December 31, 2011

Software Giveaway from

So, I need to confess. The first time I was sent an email from this company, I didn't even really read it. I just skimmed over it then promptly forgot about it.

*gasp* I know right? Some people are so rude.

The second time I got an email from them, the email was a lot flashier, with colorful banners and bold lettering.

And I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that, like a cat chasing a flickering light, it caught my attention and I decided to look into this a little more.

Now I'm sure you men will be groaning as soon as I mention the word "scrapbooking", but yes indeed, this is a scrapbooking software giveaway!

I know, I know. Girls and their toys, what can ya do.

Now I have another confession. I ultimately decided to do this giveaway because I wanted the software for myself. Yes, I was given a copy so I could try it out.

Once upon a time, long ago when I was single with apparently lots of time to spare... or something, I use to scrapbook all the time. It wasn't until after I had my first baby that I was introduced to the world of digital scrapbooking. So I went on a big digi streak there for a while.

But it still took me forever to get a page done and I just didn't have the time for it.

I think I only have the first couple months of my oldest child's life scrapbooked and documented.

I'm still not sure if I should be ashamed of myself or proud that I even have that much done!

Anyway, so yes, I wanted this software.

And you know what? It really is great! Easy enough for beginners yet complex enough for hard core scrapbookers.

I can upload all my digi stuff that has been gathering metephorical dust on my hard drive and use them in the program. I can build a page from scratch or use their pre-designed templates or layouts.

So, whether you are a scrapbooker or a wanna-be, I think you would like this softeware.

Would you like to win a free copy of the My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software (a $40 value)?

-Go to their SITE, look around then come back and tell me about a favorite scrapbook pack or layout. And don't forget to leave your email address!

- Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about this giveaway and send me the link.

- Follow this blog or Like it on Facebook. Not just this post, but my website via the little Facebook like box there are the side of my blog.

- Like/Follow on their Blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter

(If you already do any of the above, just say so in seperate comments and those will count as an entry)

That's it! FOUR entries max. And PLEASE leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway will run through Thursday, January 5, ending at midnight.


Let's just say for a moment that you don't happen to win this giveaway but you really want the software.

Well My Memories is offering a $10 discount for the My Memories Suite V3. AND if you do decide to buy it with the discount code, you will receive another discount code in your confirmation email for $10 to spend in their kit store!

(use this code for the discount)

Good Luck!!

December 30, 2011

Winner Announced and Baby Teeth

Whew! Okay then! FINALLY got my stinkin' internet back up!

It's the kind of victory that calls for chocolate. So don't worry, got my bag of chocolate chips right here.

I confess, there are few thing more annoying to me than not having internet access. Does that make me addicted? Dependent? Strange?  Terribly good looking and clever?

What? I promise I am NOT trying to encourage you to choose one option over the other (Pick "terribly good looking and clever"!!)

Honest... I'm not! Because I would never do such a thing as to try and bribe someone in order to get something I want. (If you pick "terribly good looking and clever" I'll share my chocolate chips with you!)

So, the moment you've all been waiting for... the winner of the $50 e-card is:

Congrats! I'll be in touch!

I'll kick off the last giveaway of the month later tonight. It might not be as exciting as 50 bucks, but I hope some of you will like it!


Claira had been sleeping through the night so well for so long that she's totally spoiled me. Then one night she just up and decided she wasn't going to do the sleeping thing anymore.

Torture, that's what it is.

Not that it's really her fault. Misery loves company and cutting teeth sure makes for a miserable baby.

But finally, joy of joys, her little teeth broke through! She's still not sleeping through the night again, but at least she not up every hour trying to chew her fist off or her blanket to shreds.

I was trying to take pictures of this headband I made, but the pictures turned out so cute of Claira herself and her new little teeth, I just can't help myself. I'm showing her off.

Man, do I make cute babies, or do I make cute babies!

You might as well admit it, I make cute babies.

