December 30, 2008

Call Me Crazy!

Okay, maybe not. Its just slightly awkward.

Story One:

At church on Sunday, I was in the hall taking care of Primary business (I just got released by the way) when I strike up a conversation with a couple of people from the ward.
Brother W. turns to me and asks, "Now when are you due again?" 
To which I reply,"January 24th. When is your wife due?"
He answers, "On the 20th. Now, this is your second right?"
I smile. This is his second baby so, maybe he just thought it was mine also. Oh well, might as well drop the bomb and see what happens.
"No, this is my fourth actually."
His reaction did not surprise me one bit. As his eyes bulged out of his head he says, "Are you serious?"
At this point, Sister H. points out to Brother W., "Well, she had all of hers close together." 
I couldn't help myself. I indignantly replied, "Savannah's four years old!"
At this point, Brother W., who is by nature rather loud and boisterous, looks me full in the face and says, "You're crazy!" I mean, I would love to have a big family, but my wife couldn't do it. But, wow, YOU ARE CRAZY!"
The sweet things people say. Oh well, just smile and nod, smile and nod....

Story Two:

A family trip to Walmart on Saturday for necessities started to get a little out of control. Kids, they want to be independent or something! Sheesh, don't they know this is a dictatorship, not a democracy? LOL
Anyway, at the checkout line, I am in the front, unloading while Luke is in the back of the line dealing with the grumpy kidlets. The cashier starts.  "Wow, are they all yours?"
Smiling I rely, "Yes, yes they are."
She looks at them again and with a touch of awe says, "Wow, you are so brave, you must be supermom!
I wanted to tell her just how far from the truth that is. Just because I had these kids close together doesn't mean its easy or anything.
But then she catches a glimpse of my stomach. "And you're expecting another one? Oh wow!"
I really don't remember what else she said but she went on for a little while. 

Maybe when the kids get a little older it won't be such a shock factor to people. Perhaps its just the lump of little bodies that throw people off?
Is it bad to admit that sometimes, all these things that people say to me sometimes makes me feel a bit.. abnormal?
I think I'm going to make a shirt that says, "Yes, they're all mine, so don't ask!" LOL

If you ever get tired of me telling these stories, just say so. I won't promise that I'll stop, but I'll be more careful about how much I tell.  =)

December 29, 2008

Nesting... What Am I, A Bird?

Anyone who has had a baby knows exactly what I'm talking about. Its that weird and uncontrollable urge to prepare for the baby. 
I have pulled out all of Savannah's old baby clothes, soaked and washed them through 6-9 months, I am re-organizing the closets, I have purged the kids toys and their clothes. I have a desire to re-organize the kitchen, which I will get to after I'm done with the closets. 
Part of it stems from necessity, trying to fit another kid in this apartment will be a bit tricky. And part of it stems from this strange "nesting" urge. Who came up with all this bird terminology anyway! Its not like birds have a baby lounging in their insides for nine months!
Still, with all the broken dressers we've been given by people since we've moved here, it just might work out.
I did run into one small problem while I was going through all of Savannah's old clothes. Here I was thinking I was good to go but as I was looking at what I had I realized that the seasons are off. Savannah was born in the summer, so most of her 0-3 and 3-6 month size clothes are summer clothes. Oh they are so dang cute! But definitely not winter worthy. And most of her 6-9 month clothes are for cooler weather which is when this baby will be in need of summer clothes! Go figure.
Do you think they coordinate all this up there in heaven. Seriously, I bet they had a conversation like this, "Well, I don't want to wear all your hand-me-downs! I want my OWN clothes! So, you make sure you go down when its warm, and I'll go down when its cold. That way way we don't have to share! Besides, you're the one who likes pink, not me!" 
(sigh) Girls, what can you do with them? 

