January 4, 2010

So much for that!

I made my "to do" list, set some goals, made some plans. Even after waking up half an hour later than planned I still thought I was in control of the day.

Boy was I ever so wrong.

For over an hour, I battled the will of a stubborn 3-year old. And it all started with a stupid little shirt. Yes, a shirt!

I let him pick out the one he wanted, no big deal. He's VERY particular about his shirts. But as I tried to get him dressed, out of nowhere he let out a whole lot of sass. Also known among the adult class as disrespect. Knowing that I needed to put a stop to it, especially since it's been a little out of control lately, I took his shirt away and told him he couldn't wear it today.

That was like letting a bull loose in a china closet..................

This section of content has been removed from the post as it may not be appropriate for some readers. The extent of the "colossal tantrum" must remain, in detail, classified to the highest level as some readers do not have children or children old enough to fully comprehend. If word were to leak out about how intense a tantrum can be, the amount of children being born has potential to decrease rapidly.

Thank you for your understanding. Your program will continue momentarily.

..........You know, I was determined NOT to make the fudge I had gotten ingredients for but had never made. I confess, I just made it and licked the bowl clean. So much for THAT resolution.

Tomorrow for SURE will go according to plan, I just know it! (Hey you, way in the back! Stop laughing at me! I can dream big.)

Tell you what, let's all look at some cute pictures and eat fudge together.

New Year's eve, we were invited by some friends to go sledding. Now, I'm not much of a winter buff. I don't like snow, at all. But I admit, we had a lot of fun!

Daddy took the boys down several times.

Then Savannah. She wanted to go down the steep side. After they did, I guess she felt like she was a big enough girl to go down by herself... down a much less steep side.

Little dare devil!

Yes, I went down a few times too. I would have done more but we only have one sled. I think it might be time to invest in another one. The kids did their best to wait patiently for their turns but there's only so much you can ask of a toddler.

 Jacob was quite colorful. As we didn't have any snow gloves for him, our friends let us borrow some pink ones. Awesome.

Okay, I'm starting to notice lots of wrinkles. Maybe I should avoid these close-up shots in the future. Besides, they have a tendancy to make one's facial features look ginormous!

Joseph doesn't care for a cold face. Just in case you couldn't tell.

What a bunch. Joseph wearing Savannah's old pink boots and Jacob wearing pink gloves.

Well, didn't you know? Pink's the new black!

Or so I've heard.

5 super cool people speak:

Anonymous said...

Oh Serene, you are beautiful-close ups or not!!

And funny. I love it.

Heidi said...

I love Alayna's little red nose. I always loved sledding. I didn't like not being able to feel various limbs for hours afterwards. Last time I was able to sled, I got a black eye (the day before BYU winter semester began). I'm overly protective of myself and maybe that's why I've never sought out to go sledding again. But I still remember how that was the most fun sledding experience I've ever had!

The kids looked like they had fun. And it's usually an activity they want to stop after awhile because it's so cold. Right?

wonder woman said...

I have no idea the kind of colossal tantrum a particularly headstrong 3-year-old boy can throw. Thanks for sparing me the details.

(Have they come up with that "sarcastic" font yet? I'm looking in blogger and can't find it.)

Sledding looks like fun, though! We've been too busy to do any yet this year....maybe we'll head out this weekend.

Stacy said...

You know, I'm convinced it's not the terrible two's. Two is merely a warm up for the utter chaos and maddness of a three year old! Hell has no fury like a toddler's scorn.

The sledding looks fun, though. And you're gorgeous.

Mama Smith said...

I wonder who came up with the phrase "Home Sweet Home"...I know...Someone whose children were grown up and on their own...(smile)

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