Must be all that chocolate I ate.

December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Part 2

I failed to post Alayna's rendition of "Silent Night" yesterday.

Don't be fooled by all that ridiculous cuteness. If you stick your finger in too close, she's likely to bite it off. 

And yes, she sings like this at church too. It's so awesome.

Now, where were we.

Oh yes, we had put all the kids to bed Christmas Eve... or so we thought.

Being the ever organized and ready person that I am, I had yet to wrap a single gift.

Not wanting to risk the kids coming out of their rooms and discovering their Christmas booty being wrapped on the kitchen table, I took everything out from the back of my closet and laid it all out on the floor at the foot of the bed where I started in on the wrapping while Hubby dozed on the bed as he watched.

I consider myself a girl in control of herself for not chucking the tape at his head.

Lovingly of course.

I was only a present or two into the wrapping process when none other than Savannah walks in.

Who knew that after having five kids and multiple stretch marks engraven on her stomach that one could still be so quick and agile? I leapt to feet faster than you could say "Santa Claus", even I was impressed with myself, and shooed her out of the room.

Of course I'm not fool enough to kid myself into thinking that she didn't see anything, and she doesn't really believe in Santa anymore, but still.....

I asked her what in the world she was doing out of bed and she turned on the whine. "But mom! I couldn't sleep! My brain won't stop thinking!!"

Oh... THAT excuse again huh?

"Mom? Can you please leave a plate of cookies of Santa?"


"And a snack for Rudolph?"

"Whatever you want. Of course. Now go to bed!"

I'm ashamed to admit that I never did those things and I'm pretty sure I felt myself blush the next morning when I overheard Savannah say from the kitchen the next morning, "Santa ate all his cookies and Rodolph at his snack all gone!"


It was a little after 7am when the kids came tearing into the bedroom yelling that Santa had come! Oh the excitement! Everyone was in such an good mood.

We started by opening family gifts, then moved onto the gifts generously given to us by others. Finally ending with presents from Santa and his crew.

Due to the absence of my believed photoshop program, I figured this was the best way to show some for the pictures from Christmas morning. Don't worry, there's not that many.

But to be sure, my favorite picture from the whole day is of Jacob checking out the new marshmallow gun Uncle Abe made for him.

Hahaha.... it makes me laugh.

Soon after, we all got ready for church. I thought it would be smooth sailing since church was only to be the first meeting.

But after an hour, it was clear to me the kids had ants in their pants and I for one was ready for the meeting to be over.

I know, I'm terrible.

But it's true.

So when we got home I announced that no one was allowed to change until we tried to snatch a couple family pictures!

We did our best. Thank goodness for the timer setting on the camera!!

And so it was that the rest of Christmas was filled with the sounds of new toys and happy children.

Me? What did I get?

Funny you should ask.

Did I ever tell you the story about the time Hubby got me a vegetable peeler for Christmas? No? Well, I'll save that for another time.

But I was shocked and amazed when I opened up this beautiful thing.

Hubby later said, "Hopefully this makes up for the vegetable peeler."

Boy does it ever!! I love it!

Hubby's been a real sport this past week with me being sick and all., he's really stepped in and helped out a lot.

Now, as you know I'm not one to be all mushy and stuff, but he deserves a little mush this time.

Thanks honey, you've been great! Really truly.

And there you have it. Our simple Christmas story.


December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Part 1

Did I ever tell you guys my poor iMac died a couple weeks ago?

It's true. *sniffle* We were best buds for over nine years! We've been through a lot together. Been with me since hubby and I first started dating! He's always been there for me, ya know? I feel so lost without him and my precious photoshop program.

I do my best with these silly little PC photo editing programs but, meh.... I need my photoshop back!! So I apologize for the sorry state of some of my photos.

Anyhow, did you have a splendiferous Christmas!? What'd ya do? Where'd ya go? What did ya get? Come come, spill it!

