March 17, 2010

Just because, so there.

Because I woke up a bit grouchy today, 
(I declare moms are allowed to sometimes)

and it came with a bit of writer's block, 
(every blogger has a day or two like this)

because I'm an honest sort of gal, 
(I don't always bring sunshine and rainbows. I can't be perfect ALL the time)

because I just want to read, craft, and clean today, 
(*gasp* call 911, I WANT to clean?)

because she makes me happy, 
(she doesn't know how to talk back yet)

I thought I'd show off her cuteness. 
(because we brown-eyed girls like to show that we are full of chocolate)

And, just in case you are wondering about that big bump on her forehead, well, that's not a bump from falling. It's actually a screw that has popped out a bit since her surgery.

But since they are suppose to dissolve after a year, there's nothing to do but wait for it to go away!

Kind of crazy, huh.

11 super cool people speak:

Stacy said...

Yup. We have some bumps just like that- I recognized it before you even said anything! She's cuteness just the same.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Yes, only someone with a trained cranio surgery eye would recognize the screw for what it really is!

Linda said...

Dissolvable screws? Who knew? Her eyes are perfectly, chocolately brown. Yummy. And I think mommy's are allowed lots of grumpy days.

Heidi said...

Eww--that's a little distrubing. Glad it dissolves!

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice the screw until you mentioned it...then had to go back and look. She IS super cute! Love kids who can't talk back yet and who still like you.

Charlotte said...

She's beautiful. Pretty cool about the dissoluble screws.

How does one gain a desire to clean? Is there a brainwashing technique I can learn?

Courtney said...

She is so cute, and I can't believe how dark her hair has stayed, I love it.

Sarahie said...

She's beautiful! And, I totally agree...I have woken up to mornings like that and every mom is completely justified! Thank goodness for loving eyes and smiles of cute kids!

Evelyn Perkins said...

Is she the only brown-eyed kiddo? I thought I had noticed that earlier. I love that my Itty Bitty doesn't talk back yet either. you would almost--almost--think I favor her over the others. But how can I resist a kid that still lets me cuddle and kiss and mooch unconditional lovies?

Jackie said...

OH! I am having one of those kind of WEEKS.

She is perfect! BEAUTIFUL!

Mama Smith said...

Oh...I miss...your babies so much...I LOVED these pictures!!!

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