January 26, 2010

Sleep, why hast thou abandoned me?

I am cruelly yanked from my slumber by the sound of croup cough right in my face.

"Mom! Mom, I need to go potty!"

Groaning I look over at the clock. Had it really only been a hour since I had gone to bed? Darn those "24" episodes and curse Jack Bower.

I roll out of bed and stagger to the bathroom, managing to whack my head only a couple times against the wall along the way.

Upon seeing Joseph back to bed, I slowly make my way though the dark with outstretched hands to avoid any more confrontation with the walls and back to bed.

A couple hours later, a wake to the rustle of a pull-up as Joseph saunters back into the room. Taking pity on him since he is sick, I say nothing as he climbs into bed next to Luke. At least he knows better than to risk his life by climbing in next to me.

After a while, I groggily recall Luke shifting and soon Joseph is in the middle between us.

The next few hours were pure torture. After getting kicked repeatedly in all areas between my neck and my belly button, feeling the boy roll back and forth between Luke and myself, having him cough in my face and ear, and waking to find a pull-up covered bum inches from my nose, I could feel myself transforming into a troll.

I think Luke had about had it too. I finally sat up and declared that Joseph needed to go to him own bed.

"But mom, I need to go potty!"

No wonder he had been jumping up and down for the last hour. Fine. Potty, bed, sleep.

Soon Alayna was wailing for a bottle. Fine. Lights, bottle, sleep.

About an hour later the alarm starts blaring. I feel pretty sure I was either going to have to throw it out the window or my head was going to explode. But I needed to get Savannah ready for school and had no time to do either.

And now, here I sit at my computer wondering how I can feel like I was just trampled by Ben Hur's chariot while Joseph looks like this.

I know life's not fair but I find this just downright cruel.

And let's just keep Jack out of this, okay.

Do you think its against fire code for a mom to fall asleep during the day?

Probably. Darn it. And I don't even have any chocolate. Double darn it.


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Courtney said...

I had one of those nights on Sunday, it makes the days very tough. I had to go out an buy some emergency chocolate. Good luck with the sick kids!

Courtney said...

I got the tutorial on this blog http://crapivemade.blogspot.com/ and I tweaked it a little bit. That one was my first attempt, I haven't had time to try again, but there are some things I might do different.

the Gardners said...

Okay, you have to give me the details on the capes you made...please! I had another friend who made ones similar to the girls' capes. Is it a pattern? Where did you get the patches? Your capes are so much better than mine and look much more durable...of course, mine are scrap material and meant not to last long! =)

wonder woman said...

You are the 2nd mom I know who had a REALLY rough night -- 3rd if you count myself. I was awakened by the need to potty, too. (Proud of him for waking, wish he would realize he could do it WITHOUT WAKING ME.) Then I couldn't fall back asleep. For TWO HOURS. Husband sleep talking + baby moving all over = sleeplessness. I finally started to fall asleep, and was awoken by the need to potty again. Then just an hour and a half later, my oldest wanted to come crawl in bed.

Seriously? The worst night's sleep I've had since I had a baby nursing.

Heidi said...

This is probably why my parents' bed was completely off limits to us kids. Well, OK, their whole room was (until my baby bro's crib was put in their closet and we had to have access in order to take care of him). We were only allowed in if we had family prayer in there, or if we couldn't wait and HAD to ask a question--which required much knocking and waiting to be allowed in. Yeah, they trained us well. I don't know how I'm going to do it....

Can you convince the kids that napping is a game and then you can all do it at once? "Who can fall asleep the fastest? Who can sleep the longest?" You'd probably win both.

Stacy said...


You know, sometimes I wonder how long it's been since I've slept through the night. Then I get depressed and I have to stop thinking about it.

I needed extra sleep so badly this morning that I decided the previous day's shower at 2pm was good enough and that I didn't need one today. And I can't believe I just admitted that to you.

Sarah said...

So glad we don't send Hannah to school when I read a post like this! lol She wouldn't make it so many days because *I* wouldn't make it.

Love Joseph's happy face in the morning. So unfair.

Mama Smith said...

Your dad and I use to wonder when we would ever get a full night's sleep, again...when you were all growing up...We knew if we took a break in between having children...and get use to sleeping through the night...we would never have another child...(smile)Alas...after having Hyrum...the teen years rolled around...You'd think SLEEP through an entire night...was now a possibility...NOT...You sometimes lie awake pondering over "other matters"..."Potty breaks" were "harmless" intrusions in the night..."Teen concerns" well...take on a whole new meaning of "sleepless" nights...(smile)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Michelle: I'm not ignoring you! I'm trying to find the pattern I used. Will let you know as soon as I do!

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