We had a rather great weekend ourselves. There is something so thrilling and exciting for children at Christmas time that seems to spill over and make everything sparkle with cheer!

Oh... maybe that's just the spilled water reflecting from the kitchen floor....

But they do have a rather fresh and unique perspective on things. Much like Claira and her favorite spot under the tree. Who wouldn't love it if your point of view looks like this?

Friday night we got a special visit from Santa, thanks to a swell neighbor who just so happens to be tight with him.

It's all about who you know, ya know?

I know it looks like Alayna is about to stab Santa with her candy cane, but I promise she's not. She told me later that, "Santa is berwy nice!"

After Santa took down what everyone wanted for Christmas, he took off in his modern, motorized sleigh (the reindeer need their rest after all) and went off to visit other children.

But the kids were even more excited for Christmas after that! If such a thing is possible.

Christmas Eve morning, we rounded up the children and explained that this year, we were all going to draw names for each other and go pick out a little present for them.

You would think we just told them they get to live at Disney World or something. They thought that was the greatest idea since the invention of sugar.

Which invention I happen to think is man's greatest achievement.

So we made our way to the over-crowded isles of Walmart where Hubby and I split up with the kids based on who had who's name, and the kids had a ball picking out little gifts for each other.

Alayna picked daddy's name and I had a really hard time convincing her he didn't need a baby doll or pink lip gloss.

By the time we got back, I was about ready to pass out (the anti-biotics for my infection were just starting to kick in so I was swinging back and forth between feeling better and crashing again) so I fell asleep during the movie that the family was watching... King Fu Panda 2 I believe it was.

I awoke to the sound of Hubby calling for dinner time. I trudged up the stairs to the smells of... pizza!!

Frozen pizza.

Yes, we did indeed feast upon (cooked) frozen pizza for Christmas Eve dinner.

And no one minded a bit.

After dinner and baths, the kids got to wrap the presents they got for each other.

Once they were done, we all sang Christmas songs. Alayna wouldn't be satisfied until we sang, "Once there was a Snowman" about 26532 times.

Ah, sponge rollers. They make me smile.

Then daddy read the nativity story from the scriptures.

After which the kids wanted to sing more songs.

After "Silent Night", things slowly deteriorated into songs like, "Randolph the Bow-Legged Cowboy" and "The Grinch".  Which of course led to Hubby pulling out his iPhone, which I have lovingly dubbed his "pocket mistress" since he spends so much time on it, and soon they were all watching and listening to any weird Christmas song they could find.

Once I finally threatened to flush his pocket mistress down the toilet if he didn't put it away, we had family prayer and put the kids to bed.

Or so we thought...


December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!


and family!

December 23, 2011

**CLOSED** $50 e-card Giveaway from

 Oh dear. Oh my! Oh my aching frozen toes you guys, I am so sorry.

I spent the whole morning thinking it was Thursday. Seriously, I think my antibiotics are messin' with me or something.

I was feeling like a big pile of poop all over again and barely able to function, and seriously, I was like this most of the day. (picture, compliments of my children, you're welcome)

Yup, that's me. Legs up the back of the couch, without a stitch of make-up on. I know some of you are thinking you'd give anything to be like that but believe me, after feeling like a big pile of poop for several days, you'd almost give anything NOT to be that way.

Anyway, it wasn't until later that I realized it wasn't Thursday, but FRIDAY! And then our Internet had been down all day so I am just now getting around to starting off this giveaway! EEKK! I'm going to let the giveaway go an extra day.

*grovel grovel cringe bow stoop fall*

*meekly* Can you forgive me?

........ Oh great. Now I can't get back up.... hang on a sec.....

Well, okay then! By show of hands, how many of you have ever heard of a couponing site called:

Mmmmmm..... oh ya... umm hum! Excellent!

Well, in case you haven't, Coupon Chief is one of the fastest growing coupon sites, with over 250 thousand visitors a month!  They have over 50 thousand coupons for over 15000 stores, giving them one of the largest databases of online coupons on the net.

