January 13, 2010

Crazy Cool Car Craft!

Okay, so I'm exaggerating. It's just something I made up on the spot. Remember when way, way back before the dawn of time, I posted THIS CRAFT?

Well, I haven't made anything out of toilet paper rolls since then. My pile has sure been building up! So today, I figured it was time to use some up! This is what we made.

Okay, I admit, it came out much cuter than I thought it would. Care to see how we made it?

No? Well fine then. (sniff) See if I care!

Oh you do want to see it! Yea! I Just KNEW you would! Not that I'm one to guilt people into doing things mind you.

For each car you need 2 toilet paper rolls and a piece of a third one.  For the piece just cut a roll length wise then in half. Cut one of the rolls into four tire pieces.


Cut out pieces of contruction paper the same width and a bit longer for each cardboard piece. Let the kids color and decorate their paper pieces.

I suppose if you have older kids they could paint the pieces. But there is no stinkin' way I was going to let the boys near any paint today. I wan't in the mood. I know, selfish.

Tape, glue, or staple (I taped) the paper pieces over all the corresponding cardboard pieces.

Then I just hot glued all the pieces together. I admit, it was kind of a pain to glue them together. But it worked.
(Don't worry Bonnie, I'll replace all your glue sticks! Promise!)

While I was gluing the pieces, the kids climbed up onto the counter and next thing I know, they're snuggling! Do you think the hot glue smell was making everyone feel... happy?

While we were making them I didn't think to put paper on the inside of the rolls. So I guess you can do that if you'd like.

Ta Da! Who says you can't be a proud owner of a new car when you're just a kid?

Such masterpieces!

As I mentioned long ago, I like making crafts out of household garbage (not like banana peels or any such nasty thing)  because after you've made something, whether it lasts, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, or 1 year before it needs to be thrown away, you aren't out anything extra! And you have fun making them!

Well, most of the time. Unless the kids start fighting over paper and markers and such.

But that's another story.

ANYWAY, the kids have actually been playing with them all afternoon! YEA! My first success!

7 super cool people speak:

Sara Lyn said...

Cool! That's a really great idea. Unfortunately, the baby I watch right now would just try to eat those. :)

ldsjaneite said...

I like being a super cool person.

Great job in being creative, crafty, and even eco-friendly! Except for maybe the glue gun fumes. :-)

Mama Smith said...

Sarah Serene...I marvel at your "creativity"...because you CERTAINLY DID NOT get it from ME!!!! Not only are your children benefiting from all of this in the "arts"...but, it is TIME WELL SPENT TOGETHER!!!! They will never forget these moments with MOM...

I, too, am SAVING toilet rolls...but, for a completely different reason...I will begin my GARDEN SEEDS in them...You simply, cut the roll in half...put in the garden soil...then, the seed...and you have your own "pot" to put into the ground when the FROST season is over...I will place the entire toilet roll HALF and plant into the ground...NO disturbing of the new root system and the toilet roll will begin a recycling process in the earth... Yeah, I know...GARDENING is one of my PASSIONS...always thinking of NEW WAYS to doing things with the earth.(smile)

Seth said...

Very neat!

Polly Blevins said...

This is a great idea. My son wants to make crafts every day but I don't know what to make. This is right up his ally. Thanks.

Unknown said...

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