hurts",
and on and on he cried in sputters and spurts. 

And Alayna, well, she made a big mess, 
so daddy took over so the mess would be less.

And it's true that I didn't do her hair all that day,
But sometimes its pointless when all she does is play.

Joseph doesn't always like to smile in the norm,
He is intent on adding the cheese in all forms.

He too had some issues with finishing his dinner,
but after bribing with treats, we finally had a winner.

And Savannah, that diva, just refuses to lose,
the cheesy and weird photo contest the kids seem to chose.

And she wasn't content until I took lots of pictures,
of her with her face in all sorts of weird fixtures.

And so after dinner we all went next door,
to our neighbor's house for treats and Christmas cheer galore.

The End

I know, I know. I have shocked you all with my incredible poem rhyming skills. Bet you didn't know I was so talented, did you?

Well it's true. I've already received numerous calls from wanna-be agents just begging for more masterpieces like the one you just read. 

Because I'm a bit of a poet, and you did not know it. (name that movie)

Okay, fine... no, no not really. I don't do poems. 

I can't even whistle.

I know, totally scandalous.

But we did indeed go to our awesome neighbor's house after dinner where we tried, I mean, we really did try, to get the kids involved in the nativity.

                              Savannah: Mary                               Joseph: A shepherd

                              Jacob: The donkey                          Alayna: A wise man riding on a camel.

We even tired to take a group photo with everyone else and was mildly successful.

Except Jacob refused to be a donkey for a moment longer! He was way too interested in playing with a truck. Although personally I don't see how a truck could be more interesting than a donkey, but that's just me. So he's not in any of these pictures.


 I mean, truly, have you ever seen anything cuter than this picture?

I think not!

And then when my neighbor Bonnie tried to read the Nativity story, the kids lasted about two minutes.

Their attention was going...


totally gone.

Well, at least we tried.... right?

December 23, 2010

Whoever said these posts had to make sense?

So, I walked into the kitchen the other day to find Alayna dipping a comb into her bowl of cereal, and brushing her hair with the milk.

That was a first... I think... maybe.

Then she turned a little snowman over and said, "Bum!" after which she proceeded to give it a little swat, shake her finger at it's backside and declare, "No, no!"

Poor snowman, he just can't catch a break!


When making Christmas goodies, I make sure to teach my children the important rules of the kitchen.

Like how to properly use a hammer.

And it's so nice to see them using it on something other than each other! *sniffle* Makes a mommy all choked up and mushy.

And there is nothing that says "I love you" more than letting them eat the burnt dipping chocolate.

Puts hair on their chest, you know?

Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that to Savannah.

December 20, 2010

What we REALLY do on Sunday afternoons

Growing up in Florida doesn't exactly provide the opportunity for certain activities, such as skiing, building snowmen, or sliding down snow-covered hills in a sled.

But as kids, my siblings and I did our very best to make do with what we had to work with.

We did things like swim, build mud forts, and use our sleeping bags to slid down the stairs.

Pish, who needs snow?

And some traditions are meant to be passed on. I am not ashamed to admit that I taught my kids how to do this, although I am sure I'll end up horrifying some poor, unsuspecting soul out there who thrives on propriety.

The first few times the kids did this, I laughed so hard my cheeks were hurting.


If I wasn't pregnant, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'd be taking a turn or two down those stairs myself! 

Propriety be hanged. Whoever said kids get to have all the fun?

December 17, 2010

Take that Mr. Snowman!

 I'm not entirely sure how I should feel about my children handcuffing the Christmas decorations.

But I do feel totally left out.

I would have liked to have known what bad Mr. Snowman did to deserve incarceration.

Perhaps he came after the boys with his carrot nose.

Oh, well. Perhaps I should just chalk it up to creativity.

*Apparently I need to add that the handcuffs are NOT mine.*

So there.

December 15, 2010

And there you have it!

If you have no idea what we're talking about, read yesterdays post real quick!

Yesterday's confession conversation with hubby.

Luke: So, what'd you do today?

Me: Oh... you know... stuff.

L: What kind of stuff?