What fabulousness! Hmm... I rather like that... fabulousness.

Now that Christmas is upon us, I know everyone is looking to save a little money, and some of you are probably even avid couponers.

I have yet to attempt to immerse myself into the clipping world. I bow before you.

Oh great.... now I can't get back up again..... hang on a sec... *unladylike grunting* Okay, I'm up, I'm up.

Anyway, I was pretty impressed with the simplicity and straightforwardness of their blog and ease to find the coupons you want. I'm seriously excited about this site!!

And now, the best part, they have graciously offered to give one of you fabulous readers a $50 e-card to ONE of these fabulous places. The winner can choose!
Home Depot
Old Navy

Seriously, maybe I should have my hubby enter, I mean, he's a reader too right? I think it's only fair.... right?

Pish fine fine. You win.

I'll just sit here and eat my M&Ms and wish I was you.

So, here's how to enter.

-Go to their SITE, check it out (be honest now) and come back and tell me if you are a hard core couponer or just use them from time to time. And don't forget to leave your email address!

- Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about this giveaway and send me the link.

- Follow this blog or Like it on Facebook. Not just this post, but my website via the little Facebook like box there are the side of my blog.

- Follow their site, or like them on Facebook

(If you already do any of the above, just say so in seperate comments and those will count as an entry)

That's it! FOUR entries max. And PLEASE leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway will run through Thursday, December 29, ending at midnight.

Good Luck!!

(Please remember this is not typically a giveaway blog. It's just for the month of December!)


December 22, 2011

Winners Announced and Baby Love.

Are you ready? Are you excited? Oh, I'm ready and excited! Especially since I'm doped up on pain killers and antibiotics. Compared to how I was feeling yesterday, I might as well be at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory swimming through a chocolate river of bliss.

Seriously, that's enough to make even the grouchiest of people happy.

So special thanks to Lisa who happen to drop by to give us Christmas treats and found me withering in pain on the couch, my children running a muck, and Hubby still at work.

It must have been a pretty frightening sight since she immediately set out providing dinner and babysitters so Hubby and I could go see the doctor.

Someone upstairs must really love me.

Or at least like me... a little.

So, the winner of Giveaway Number One, the book/cd combo goes to:

And the winner of the Giveaway Number Two, the new release cd goes to:

Congrats you two!! I truly hope you enjoy them!!

Don't forget to come back on Friday! I know it's going to be crazy busy with Christmas but let's face it, $50 is worth a quick drop by.... right?


Sometimes it's a wonder that little Claira hasn't been loved to death, literally.

She's been picked up by her head, more than once, compliments of Alayna.

I had a heart attack the first time Savannah carried her down the stairs.

I've told Jacob over and over again not sit on her.

And Joseph doesn't seem to understand why Claira gets upset whenever he lays down on the floor, puts her on his stomach, and tries to roll over together.

I take comfort in knowing that at least she'll be one tough cookie.

Still, these little monkeys sure do love their baby sister and are always so encouraging.

If only I could get them to stop pulling her around by her legs.

December 21, 2011

Do you know Ted?

Withering... whimpering...

Aches... chills... sweating...

Pain... pain.... stinking pain

Headaches... nausea....

I'd almost rather be pregnant right now than deal with this blasted kidney infection... almost.

That's how awful it is.


When I was a kid, before the days of built in vehicle DVD players and handheld video games, and we went on long car trips, we played games like, The Alphabet Game, where you try and find all the letters in the alphabet on signs or license plates. Or I Spy.

But there was also another game we played. I have no idea if it was unique to our family or not, but it went down like so.

One person would start by saying: I one a (insert anything you can think of) slimy fish
The next person would say: I two a slimy fish
The next person would say: I three a slimy fish

And so on and so forth until it would get to the number eight.

I eight a slimy fish.

Then everyone would eeewwww and gross, you ate a slimy fish!