December 27, 2008

Christmas Catch-Up

Christmas Eve, I slept on the couch. No, I was not in trouble! I just couldn't sleep laying down, it was too painful, so I ended up on the couch. 
When I woke up, it was almost 8:30am and the house was dead silent. I showered and was ready for the day before the Savannah finally woke up at 9:00am. 
I couldn't believe my kids slept in so long! But when Savannah came out and saw all the presents under the tree, oh my. Her face lit up like Christmas lights as she started squealing that Santa had come! She was ready to dig in and start opening presents. She had even starting pointing out which presents had the letter "S" on them saying that they were hers. It was so cute. 
But I told her she needed to wait under daddy and the boys were up. She ran back to our bedroom and practically pulled Luke out of bed. By then the boys were getting up and we had quite the time trying to get them changed and dressed before the gift opening began.

To keep the boys in hand, I gave them some fruit loops cereal, compliments of their Aunt Holly. Jacob of course was so happy, after that, he could care less about opening presents. All he wanted to do was eat sugar cereal. So, Savannah and Joseph ended up opening most of his presents for him.

Remind me not to give Luke the camera next time.

Enjoying the goodies from their Smith cousins.

Oh trust me, the room is still clean in this picture! 
Now, I know we didn't get too many shots of the kids smiling and showing the excitement that was definitely there but let me explain why. It was like a sprinting competition. As soon as they got a present opened, they oohed and aahed over it for a second (literally) then they would sprint back to the tree to see which present they got to open next. There was a lot of concentration involved!

Luke playing with the kiddos.

Even though Luke and I did our Christmas a bit early this year (we got each other coats) I still wanted to get him a little something. So, I got him a shirt. I know, sounds lame, but he looks super hot in it. I didn't put up a picture because I didn't want anyone to drool... and well, maybe I also forgot to take a picture of it.
But Luke also got me something. He got me some extra padding for the bed to hopefully make it more comfortable for me to sleep on.
He also decided to do something bold and brave. After 5.5 years, our bed sheets and comforter are getting a bit shaggy so he decided to surprise me with new ones! 
Oh what a brave soul. I love the man, and its not ugly, but come on now, you got to admit, it just screams "bachelor". We might as well hang a sign that says, "Welcome to my pad!" 
Luke was a good sport. Every time he makes the bed he has to come tell me that a single guy is living in the house. He said he wanted to keep it so we had an extra set anyway, so, there it is, on our bed. 
He said I could get ones I liked later, after we move into a house.  =)

Doesn't it look like something a single guy would have on his bed?

December 24, 2008

'Twas The Day Before Christmas

'Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the apartment

Us kids were screaming in this tiny compartment;

The stockings were hung off the counter with hooks,

And mom kept us out of them by giving us looks;

We were all fighting and crying real sad,

Since cabin fever set in it has been really bad;

With mom in her sweats and me not quite dressed,

She had just finished cleaning and seemed a bit stressed,

When out from the kitchen there arose such a clatter,

Mom sprang from the room to see what was the matter.

Away to the kitchen she flew like a flash,

Since she suddenly stopped we had quite the crash.

The boys on the table

The cereal on the floor,

It was instantly obvious their lives were no more.

After cleaning that up she turned round about,

To find us all throwing the toys with a shout.

We were having a ball making that fuss,

But mom didn't quite see what was so appealing to us,

And now like monkeys we jump from the couch;

That until one of us let out a great big, loud, "ouch"!

From there the fighting began to erupt,

Till mom came to have us explain what was up.

Oops, there goes the clothes, and he made a stink!

I need to go potty and I want a drink!

The competition for mom can be quite intense,

The job for her can be quite immense.

With piles of cold snow and 30 mph wind,

The chance of us playing outside was, well slim.

So with our faces pressed onto the glass,

We watch as the snow plow does its best with the mass.

Our neighbor uses a shovel to clear off her car,

It really is enough to leave a mental scar;

Back inside the apartment little minds are working,

As we experiment with water, bowls, and carpet without shirking.

Then comes the cracker crumbs we sprinkled with care,

All over the couch, the floor, and dad's chair!

Then came the pizza, which the boys had decided,

Would look best on the floor where the juice now resided.

Along with the toys mom had just put away,

We decided the crayons looked best in array.

Soon the wrestling began over which paper is who's,

Then out came the fashion show involving mom's shoes.

