January 6, 2010

Say What?

I leaned over the crib rail, practically cutting my middle in half, and gave Jacob a kiss goodnight. He then, gave me one back. As I stood up straight and turned to go, he yelled out, "No mommy, WAAIIITTT! You have to wipe off all the slobbers!"


As the crayon rolled fatefully to the counter's edge, Joseph's hand swooped down and caught it in the nick of time.  Looking proudly up at me, he declared, "Oh man, I saved his life!!"


When Savannah came home from school yesterday, I asked her how it was and what they had done. It was at that moment she turned to me and said with a slight frown, "Seth doesn't like my kisses."

As my blood froze in my veins, I looked up and her and asked, "what did you say?"

"Seth doesn't like me kissing him"

After recovering from a near heart attack and after some talking, she informed me that she had tried to give him a kiss on his cheek but he didn't want her too, so she was sad.

Desperate to try and make her understand that we don't go around kissing boys I said, "We only kiss people we really, really, really, love! Like daddy!"

At that point she started sobbing and said, "But mom, I LOVE Seth!".

(sigh) It turned out to be a very long conversation.

I do remember a boy kissing me on the cheek in Kindergarten and I was SO MAD that I told the teacher and he got in big trouble. I'm just trying to save her from the same fate!!

And myself from future heart attacks.

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Brittney said...

hahahahaha... what happened to all the previous chats where she seemed to know that you only kiss the person you marry?? :)

Valerie said...

Adorable (just like the pics in the last post!)--all your kids. I love how children express themselves. :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Brittany: (sigh) The good ole' days. =)
I don't know. But truthfully, she's always been a bit of a kissy face!

Valerie: Thanks! They can sure say some funny things!

Sara Lyn said...

That Savannah is soooo funny! And as soon as you said, "We only kiss people we really, really love," I knew what her answer would be before I read it. At that age, I really, REALLY loved lots of people. :) Good thing I was a kissy person! :)

Mama Smith said...

Ahh....wait till she comes home as a teenager....and expresses the same sentiments...You thought you had a "heart attack" this time...I do believe...you will have a complete "stroke" when Savannah makes a statement like that as a "teenager"....(smile) Wait...as a teenager...she may not "talk about it"....(smile)

Angel Day said...

I love what little kids say. It is too funny.

Seth said...

My Rebekah told me she has a boyfriend at school. Trying not to freak out! I carefully figured out that her definition of boyfriend is not the same as mine. Phew!

Yeah, I'm probably talking to myself. I'm behind on the blog reading thing.

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