This could go on for a really long time.

Well, I made the mistake of teaching this little game to my family, since we lack any cool, built in electronics in our vehicle.

We've used all sorts of weird words for this game.

Even Claira. 

I eight Claira!

Anyway, one time, as we were playing this game, Hubby starts laughing out of the blue and says, "No wait, wait! I have a really good one!"

He started. I one Ted!

Jacob: I two Ted! (Hubby bursts out into hysterical laughter)

Joseph: I three Ted.

Savannah: I four Ted! (Hubby breaks out into hysterical laughter again. As in, so hard he's crying)

If you don't get it, you clearly don't spend enough time around men and their sense of humor.

The kids totally didn't get it at first but if Daddy thought it was so funny, then clearly it must be! So Ted gets brought up every time we play this game.

Like this past Saturday when we went in to the in-laws for their annual Christmas Party. (and this lame-o blogger forgot her camera) During the car ride, Ted was a frequent visitor in our game.

So, if you ever decide to play this game, be warned. If you let Ted in, he will never leave.

P.S. Don't forget today is the last day to enter the Hilary Weeks CD giveaway! And be sure to come back Friday (even though I know it's so close to Christmas) because really, who wouldn't want to win 50 bucks!

December 19, 2011

My To-Do List Makes an Awesome Paper Airplane

I started off last week on a total high.

I was taking my totally awesome incredibly fabulous vitamins every night before bed, waking up in the dark and early for some personal spiritual time, then did some exercising.

Yes, exercising.

Shockingly, I do know what that is.

But I still have no clue what the word, "nap" means.

Anyway, the thing is, I've been eating and eating all this chocolate, and for some strange, unknown reason, these last ten pounds of baby weight just won't come off!

I know, weird right.

So I considered upping my chocolate intake to see if that would help. But finally decided to try the whole healthy eating and exercise bit to see what that would do first.

The trouble is, I can never ever seem to get my beaten up carcass out of bed early enough to do it. And if I wait until after the kids are off to school, I have three active little ones begging for my attention, or insisting they need to exercise with me.

Meh, no biggie. It's actually rather cute.... until someone wants a drink, or is hungry, or wants to be held, or needs to go potty, or accidentally gets kicked, or they fall over into the wall.

Apparently their balance is as good as mine.

So exercising while children are awake is a joke. Such a joke.

Enter my vitamins that do wonders for my energy level and there I was, getting myself all up out of bed (even if it is a rather ungraceful, accidental swan dive onto the floor first) and getting things done!

But about Thursday, I was starting to get aches and chills and a few embarrassing and highly uncomfortable symptoms that screamed, "Kidney infection coming your way!!"

Ah nuts. Seriously?? Do I look like someone who has time to deal with a kidney infection? Huh? Huh? Do I!? Do I!?

Noooooooooooo...................................  I do NOT thankyouverymuch!

Just in case you were unsure.

Anyhow. So besides the 237856498734659873645187385746123587645 things I have to do this week, (just like every one else) I get to do it all while feeling constant, never ending jabbing pain in my lower back, among other symptoms.

Not that I'm complaining.

Well, okay. Maybe I am. Just a little.

Hey, I never claimed to be perfect!!

Oh wait.... maybe I have.

Eh hem... moving on then.

Knowing that this week is going to be crazy, I started looking for a few shortcuts.

One of them was the Christmas goodies.

You know, the ones people always make and hand out?  Ya..... SOOOO NOT going to happen this year.

So I cheated. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I saw this idea of using baby food jars to hold treats, although for the life of I can't remember where, and I thought, ah ha! Perfect! (I had been saving the jars for something else but something tells me I'll be collecting them for a while. Because right now, I'm feeling too lazy to make all of Claira's baby food)

So, just fill 'em with treats.

Cover 'em up.

Make sure to have plenty of little elflings to cheer you on.

And fight over the jars.