Perhaps mom had every right to be jolted,

We knew we were in trouble an quickly we bolted.

I wonder why mom locks herself in her room,

Is it a sure sign of impending doom?

Oh my what a day, I really should be resting,

But decided mom still needed a little bit of testing.

So I'm playing in bed making plenty of fuss,

And getting ready to hide in case mom checks on us.

Well, it time for my dreams to take flight,

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

December 21, 2008


I have no idea how you really spell what I wrote in the title. Oh well.

So, I broke down and decided it was time to post a belly picture. Yes, yes, that rather large hump on my front is indeed, my over-sized belly. And no, its not twins. 

With less than five weeks to go, oh man, I am so very ready for it to happen. I've been giving Luke a hard time all week because every time I call his cell or his work phone, he NEVER answers! Ever! I called him about 12 times in one day this past week and he didn't answer a single one! When he finally called back, on his way home from work, I told him I had starting having contractions so I was in the hospital delivering a baby.
Well, obviously that wasn't true, but what if it was! He just laughed. Go figure. I'm going to end up delivering this baby all by myself, I just know it!!

I'm So Proud!

For the first time EVER, I made Christmas goodie plates!! 
Oh come on, don't be so surprised. It wasn't something our family ever did growing up, and to brutally honest, half the stuff people give you are just plain nasty. 
Okay, its probably just me. I don't really like all those funky bread thingies that people make. (I hope I didn't just offend anyone. Seriously, I'm just picky. If its not chocolate, chances for it going over well with me are slim) Fudge on the other hand, well, now that's good stuff!
Anyway, I was considering making all these candies from scratch, but by the time I was done with my five hour shopping trip (see post below) it just didn't seem like a very appealing idea. So, I... I... I cheated. There, I admit it! I cheated!
I bought pretzels, a couple tins of the yummy Danish Butter cookies and some chocolate to melt and dip the above in.
I did make some Andes Mint cookies, but other than that, all I did was melt and dunk. Still, for a first timer, I thought I did rather well!
I then put all the left over chocolate into a bowl and set it out in front of the kids, who had just finished helping dad wrap presents for their cousins, gave them the pretzels, and showed them how to dunk.
Then, I turned my back and started on the mint cookies. A couple minutes later, Luke starts making a fuss about the mess the kids were making. Apparently, he was too busy taping up a box to notice what was happening six inches in front of him until it was too late. 
Men really aren't very good at multi-tasking.  =)

(sigh) I love my hubby! All in all, I would say it was a successful treat making experience!

December 20, 2008

Oh Me, Oh My! What A Lot Of Funny Things Go By!

Shopping for Christmas? Good idea.
Going on the Saturday before Christmas? Bad idea.

I am really, really bad at getting presents for people. I never know what to get! I always think, well, what if they don't like it? Or, what if they already have it? It seriously drives me nuts! Maybe that's why I have a tendency to procrastinate buying things for people until the last minute.
Okay, and I'm selfish. I want to spend it all on me, me, me!! 
Oh come on, I'm just kidding! Sort of.

Luke and I went shopping for a couple hours last night. Okay, Toys R Us was out of control. And, for some reason, it made me feel old. Everything seems to be electronic these days. Even the grandparents seem to know all about these fancy little electronic toy learning things. All I remember getting for Christmas was cute little flower underwear and books.

Actually, there was this one year my parents bought us girls pink Lego's...

Anyway, as I was walking around looking at things I couldn't help but think, you've got to be kidding me! That tiny piece of plastic costs how much?? Then, when you get to the good ole' fashioned toys like, wood blocks, they ask you to give up your kidney so you can afford it! Sheesh! Its a piece of wood with a little paint on it for heaven's sake!

Well, at any rate, we still needed to get a couple more things today so I went by myself. Okay, I went to two stores, Target and Walmart and I was gone for almost 5 hours! Yeah! You're telling me! It was insane! I think two of those hours were spent just on the road or in the parking lot! Traffic was crazy. And the toy isles? Oh boy, Let's not go there. Let's just say they weren't quite made for four lanes of cart traffic!

