February 24, 2014

The Case of the Mysterious Door Stopper Twang

As it usually happens, morning came far too soon. But Jackson would not relent, he was hungry and let me know he was tired of waiting for his first breakfast.

Second breakfast is usually an hour later.

Dragging myself into a half-way sort of bent over and kind of upright position, I reach over and tap the edge of the "touch lamp" Hubby had so proudly given me for Christmas.

Being on the lowest light setting, at least it doesn't sear my eyeballs.

Then I lean back and peek over the edge of the pack-n-play that is right next to my side of the bed where Jackson sleeps.

He instantly lights up into a delightfully huge and ridiculously adorable smile.


He knows how to fight dirty.

I can't help it, I smile back, even if it is with my eyes half closed.

Finally, and rather ungracefully, I get up to feed him.

While Jackson is eating, I am startled by the sound of a door stopper twang.

You know, those little wire ones they put behind the bottom of your door to keep it from slamming into the wall? If you have children, you know what "twang" noise I'm talking about.

It's amazing how that sound can drive one to near insanity when a new crawler discovers this awesome invention.

Anyway, I sat there and carefully listened some more. No little feet pitter patters, no opening or closing door sounds, no one flushes the toilet.

Nothing to indicate that a child was up and about.

Huh, very strange.

Little creepy too.

But I slowly convinced myself that it was nothing and soon forgot about it. I quickly and rather sadly realized it was after 6am so there was no point in going back to bed when I needed to get the kids up for school soon.

A few minutes before 7am, I walk down the hall to the boys room and try to open the door.

It meets resistance.

What in the....

I push hard and finally get it open enough to see around to the other side of the door.

I switch on the light and this is what I find.

Ah ha!

Someone stayed up late to read by nightlight.

Little stinker.

At least that explains the creepy door stopper twang!

Mystery solved.

Looks like I better do some double-checking before I go to bed tonight.

February 21, 2014

Wait... It was Valentine's Day?

No special candy, no flowers, no paper heart covered doors.

Oh oh wait! I did put a pink heart shaped note in my kids lunches.

They read, "To my favorite *insert child's name here*. I'm so glad you're a part of our family!"

It wasn't nearly as cool when they came home from school and discovered that each of them got one.

Still, that's one point for me!

Now, as someone who cannot wield anything mightier than a curling iron, who's daughter's pigtails are always lopsided and braids are always uneven and messy, I am embarrassingly proud of my lame and somewhat sloppy attempt at a cool Valentine's Day hairdo for Savannah. 

The good news is I've set the standards so low that Savannah was super excited.

Totally giving myself two points for effort.

When the older kids came home from school that day with their gigantic bags of Valentine's and candy, Alayna and Claira were feeling pretty left out, so I ever-so-generously shared with them some of the left over candy from the Valentine's we made for school.

Chocolate... of course.

I get at least one point for sharing.

But, that was all I did. I meant to do more, but as it turns out I'm getting really good at meaning to do things.

That's negative three points.

Hubby and I went out to dinner that night. However, since Valentine's Day and Friday conspired with each other to go hand-in-hand this year, just about every restaurant we tried for had about a 95 minutes wait.

Ya, so not doing that.

We finally found a not-so-popular restaurant that "only" had a thirty minute wait.

On the up-side, since the next day was Saturday, I could atone for my unaccomplished well-meaning plans by buying my way back into favor.

I accomplished this by adding mini chocolate chips to the pink pancakes this year.


That should get me at least five points!

Savannah even had a go at the pancake pouring and flipping. Without asking how she should do it, she figured out if she tried to make pancake V's, they would come out heart-shaped-looking.

She gets her smarts from me.

Happiness restored!

So while V-Day wasn't nearly as well done as last year, I get at least a C+ this time.

My mom stopped by the other day, looked around my house, paused and asked, "Wait, what month is it?"

Apparently the fact that I still had all my snowmen and a few other winter decor' items out on display, she couldn't remember where in the year we were.

Eh hem, guess it's time to put away the snowmen and bust out some St. Patty's Day stuff... which I don't have anything for.


Anyway, what did you do for Valentine's Day this year?

February 18, 2014

3 Sure Signs Winter is Too Long

You know winter has been going on far too long when:

1. Your children start making band aid people.

2. Your children seem confused as to what they should be wearing... or doing in 20 degree temperatures.

3. It doesn't matter what they weather's like, it's the Hubby's turn to cook!

Just sayin'.

February 16, 2014

In Which I Receive a Package, and You'll Never Believe What is Inside

I've decided I do not look or sound well on camera and that I probably shouldn't do any more vlogs. 

It totally takes away from my make-believe persona that I am at least a tiny bit cool on some obscure level.

However, I promised my sister on this one.

February 12, 2014

Keeping It Real

I read a really lovely blog article a couple weeks ago called, "The Power of the Mundane" in which the author talked about her love for housekeeping. I would highly recommend it as a good read.

It was one of those rare (for me anyway) posts that I found to be inspiring and uplifting and I walked away actually feeling a desire to do better with my own housekeeping.

And I tried. I really did try.

And I intend to keep trying.

But the truth of the matter is, I can't do it all all the time.

I don't always cook a meal from scratch.

I don't always get my laundry folded right away.

I don't always throw the diapers in the garbage as soon as I change the baby.

I don't always get the dishwasher unloaded before the sink looks like the leaning tower of plates.

I don't always eat chocolate for breakfast, just sometimes.


Anyhow, the last couple of days I have heard multiple friends lament the fact that their homes are in a state of disaster and they feel a bit overwhelmed in their efforts to run an efficient household, especially when it "appears" as though everyone else seems to be able to manage.

I hear ya.

This was my kitchen just a while ago after I had spent all day crafting in it, then had to make a meal for my family as well as someone else's.

Because that's just how life gets sometimes.

Especially when you have... eh hem, creative children.

I would also like to add that my girls found great joy in placing stickers all over me while I worked.

The back of my jeans were especially decorated as the girls thought it was hilarious to put eyes on my... eh hem, "cheeks".

I figured you wouldn't care for a visual.

You're welcome.

So when the dishes in the sink are spilling over, or the clothes in the washer have been in there too long and now need to be re-washed, or you have forgotten how to operate your mop, just know that I've so been there, so done that.

Let's be honest. Cleaning just gets old sometimes.

And now, I'm going to ignore the latest mess for a while and go drop some notes off for my boys at school.

Because we had a rough morning, and I did not handle the situation as well as I should have.

Probably because I skipped my chocolate for breakfast.

February 6, 2014

Be Awesome Be A Book Nut

I am yet again doing a little shout out for my sister, because I'm all about supporting family.

And getting good Christmas presents from them.

Since I am highlighting her YouTube channel, I thought a vlog was appropriate.

Her YouTube Channel is HERE!

Pssst Becka... I'll send you my Christmas list later.

February 5, 2014

Ninja Claira And Super J

"MOM!" Claira calls out to me fervently. "Wook at my muscle!" 

She then hikes up her pant leg and rather seriously shows me a mole. 

All this time I had it wrong. 

Turns out I am insanely muscular myself.

I guess that's why there are so many tough and super-powered littles in our family.

This is Claira.

This is Ninja Claira.

Super J was a bit concerned upon encountering Ninja Claira.

But it turns out Ninja Claira is a good guy (girl).

Good thing too.

Being a superhero is tough work.

Good thing there is always a comfy place to rest.

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