And wa la! Treats jars ready to be given away.

The kids chose most of the families who were to be the recipients. Hopefully you guys don't feel too left out.

Especially because I know how badly you all want a baby food jar covered in paper.

I can sense these things.

But the kids were so stinking excited to deliver them and we had a blast!... Right up until they started fighting over seats and Jacob got his fingers slammed in the car door.

Smiles and laughs turned into screaming and tears in less than four seconds.

Ah, Christmas cheer. There's nothing like it.

So now I'm off to a corner to suck my thumb and whimper in pain while contemplating what other totally awesome shortcuts I can do with items on my to do list.

Maybe I'll just make a paper airplane out of it and pretend it never existed.

I like that plan.

P.S. I just happen to discover that my amazing e-friend Amy did a little spotlight on me over at her blog! I know right! I was shocked too.

Well.... come on now. You don't need to act THAT surprised.

Anyway, she's really great. You should stop by and give her some bloggy luv.

December 16, 2011

A Giveaway with TWO Winners - Hilary Weeks CDs

At 8:15am this morning, I came up from downstairs to find Jacob and Alayna and taken every single shoe out of my closet and had them piled up in the middle of the living room floor.

How do they do that? Seriously, I was downstairs for what... three minutes?

That's pure talent I tell you.

Now if only they could be that fast in cleaning up their messes, I would be even more impressed!

Then hire them out to other people. I can always use some extra cash.

*awkward silence*


Anyway, I'm excited to get another giveaway started! Actually, here's what's cool. There are going to be TWO WINNERS because there are TWO items to win!!

Item One

A while ago, I won't even begin to tell you how long ago as it is just flat out embarrassing, Deseret Book sent me what was at the time, Hilary Weeks new book called, "Bedtime and Naptime and bedtime and naptime..."

It's a cute, fun little book where she tells a bunch of funny motherhood stories from her life, while throwing in a recipe here and there, topped off with a little advise.

It truly is a great little book, very funny. And it also contains a bonus cd! Hilary has a knack for changing the lyrics to songs and turning them into a hilarious "oh we have SO been there" song. Watch this little video to see a few examples! 

For those of you who have been long-time readers of this blog, you'll remember when, a little over a year ago, I posted this cute little video that my friend Heidi had made using pictures from my blog. 

It's fun. This song is also on the CD.

Item Two

Deseret Book has also graciously offered to giveaway a copy of Hilary Weeks newest album called, "Every Step." I'm so excited that they are willing to do this for you guys. I LOVE Hilary Weeks!

Here is one of the songs on there. I hope you'll watch it. It's SO good. A bit of a tear-jerker that really puts our lives into perspective.

So, think you might like a copy of either one?

Winner One will receive the book/cd.

Winner Two will receive the new album.

-Leave me a comment, with your email. Any comment will do. Maybe your thoughts on her songs?

Or maybe more bribe attempts to get the random number generator to pick you.

Those were awesome.

- Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about this giveaway and send me the link.
- Follow this blog or Like it on Facebook.

(If you already do, just say so in seperate comments and that counts as an entry)

That's it! Three entries max. And PLEASE leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway will run through Wednesday December 21, ending at midnight.

Good Luck!

(Please remember this is not typically a giveaway blog. It's just for the month of December!)

December 15, 2011

Winnner Announced and Other Random Things

Forgive the delay in posting.

It was the stinking school bus' fault.

Well... okay... I suppose you could say that "technically" it was my fault.

But I'm going to go with the fault landing on the bus.

The dang thing just can't be consistent! For a while, the bus was coming at 8:04am every morning. Fine. Then they got a new bus driver so it was coming closer to 8:08am. Sweet! Then yesterday, they had a new driver and it didn't come until about 8:12am!

And since it's now 3000 degrees below freezing here, it just feels like child cruelty to send my poor innocent little ones out the door any sooner than absolutely necessary.

So at 8:05am, we opened the front door just in time to see the bus driving away.


