May 27, 2008

Confessions of a Chocoholic

Its time.
I'm coming out of the closet... where I hide all the empty candy bags.
I have decided to confess my addiction to chocolate and openly share my top ten, deepest, darkest secrets in regard to this addiction.
I'm sure the women reading this will be able to relate more than the men will. Still, I doubt even most of you women can relate to the severity of the problem.

1. I have eaten a whole bag of chocolate within 2 hours... more than once
2. When people bring over chocolate chip banana bread or chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, or something of that nature, I actually pick out the chocolate and give the bread part to the kids
3. I have driven all the way to the store and back, with all the kids, just for chocolate... more than once
4. There have been a couple times when people have brought over a chocolate dessert of some kind and I ate the whole thing and did not tell Luke that something was even brought over or blame the fact that it is gone on the kids
5. Whenever I bake chocolate chip cookies I dig through the bowl looking for the cookie with the most chocolate chips every single time I eat one
7. On average, I usually have to buy at least three bags of chocolate chips before they actually get made into cookies, I always end up eating them first
8. If I get a cookie that doesn't have a lot of chocolate in it, I just eat the chocolate than throw the rest of the cookie away.
9. I have actually eaten baking chocolate when there was no other chocolate available in the house
10. I am eating chocolate while writing this

So, there you have it, my Top Ten List of evil deeds.
Just know if you ever try to use this list against me, I will deny it all! And you can't prove all those empty chocolate bags are mine... unless you test the bag for DNA.
Not that I lick the bag or anything...(cough) I'll just blame it on the kids.

10 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

I now know the "secret" to skinnyness (Is that a word?) You and Sandy Johnson are both very "thin" using my "scientific" mind...I have concluded that "chocolate" must be the "key" element of becoming "skinny"...Makes perfect "sense" to me!!! I think I'll start this diet, TODAY!!!! (smile)

Heidi said...

What honest confessions. Those are hilarious. I guess this can help me be grateful for when my love for chocolate decided to go in reverse--and has stayed that way since. :-( You look wonderful for being such a chocoholic!

The Wests said...

I was doing so good today. I hadn't eaten any junk so far and then you go and say chocolate and cookies and dessert like a hundred times and here I am eating some reeses pieces now :)

Meagan said...

Wow. With your great bod I would have never guessed. But maybe if I only ate the chocolate out of four cookies instead of eating the entire four cookies a few times a day... Anyway, I wanted to clarify. We are renting a condo in San Jose, but we were staying in Castle Dale with Dereks parents before that when we tiled. Have a good day!

Kent said...

Oh man, #5 and #8 were painful for me....When I make cookies I include FEW chocolate chips, and when someone else makes them I search them all for the cookies with the least chips. I don't mind the chips but I'm in it for the cookie. Man, we should have been siblings, we could have attacked a bag of cookies and both only got what we wanted out of it.

Brittney said...

mmmmmmmmm... I'm with Jami. Now I'm totally wondering if I can skip dinner and just have the ice cream in the freezer instead.

Those are awesome confessions - I remember eating 4-5 candybars after school on some days when I was in junior high. What else are you going to do after school? I think I combined eating candybars with drinking several sodas. Those were the days. Now I feel sick after eating just one candybar.

Serene Designs said...

LOL, sorry girls, didn't mean to get the cravings going! But you're pregnant Jamie, so I think you're allowed! Now that it's the next day and after seeing that picture I put up of the chocolate, I'm ready for some more!
Mom, I agree! Chocolate is VITAL to every good diet!
Kent, if I had known that was your opinion of a cookie, I would have brought you all the ones I didn't want! For me, a cookie not loaded with chips is a disappointment to the whole race.
Wow, Brittany, I can't boast of ever having tons of soda with my chocolate, soda is not my thing. How did you manage to stay so skinny!

Brittney said...

Haha, yeah soda is so not my thing anymore. It makes me hiccup like crazy, but for a while there my mom was buying it often and I could really throw it down! haha...

Uhhmmm all I can say about skinniness is good genes and crazy metabolism from being really active. I definitely don't have the same metabolism anymore, but I am happy where I'm at since I remember always hating how stick skinny I was. I couldn't put on weight even with all that bad eating!

Serene Designs said...

Soda makes me hiccup too.
Lol, you're lucky though, at junior high age I was nice and thick. I think I would have preferred stick thin over your best friend telling you your back side was getting too big!

the Gardners said...

Wow! You are brave to admit some of that! I thought I was the only one...I can totally relate to #1 and #7 as well as the search for the cookie with the most chips! Chocolate is how I stay awake in the morning!

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