But there is one thing to be said for being stuck in traffic or in a parking lot for a long time, you see a lot of strange things go by. People watching can be quite entertaining! People yelling on cell phones or at the car in front of them (who obviously can't move because of the car in front of them)! Or teenagers trying to be cool and impress either someone else in the car or someone driving by. Older couples looking like they are about to take naps, or moms trying frantically to appease children in the back seat. It was like a free movie or something!
But at least I'm happy to say, my shopping is complete. What a stinkin' relief! 

And, while I'm rambling on about nothing terribly important, I think I'll just add that, it does not feel like it should be Saturday. My days always get meshed together in some strange way when Luke goes out of town. (he had a business trip) 
It weird, I don't really cook or clean... okay well, less than I already do. I always seem to sleep in, and I don't ever feel like doing anything productive. Its a very strange feeling. I wonder why that happens?

December 18, 2008


December 16, 2008

Who Needs Tissues? We've Got A Mom!

I'm holding Savannah and Joseph. I have them all wrapped up in a blanket since they were cold. We're just playing when suddenly Savannah leans over and starts wiping her nose on my shoulder!   

A couple days ago, Joseph starts wiping his finger on my jeans while exclaiming, "I got a boogie! Its stuck!" 

Jacob doesn't have to do anything special to use me as a human tissue. It just come naturally for him. 

I love my kids. I wouldn't trade the snot for all the dry cleaning in the world. Its like the mark, a true sign of motherhood. 

December 15, 2008

What Would You Say?

Something crazy swept over me and I decided on the way home from dropping some stuff off for Luke at the office that I would make a quick stop at Jo Ann Fabrics to see if they had any Christmas stockings. They didn't, but anyway...
I'm standing in line at the checkout. Joseph and Jacob are going crazy wild in the tiny cart. The lady standing behind me decides to strike up a conversation. 
"Wow, you sure have your hands full!" Oh if only I had a dime for every time someone said that to me! She had obviously noticed my, only five weeks left belly. I just smiled at the not so original opening line and said, "Ya, it can get crazy."
She then, like most people do, takes a little trip down memory lane as she tells me that she had three boys and goes on about how crazy they can be at times. She then finishes with the usual, "Oh, but they grow up so fast! Mine aren't little anymore."
I smile politely at her story. 
Now its my turn to check out. I call for Savannah who had been looking at stuff behind a stand. As she walks around, this poor lady about has a heart attack as she exclaims, "Oh wow! I didn't realize you had another one! You really do stay busy!"
Seriously now, how does one respond to that? I never know! I always end up doing the fake little laugh and the head nod.
I can't help but be amazed myself. We live in Idaho for pete's sake! Which, I might add, is so very close to Utah. How can I possibly be a novelty when I'm surrounded by people with 25 kids!?  Someone please explain this to me! I'm not saying it bothers me, its just that I'm always so, surprised!
How would you respond?

December 14, 2008

Okay, Take The Baby Out!

I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating (as usual) when Savannah and Joseph enter the living room. From the bulge in their shirts I guessed they were pretending to be pregnant.
Sure enough, the following scene takes place.

Savannah in a very calm and sweet voice says, "Oh Joseph, we must go to the hospital now."
Joseph, also with a bulging baby belly affirms, "Yup!"
Savannah, oh so gracefully lays down on the couch and says to Joseph, "Okay, take the baby out!" 
Joseph then proceeds to shove his hand into her shirt and remove a small stuffed animal. After he hands it to her she exclaims, "Oh, how cute!" "Okay, now the next one!"
Again Joseph removes yet another stuffed animal from her shirt. Again she exclaims, "Oh, how cute!"
This process is repeated until a grand total of five "babies" lay in her arms. She then pops up and says, "I think I should take my babies home from the hospital now." 
She and Joseph exit the living room.

It was so funny. 
I sat there and sighed... if only it were that easy. I think I'll read this to Savannah while she's having her first baby. Hehehe!

And just for kicks, here is a totally awesome picture of Jacob, fresh up from a nap. I think we look a lot alike! Especially when we first wake up!  =)


December 11, 2008

What Will She Say Next?