And in my rush to get to the school and back as quickly as possible, I may or may not, cause I'm not actually admitting to doing it, threw a hand up in frustration and say to the truck in front of me, "Dude, seriously? Can't you drive that thing any faster!?"

Then the rest of the way home, Alayna kept yelling at the car in front of us, "Drive faster dude!! Drive faster dude!"

Remind me to watch what I say from now on.

Anyway! Now for the reason you guys are all here this morning!

The winner is:

Congrats!! I'll be emailing you soon!

Don't forget there will be another giveaway tomorrow!


So, on a totally random note.

This little one is scooting everywhere! Not full out crawling yet, but totally scooting.

She attacked all my fabric that I had laid out on the floor on the other side of the room while I was making hair bows.

My days of luxurious relaxing are over!



This little one potty trained herself this past week!

You think you're surprised? Ha! Believe me. I almost fainted from shock! Little miss sassy-pants who had no interest in it whatsoever, up and decided one day that she wanted to wear underwear! And since I swear I've developed motherhood induced ADD, I kept forgetting to take her to the bathroom.

So after about two days of hit and miss accidents, she figured it out and just started taking care of business all by herself!

Sweet! One less diaper bill! Today, the chocolate is on me!!!

Oh wait. I think I may have actually... *clearing throat* eaten it all already.


Okay, that was awkward.


And finally, you know you really, really need to go grocery shopping when...

You discover a new box of cream cheese on the floor... gone.

When inquired about, I was told, "but we were really hungry!"

Oh dear.

I better go hide the sour cream.

December 13, 2011

A Recipe - Bacon Potato Casserole

I go through these cooking spurts as I battle the never ending cycle of  musts VS wants.

For a while I am totally on a cooking high where I want to try new recipes and cook all healthy and from scratch.

About two days later, I start into the other spurt, usually when I get on a high for something else, (like reading or crafting) where cooking is the last thing I want to think about and I wish I had an endless supply of frozen pizza in the freezer.

Or a personal chef.

I mean, come on. Would having a personal chef really be so bad?

I think not.

This spurt tends to last much longer than the other one.

Right now I'm in a cooking funk where I have ten thousand other things I would rather be doing, so I am struggling with the whole making dinner and feeding my family thing.

I mean, seriously. Is eating cereal every night really such a terrible thing?

Don't answer that.


The other night I realized it was close to dinner time and I needed to whip up something fast.

I rummaged the freezer and threw this dish together.

Surprisingly, and yes, I mean surprisingly as sometimes my experiments aren't always... edible, it turned out so well the whole family loved it! (of course they love anything that involves bacon)

So I made it again the other night when we fed the missionaries, and they too loved it so much I decided to post it.

I'm sure most of you have some sort of variation on this, it's not like I'm a cooking genius or anything. But in case you don't, this makes the perfect holiday potato dish!

Serene's Quick and Easy Bacon Potato Casserole.


1 bag (2 lb) Southern Style Hashbrowns (frozen)
3 cups water
1/2 cup flour
2 tablespoons mayo
1 can cream of chicken soup
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
1/2 lb bacon

 Lightly spray a 9 x 13 casserole dish and add the hashbrowns.

In a large bowl mix together water, flour, mayo, cream of chicken soup, and salt and pepper.
Pour mixture over the hashbrowns.

Sprinkle the shredded parmesan cheese over the top.

Top off with the bacon, over lapping the strips to make it all fit. 

(You could cut them up if you wanted but since my kids always fight over the bacon, claiming someone got more than they did, this is easier since I can just pull off a piece for each of them) 

Put in the oven uncovered and cook at 400 degrees for about an hour. Wa la!

Sure it may not be the healthiest thing ever, and sure it might not look all fancy. Sure it might not make it on your top ten list of diet meals planned for your 2012 New Year's resolution.

But, mmmm mmmm. It sure does taste delish.
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