May 31, 2008

The Male Mind

Joseph was so funny holding the water gun up to his eye.  He obviously couldn't decide which part would be the best. Sometimes I wonder where they learn these things! Is it just a boy thing or what? Its almost like they don't need to be shown to like certain things or do certain things, they just do!


I think it would be a curious adventure to see inside the male mind and try to figure them out. Example, (disclaimer: this is in no way suppose to make people think my husband is mean, because he's not) the other day I was getting into the car head first and Luke, elbow first. Well, of course they met and instead of asking me if I was okay, which is what I would have done he said, "well, that was bad timing".  I wonder if he is just so use to elbowing me in the face in his sleep it might have just felt natural?  =)  Or when he steps on my toes, its not, "I'm sorry" its, "well if your toes weren't so long I probably wouldn't step in them!" Hmmm, my brothers always said that too. But still, I have lost more toenails because of that man than I care to think about. Maybe they are just honest, kind of like the, "does this dress make me look fat" thing. It was bad timing when we banged in the car and I do have really long toes.  But what about the car thing, or tools, or big machines and engines? I understand their appeal to a point but seriously guys, how long can you possibly stare at an engine and it still be interesting? Sports is another thing I just don't get. I know they are fun to play, but how is watching a bunch of sweaty guys chase a ball round for hours appealing? Something tells I might get in trouble for saying all this. (the above was written in good humor and should not be taken seriously)
Okay, so my mom always told me all bad things happen after midnight, and here I am rambling on about the oddest things. Perhaps I should make it a rule not to write on this after midnight.

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Heidi said...

I'm not sure if I'd want to see inside the male mind. It's scary enough inside my own!

Mama Smith said...

Perhaps...this is what it means when they say..."Opposites ATTRACT"...Is there anything more OPPOSITE...than the MALE MIND....and a FEMALE MIND...???

Kent said...

I think men would like to get a clue how the female mind works as well.

Scrapbooking, decorating, etc...make no sense to me...Guys watch other sweaty guys chase a ball and women glue together pieces of paper and glitter or put pretty pots and plants in specific places to make a room look better. How long can you stare at a scrapbook page or item of decor and it still be interesting? :)

Definitely a case of opposites attracting...neither sex will truly understand the other and their likes.

The good thing is...husband and wife love each other in spite of all the "weird" things each one of them does.

p.s. This is supposed to be taken humorously. I laughed my way through your post and wasn't offended by the comments on males.

Serene Designs said...

I'm glad Kent, it was suppose to taken humorously. Actually, I added that to the post after I read your comment (which I loved by the way) so as not to offend anyone.
I suppose I see your point, but still, cutesy v.s. sweaty... seems an obvious choice to me! =)

Kent said...

Haha, I was actually just stating that my comment was supposed to be taken humorously so I didn't come across as the mean Gene lady hater on the board. Man I miss Gene, haven't seen his comments in a while.

Serene Designs said...

LOL, as yes, Gene. Actually, I thought about you guys after I had made the post and wondered if someone else who had nothing to do would take a dislike to my thoughts and express himself. Good thing I only have nice readers... even if they don't understand glitter and plants and such. =)

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