"Mom, I can feel the food filling me up! All the way to my bottom!"

"How do you push the babies out?"

"All the bad guys need to not be bad. They need a time out, then they need to be good!"

"Mom, I can't drink water. Water will make me so sick and hurt my tummy. I need chocolate milk! That will not make me sick!"

"Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be just like you and have a baby in my tummy!"

December 10, 2008

Even Perfection Has Its Limits

"How did a nice girl like me get into a mess like this?"
-Majorie Pay Hinckley

Its an urge that needs to be dealt with before I explode. I can't help it! I must vent, just a teeny tiny bit.
And yes, you are supposed to laugh at what I'm about to say. It's allowed! In fact, its encouraged and anticipated. So, here it goes.

This has been the longest week ever! When I find out who stole my three little angels and replaced them with these demons now facading as my children, I am going to kick their bum! Sorry, my mama doesn't like that other word that has the T's in it.
Anyone who has decided to embark on the exciting and dangerous journey of having more than one child, has also decided to become a permanent ringmaster and bouncer, whether they like it or not!
One minute, your kids are best friends, playing nice, being so great that you just know that you have the greatest kids ever and you are, without a doubt, the coolest mom in existence!
Then the next, they just have to go and pop your little make believe world and make you realize that you don't know a dang thing about parenting. In a flash of piercing screams, you are trying to break up the rough and tumble, all the while trying to keep you head on straight so you don't loose it yourself.
Top that with the extreme exhaustion and back pain that has once again returned to haunt my days and make my insomnia worse at night. Its amazing what happens when you don't have the energy to leap across rooms in a matter of milliseconds to stop a disaster. So much for being super mom!
Pop-up books that have been closely guarded and watched get torn apart, entire bodies get colored on, laundry gets dragged into the bathtub only to be tossed out onto the floor making that bathroom an extreme safety hazard. And for heaven's sake Jacob, leave my toothbrush alone!! Oh, not to mention, the refrigerator contents get re-arranged, important papers get cut up, computer screens get drawn on, bookshelves get unloaded... etc. etc. etc.
Oh man, I love what I do, and being a mom is the greatest, but dang it all! Where are the leashes and the muzzles!? Isn't there a pause button somewhere? Or maybe its just me. Maybe I'm doing this mommy thing all wrong. So, what's the secret? Did I miss the handbook that was passed out somewhere along the way?

Ahhhh. Okay, I'm done, I'm good. I feel better already!

December 9, 2008

I Fall For It Every Time

I just step out of the shower, and I hear a knock at the door.
Oh great! Who could possibly be knocking on my door at 7:30 in the morning?
I frantically scrounge around the bedroom for anything I can find that will make me decent.
I hear the knock again.
Are you kidding me? It must be a neighbor with an emergency, or the UPS delivering some unexpected package.
Okay, good enough.
I dash down the hallway to the front door. As I turn the corner I see a little body sitting on the floor by the front door with the cutest, most mischievous face and the biggest grin on it.
Dang that Savannah! I can't tell you how many times I've fallen for that!
She laughs as she says, "that was just me knocking mommy!"
I think I'm going to need to install a entry way camera or something.

December 7, 2008

More Than You Care To Know

It was quite the weekend. I'll condense it as best I can.

Friday afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa Heiner pick up the kids so Luke and I can drive four hours down to Provo. After a quick stop off at BYU campus we head over to Center Street to the Covey Center for the Arts to see the Season of Joy art show. Why? Because I had some of my handmade books in the show. It was a lot of fun.
Of course, I completely forgot to take my camera in with me so I have no pictures. I will try to get my hands on the ones that were taken by other people.

And can I just randomly and of course, veering off topic, add that its amazing how much you can talk about with someone when your backside isn't constantly facing the forward direction in the car? I didn't have to catch throw-up, pick up dropped sippy cups, food, books or toys, or help someone convert a diaper into a portable toilet! I was able to observe the view the whole way down with my eyes! Seriously, since it was my face in the windshield and not my buns, no one honked, or swerved. No one flashed their lights or looked completely horrified. It was amazing!

