May 2, 2008

Luke's Graduation

It seems strange to think that we are finally done with the school scene! (Okay, not really, Luke still needs to finish up his thesis)
Luke’s parents came down to see him walk and bring down the trailer for our stuff. Graduation was nice but kids don’t exactly like to sit still for two hours, especially Joseph. The first picture of each of the kids was taken when we first sat down and the second when it was when graduation was just about over. Savannah did pretty well, she is even showing me what she thought was daddy’s name in the program. Joseph hated every minute of being confined so for a while I had him sitting out in the front with me so I could take pictures of Luke walking. And Jacob was tired and grumpy and fell asleep for a while in the middle.

These next pictures are kind of funny. Amy Bogh had given the kids new coloring books that had crayons attached to the covers. Savannah insisted on carrying her book and after the ceremony we were outside looking for daddy. Well, Savannah bent down to inspect this water drain and her crayons fell right into it! I think the picture speaks for itself. And of course Joseph too mourns the loss of any crayon.

Then our camera started acting up. Most of our pictures didn’t torn out. Either the colors are all messed up, the picture is warped, has streaks, or something! But luckily we got one or two good ones.

1 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

I love the picture of you and Luke hugging and you wearing the hat. How cute.

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