Me: You know, stuff! *dumb nervous giggle escapes, the one that always gives me away when I'm up to something* Well, I cleaned the boys room!

L: Yes, I noticed that. What else? *suddenly eyeing me suspiciously*  Is it that bad? I'm not going to like it, am I.

Me: Well, I may have... you know, bought something today. A Christmas present for me!

*crickets chirping*

L: I thought we had that all figured out.

Me: *speaking really fast* Well, I know, but I had seen them last week and I just loved them but I passed them up because you know, they are silly and all and I don't need them, but this time I just couldn't! They only had one pair left in my size! *nervous giggle intrudes again* Plus, I has a little art money left over from my last check. Just enough to pay for them so they didn't come out of the budget.

L: You got boots, didn't you.

Me: *clearing of throat* Worse actually. Heels.

Luke: ..................................... *groaning*

To be totally fair, he really didn't give me hard time about it.

But five minutes later, Luke looks up from his computer.

L: Gold and glittery??

Me: *looking sheepish* Oh yea, didn't I tell you that?

L: Show me.

I was right of course, he hated them. Still, all in all he was a good sport about it. He thinks they're pretty flashy, which the kind of are. Flashy generally isn't my style, but for some reason, I fell in love with these.

Some of you know me too well.

In truth, I'm not sure why I took to them. I don't have a single gold item of clothing in my closet. Outside of a couple pairs of earrings, I don't own anything that's gold.

And when it comes to flashy, red is about as brave as I get.

Perhaps I could blame this on pregnancy hormones too?  Since I feel all fat and frumpy right now, I just needed a little cheering up!

Glittery things always cheer me up!!

These shoes make me happy, I can't explain why, they just... do. 

Oh, and no making fun of how big my feet are. For some reason, I given a size extra-long.

With extra-long toes to match.

So, what do you think? (about the shoes, not my feet)

December 14, 2010

I'm dead. So very, very dead.

 So... ummm.... *nervous shuffling of feet* I bought something today. *cough*

Well umm, well... they're gold.

They're glittery.

They're totally frivolous.

And I LOVE them... so much.

Thankfully, they weren't expensive, or I never would have got them.

But still, my husband will hate them.

I just know it.

But I have to tell him tonight.

So I'm going to spend the afternoon cleaning the house to soften the blow.

Wish me luck.

Tomorrow, I'll show you what they are, I promise.

But first, I have to survive confession.

If only I knew the secret Wuxi finger hold, odds would be in my favor.

I guess I'll just have to rely on the fact that he loves me enough not to hide the car keys from me.

Well, at least, not forever.

December 13, 2010

Propriety and Fashion

I sometimes envy my children, their innocence and total inhibition. Because lets be honest, if I didn't exercise a bit of my parental supervision abilities from time to time, my kids would basically live in their underwear, on a good day. Seems the birthday suit is most preferable around here though.

I lost my ability to be comfortable doing that eons ago.

You should feel grateful.

Still, generally speaking, I try to maintain some sense of propriety around here. I only let my boys fight imaginary bad guys in their underwear for an hour before making them put on something more.

I do this because I still have nightmares of seeing my oldest brother in his tighty-whiteys... as a teenager. Some things you just can't scrub from your memory no matter how desperately you try.

So yes, there is only so much fighting-of-bad-guys-in-underwear allowed around here.

But since the weather has become a bit cooler, the latest fashion trend is to wear pajamas all day.

And I'm good with that, I am. On the days we don't go anywhere who cares if they want to stay in their jammies all day? I don't. They are just as active, busy, and messy in their jammies as they are in their clothes.

Besides, fighting-of-bad-guys-in-jammies is better then the former, I think. You should be proud of me!

But since little Miss Alayna has taken to stripping down to her nothings, I have had to put my foot down and insist she take care of the essentials. Thankfully, she's willing to negotiate.

There are just some messes I just don't care to clean up, you know?

And since fashion in obviously her forte', I want you to know, she is trying to bring back leg warmers, even if they are just daddy's dirty socks.


I'm willing to bet there are a few of you who have leg warmers hidden in bottom of your drawer. It's okay, fess up. We're all friends here.

