May 17, 2008

Just Because

I just wanted to record a couple things that have happened in the last couple days so I wouldn't forget.
- Yesterday, I told Joseph it was time for his nap (but I used language such as, its your ni-ni time!) so he ran into his room shouting, "no!"  But as I followed him in I found him on his knees with his arms folded. he said, "prayer mommy". I tried to explain that we didn't need to say a prayer for him nap, but he insisted and would not budge until we said a prayer, so we did!

-Savannah has been so bad with excuses lately. Whenever she doesn't want to do something we ask her to do she always says one of the following:
"I can't, my head is tired!"
"I can't, my brain is tired!"
"I can't, my legs are tired!"
"I can't my eyes are tired!"
"I can't because my legs are tired, my head is tired, and my ankle is tired!"
Oh my, what can I do.

-We took the kids to the park and poor Joseph was watching some kids swing on the swings. Then he casually walked to them, then right into their swinging path! Luke and I were too far away to stop it but we saw the whole thing. WHAM! Joseph was knocked clean off his feet. He was not a happy little guy.

-I think this little video of Jacob is so cute!

1 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

LOVED the VIDEO!!! With my new super duper computer that Abe gave me for Mother's day...I now...have SOUND...and can watch the videos without any problem!!!! So, I am one HAPPY GRANNY...enjoying my grandchild...and his balloon...(smile)

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