Anyway, moving on. My crazy sister Becka met up with us at the show, then we went out to eat with her and her friend Alisha, since Becka wanted Luke to meet her boyfriend Joel who works at a restaurant. Hmm, did you fallow that?
After that we hopped back in the car and drove 2.5 hours to my brother-in-laws house and stayed the night there. Saturday morning, we woke up, did a little last minute shopping, then drove another 2 hours to my in-laws place where we all gathered at the church for the annual Heiner Family Christmas Party. Get ready for more pictures than you probably care to see.

Lunch time at the kiddy table.

After lunch, we decorated gingerbread houses.

Jacob didn't really care to take the time to decorate his.

This was an intense job! Everything had to be done to Savannah's satisfaction.

Joseph probably ate more then ended up on his house.

Jacob, still working on the complete demolition of his house.

Joseph kept trying to squeeze more icing onto his house and his plate.

Savannah and her cousin Cambry. I had to make their houses identical, nothing else would satisfy.

Joseph, still going. I caught him several times scooping up handfuls of candy out of the bowls and shoving it into his mouth. Ugh, even for a sugar-holic, thinking about it makes me slightly nauseous. I finally had to move him away from the candy by moving his house to another table... where he promptly sat down and devoured the whole thing.

Luke and I working on our house. Only he knows why he is making such a face at the camera.

Apparently, eating a gingerbread house is hard work!

After dinner, we did a little nativity. The kids of course had loads of fun dressing up. The nativity itself was short and sweet. Well, mostly because all the kids wanted to ride the camel (aka Aunt Jolynn). But it was still fun.

Joseph was ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED that he wasn't allowed to play Mary. So, at first he settled for a flying shepherd. But that didn't satisfy him very long.

Savannah as her own unique version of the Angel.

Jacob was a sheep... for about 5 minutes. Then he wanted nothing to do with the costumes.

Getting ready.

Right in the middle of the show.

As mentioned before, Joseph went through about eight different outfits before he finally settled on being... a pirate! That's right, who knew there were pirates hanging out with the wise men? If you look closely, you can see his patch. (he's in the red shirt)

Hold on now, I'm still not done.
It has become a tradition to have Santa pay a visit. Luke's brother-in-law's father is a "professional Santa".
This year, Joseph was completely out of control. He pretty much elbowed his way to the front of the line to be the first on Santa's lap. Santa gave him a candy cane. After that, none of his cousins stood a chance. After inhaling his candy, he kept trying to get back to Santa for more candy. He was not happy with everyone pulling him back all the time.

Savannah of course loved it!

Jacob, well, not so much. But that didn't stop him from inhaling his candy cane either.

We all took family pictures. This was the best of the bunch. Still, I think its completely unfair to ask for a family photo when I only have 6 weeks of pregnancy left. Not my finest moment. But still, I think its a cute picture.

In closing, I would like to share with you the after effects of what little sleep and gallons of sugar have on small children. Let's see, how can I put this in a positive and uplifting way....
How about, it makes Armageddon look like a light spring shower?
No no, let's try, since everyone still lives, my spot in heaven is assured?
Nah, still not quite it.
How about, anyone at church who didn't know us before, knows us now!
Hmm, I think we're getting closer.
Any noise softer than a train whistle blowing right in your ear will be nothing more than a mere Christmas bell jingle.
Eh, that's not bad. At any rate, I think my kids are going to go through some serious detox this week. Wish me luck!

December 4, 2008

A Few Random Things

I'm going to do a hodge podge post of a few random things.

First on the list, websites!
I added a couple new sites to my "Awesome Sites" list. If you are looking for fun and unique gifts, these are the perfect sites to check out. It looks like they spotlight small businesses, many which are run by moms.
What can I say? As much as I'm all about the prices at Walmart, I like rooting for the little people!

I would make some clever pun about how I am a little person, in the sense of making money off of a hobby, but I would have to be sent to jail for purgery for using the word "little" in regard to anything about me at this moment.
I think the baby is going to poke out my belly button any minute now.


