March 29, 2010

It's all about the distractions today.

Do you ever wake up and feel disorganized, dysfunctional and disoriented?

Yea, that's me today. Not that I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning reading or anything... *cough* I mean, pish, not me! I would never be so reckless. Never!

Nor would I EVER eat an oreo madness brownie for breakfast!

Or pick in the hot fudge jar.

Well, the first day of spring break for my little kindergartner and she is already bored out of her mind, asking what we are going to do today. But the weather is yucky again so, the park is out. It's looking like it will have to be a creative day where I encourage my offspring to annihilate the house through fort building and craft making.

My dad is also starting his first round of chemo therapy today since it's his spring break too. He's a college economics professor. So I'm feeling a little on edge and I would be personally grateful if you all would say a prayer on his behalf. We are hoping his body responds okay to the chemo.

Since my schedule is packed full of dragon slaying, lion wrestling, castle building, macaroni jewelry making, super hero face painting and princess wrestling, I figured I would take a day off from talking about us and give a little shout-out to a new e-friend. Talking about other people takes my mind off me, myself, and my own distractions. Not like BAD talk or gossip, ickity ick! No no, good talk!

His name is Braden Bell, and he's a writer. An amazing one. I would know, he let me read one of his books that isn't published yet. I couldn't put it down, I read the whole thing straight through. It is definitely a book series I'm going to add to my collection someday and I can't wait until it gets published!

Anyway, right now he has a book coming out called, "The Road Show". I know many of you out there are avid readers so I highly encourage to click right HERE to find out what his book is about. On his blog HERE he also added links where you can read exerts from it.

I just read THIS sneak peek about one of his characters. I think there are many young mothers out there who can relate. He is also having a giveaway for a signed copy of his book HERE.

There, I'm feeling better already!

Okay okay, one more thing real quick!

Since today is March 29th, that leaves only 3 more days, including today, for the sale price on tickets to the CBC (casual bloggers conference)! See that cute little button there on the side of my blog, the one with the big green, errr, fruit? Click it quick and snatch a ticket! I got an email over a week ago saying they have less than a hundred tickets left so I would hurry.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have four children... ummm, I mean yapping puppies trying to lick my feet as I sit here, telling me in human talk that they, the puppies, need a snack.

And then, I'm pulling out the big blankets for a grand fortress.

7 super cool people speak:

Braden said...

Wow, Serene, how nice! I really appreciate the shout-out! And I hope you have fun with the fortress!

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like you have a full at the ranch for sure!
Hope you don't end up with dragon guts all over the place. Oh, well, no matter. Nothing that a little oreo madness can't cure.
Enjoy the day.
Your dad is in my prayers. Where does he teach?

Heidi said...

Don't you love ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies)? I feel so special when I receive them.

Your family is often in my thoughts and prayers. I do pray the chemo goes well.

Linda said...

Sorry your weather is yucky. Ours is good but we went to the movies anyway. Have fun building forts. Still thinking about registering for CBC!

Anne said...

I will definitely pray for your dad.
So what book was so good that you couldn't put it down?

Sue said...

Hope things go well for your dad today. I'll be praying for him...and your family.

As for Braden's new book, it does look interesting!


M-Cat said...

I think every day in the life of a busy young mother with four kids is a day of distraction. Hats off to you!

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