May 24, 2008

Zoo Babies

Luke was feeling quite ambitious today and wanted to do something with the kids so we took a little trip to the zoo. It was really fun, The weather was cool, but not cold and all the kids were in good moods which always makes for a happy mommy. The whole trip took us about 2 hours, it was perfect.
Joseph loved the goats. He and Savannah went inside the gate where he had a great time. 

Savannah just held onto a worker's hand and didn't go near a single goat.
Jacob liked them until he little finger was nibbled on. After that he wanted nothing to do with them.
I think Joseph liked the turtles the best.
Jacob LOVED the monkeys! He probably felt right at home with them!  =)
Jacob got pretty excited but a little duck we saw on the way out.

After we were done we ate a picnic lunch and as soon as we were done with that it started to rain. But it didn't last long and we drove around the south side of town where I made the most amazing discovery! Idaho has trees! I mean, the state is actually capable of sustaining giant tress, and lots of them in one place! It was awesome! Too bad that the places that had the trees were either WAY too expensive or the houses were really old. But still, maybe there is hope....

3 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

This looked like such a fun trip for you all. Great pictures and love the videos! And Joseph with the turtles? Smart boy. :-)

Mama Smith said...

This is what "FAMILY" outings are all about...We loved doing stuff like this when all of you were little...It brought back LOTS of WONDERFUL memories...Thanks, for putting this up...LOVED IT!!! (smile)

KB&kids said...

Looks like alot of fun. What a great day. It's always fun when family outings work out that way isn't it!!

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