Second thing, my doctor's appointment.
It went totally fine yesterday, quite unfantastic. Sometimes I wonder about these doctors check-ups. Do I really need to go to ALL of them?
Lets see, baby pummeling your insides in an effort to make grape juice? Check.
Step on the scale, it screams and withers in pain due to that last bag of chocolate you ate? Check.
Can't see your toes anymore and if you bend over more than two inches the all that weight in front will drag you over till you end up on your head? Check.
Kids are using your belly as a pillow or a table to hold their things? Check.
Ribs and bladder are being pushed and bent in directions that just should not be allowed. Check.
Come on, those things were strategically placed there for a reason! How are they suppose to preform their proper functions if they aren't in the right place or shape?
Okay, enough of that, moving on.


Third thing, Superman.
I'm not quite sure where this sudden and newest faddish has leaped from, but Joseph is suddenly and alarmingly getting into Superman.
Hmmm.. I better check with his uncle to see if he's been sending hidden messages behind my back.


Last, but of course not least since its all about me, I've been tagged! (yes, that was indeed a joke)
(Sorry it has taken me so stinking long to write these Claudia)

6 Unspectacular Quirks

1. When I get tired or really nervous, I tend to use just the right side of my face. I smile crooked and talk crooked. I mean physically of course.

2. I have to sleep with something on top of me at all times, no matter how hot it is. If its really hot, I will have a sheet laying over my middle while my arms and feet stick out.

3. My in-laws think its creepy, my family thinks its funny, I think it is terribly convenient. When you have long toes like I do, why would you bother to bend over and pick something up when your toes are quite capable of bringing it to you?

4. Whenever I go on a long car ride, longer than 5 minutes, I always sit cross-legged. You know, Indian style. It is so much more comfortable. Of course I'm not the one driving!

5. I like hot corn on cold cottage cheese. I like a little ice cream with my chocolate syrup. I like salad with lots of cheese and no dressing. And if I must eat a hot dog, it better have a bun and lots of ketchup.

6. I am totally and completely incapable of sucking on hard candy. It might last about 15 seconds but in the end, that poor little things gets crunched to pieces.

December 2, 2008

No Title is Worthy of This Post

Okay, I have a blog worthy story for you today. Let's briefly introduce the main characters, besides myself of course.
The Culprit

The Victim
(Note: this story is not about the scratch on Jacob's face. That was self-inflicted during a tantrum where he face planted it into a basket)

The Partner in Crime

It all starts with Joseph making a very simple announcement, he needs to go potty. Fine, he's finally getting it down and can go by himself sometimes. So, off he heads to the bathroom. A moment later, Jacob follows Joseph in and I follow Jacob.
Now, I'm sure all of you have seen someone slip on a patch of ice or something like unto it. Well, picture Jacob hitting a giant puddle of liquid, which quickly indicated that Joseph never made it to the toilet, and making quite a splash. Needless to say, the both ended up in the bathtub.
After cleaning up the homemade splash pool, I leave the boys to play in the water for a bit. Not too long after, I here what sounded like water splashing hard onto the floor. I race to the bathroom and sure enough, there is Joseph, scooping up water into a toy pitcher and throwing it across the bathroom floor and into the hallway.
We will just skim over my reaction and look at cute pictures of my kids...

Okay, so, in the blink of an eye, the boys are transferred out of the bathtub and into the living room where I race back to the bathroom and start mopping up the river before it starts carrying household belongings downstream.
Once that feat is accomplished, I go back out to the living room to get them ready for bed and what do I see? Joseph, crouched down, examining his freshly made puddle and admiring the contrast between the wet and dry carpet.
Again, let's skim over my reaction and look at cute pictures...

I have sometimes wondered why kids, even though they are in trouble, and they know it, still laugh at what is going on. Its as though they are quite proud of their messes and the reaction it causes. I am convinced that they do it just to see how many colors of the rainbow they can make appear on mommy's face.
Remind me of this when I get ready to potty train Jacob and why I should keep him in diapers till he's five.
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