I'm just not quite sure how the hairstyle will take though....

December 10, 2010

Independence can be hazardous

You know, I'm all about encouraging independence in my children, really, I am. 

And I want them to try and figure things out for themselves and use their little minds, really, I do.

But sometimes... sometimes there are situations when certain children who will not be named *Alacoughyna* take this independence and problem solving thing a little too far.


Caught red-handed!

If you knew what this little girl what capable of doing with a simple container of yogurt, you would understand my feeble attempts at keeping them out of her reach. (view a sampling of her handi-work)

The kitchen always loses, and apparently, so do I

This little one has helped me understand the reason for the existence of fridge locks.

Now, I wonder if there's a way we can bolt our bar stools to the floor....

December 8, 2010

Savannah's Letter and 16 weeks

Dear Santa, I have
I have been kind of good
i want a hart wond 
and a clokc toy 
and a glowing toy
and a toy roodoof the red rose randeer
and a princess doll
and a book
and a unbrelu
and a yoyo
how is it going
how is miss claus
how are you
Love Savannah

At least she managed to remember to inquire after how Santa was doing. I must be doing something right.


I squirmed and crammed myself into a old "skinny" shirt just so I could show you my 16 week belly.

Sure the shirt constricts my breathing capabilities, but I sacrificed. 

Taking these pictures are always so awkward. It always leads to some strange inner dialogue.

Should I look at the camera? Do these pants make me look fat? Maybe I should just look straight ahead? Nope, that looks dumb. Do you think anyone will notice I didn't shave? Hmmm, look up or down? Down I guess. Should I smile? Eh... I'm not wearing any make-up, better not. Should I cut my head out of the picture? Should I suck in? Is there any chocolate left in the house? Huh, looks like there's a diaper under the couch.

So you see, taking one of these pictures is very complicated.

Well, anyway, I'm still sick everyday all day but it's not nearly so overwhelming. It's the worst first thing in the morning and after I eat dinner at night. Still getting daily headaches but not quite so bad. Still craving a trip to Olive Garden, but haven't been able to convince my husband to pull our life savings so we can afford to go.

So, other than having no desire to do anything productive whatsoever, things are going fine!

Umm.... is it May yet?

December 6, 2010

The Santa Card

So, do you think that Alayna coated my kitchen wall in red crayon because she's mad at me? After all, I have had to change her poor, flaming red, sore, burning bum about seven or eight times this morning. Perhaps she just needed an outlet for her pain and frustration?

And after two magic eraser sponges, I'm afraid there is still plenty of red crayon marks to be found.

I wonder if I could order those sponges in bulk? Then I could give them to Alayna for Christmas. It would be better than a lump of coal! Cause' I'm a nice mom like that.

Or perhaps she was just trying to tell us it was time to paint the kitchen?

But it can't be red. My husband is anti-red kitchen walls.


So, I finally pulled the Santa card on my kids the other night. I know, it was a cruel thing to do. But I was just downright desperate, so I did.

And it totally backfired.

It was about 5:30pm of a rather long and difficult day. The kids were bickering and crying, and I was having a devil of a time trying to keep them out of the snacks since they were all hungry.

Finally deciding not to wait for daddy, I dished up their dinner plates hoping a full tummy would calm some of the rather interesting combination of emotions that were shooting all over the kitchen like fireworks.

But the fighting, crying and whining continued on and I was getting desperate. Finally I pulled my last card.

Sighing dramatically, I put down my fork and rather mournfully said, "I just don't know if Santa will make it to our house this year. He only brings presents to good little boys and girls."

The boys instantly ceased fighting and started advocating how they were good boys and how they don't fight and the always listen. *insert rolling of the eyes here*

Savannah, on the other hand, burst into tears, again, and said, "You don't understand! You never understand. It's just so hard! It's just so hard to be a kid!"

Savannah kept on crying and soon the boys were arguing over which one the them was "good-er" as Alayna smeared her potatoes all over the table.

And so, I humbly come before you to offer what words of warning wisdom that I can to make your life just a little bit better. 

Use the Santa card sparingly.

Just sayin'.

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