March 30, 2010

Hey, we ALL make mistakes! Err... right?

Shoulder Devil: Don't listen to him. He's trying to lead you down the path of righteousness -- I'm trying to lead you down the path that ROCKS! Listen up, big guy. I got 3 good reasons why you should just walk away. Number 1: Look at that guy [referring to the Shoulder Angel] -- he's got that sissy, stringy music thing.
Shoulder Angel: We've been through this. It's a harp, and you know it.
Devil: Oh, right. That's a harp, and that's a dress.
Angel: Robe!
Devil: Reason Number 2: Look what I can do!
[does a one-armed handstand] Ha ha!
Kronk: But what does that have to do with me?
Angel: No, no -- he's got a point.

Have you ever seen the movie, "Emperor's New Groove"?  I must admit, it's a favorite of mine.

And Kronk? He's my hero. 

I have conversations like the one above frequently with my shoulder angel. If you don't have one I would highly encourage you to apply for one. 

The application fee is $50, payable to Serene.  

Anyway, my conversations are usually about blogging. Should I blog it? Or should I NOT blog it?

I'm thinking my shoulder devil won again because in the name of keeping things real, here I go.


Oh ya, today was the day! I'm on top of it all! I'm in control! I'm Super Mom!

I like to think of myself as on over-all careful person. And despite the many exquisite messes I have posted on here, I do watch over my children with care. 

I confidently placed my small pot of water on the back burner. After turning the heat up to high, I walked away from the stove to change over the laundry. After all, it does take a few minutes for water to start boiling.

As I started to walk back to the kitchen, I heard a loud explosion. 

Wondering what in the world was left out that the kids had just destroyed, I ran the few remaining steps to the kitchen.

To my relief, no kids were in sight. But to my utter dismay, there on my stove top, exploded into a gazillion little shards of glass, sat what was remaining of my casserole dish.

Yup, you guessed it. I had accidentally turned on the wrong burner. 

The corner of the cool glass dish that held last night's leftover's had been resting peacefully on the wrong burner that I had only moments before, turned to high heat.


Glass EVERYWHERE! Shot into the living room, over into the dining room, under the stove, covering my counter tops... it was a real mess.

And in that moment I had a flash-back to many years ago. 

My friend Sara Lyn and I were hungry. I have no idea what time of night it was but I pulled out a casserole dish FULL of my favorite chicken my mom had made earlier that day.

Thinking I was a complete genius, I purposely placed it on a burner and turned it on, confident it was going to be an easy way to warm up the chicken.

You should have seen it. 

I went to move the pan a little and when I did, right then and there with me and my poor friend standing nearby, the pan exploded, spewing glass and chicken EVERYWHERE.

It took forever to clean up. And a lot of courage to tell my mom I just exploded a perfectly good pan of chicken.

I'm starting to think it takes real talent to be able to blow up more than one glass dish. Should I add it to my resume?

And now, there I was, looking over my de ja' vue. 

You've never seen a mommy's mad cleaning skills until you see her clean something up in a hurry that might hurt her kids. Even I was impressed with how quickly I could sweep the floor five times, vacuum the living room and the kitchen, wipe down all the counters and mop the floor.

Without ever cutting myself.

Oh ya, mad skills.

Now my house smells like burnt... something. And as I sit here writing about it, I can honestly say, so does my hair.

So much for being on top of things.

And right now, it's snowing.

Oh ya, the rest of spring break is going to be awesome.

I can tell. 
This message is brought to you by the "Someone Will Always Be Dumber Than You Foundation" where we pride ourselves on making you feel better about yourself.

27 super cool people speak:

Braden said...

Yeah! I'm first. Ok, I am really sorry to hear about this. I was thinking that, if I remember correctly, your kids didn't get too much into that dish, so while it's really a pain, at least it wasn't leftovers that they were super fond of, right? I mean, it could have been worse?

Go, super mom!

Wonder Woman said...

I was gonna say the same thing (almost) as Braden -- at least one kid wasn't crazy about dinner last night. Maybe she sneaked into the kitchen and switched the burner you turned on. Or maybe it's just cosmic forces working in her behalf.

I can SO see this happening to me. I turn on the wrong burner all the time. I'll be extra careful now.

p.s. on Sunday we were talking about opposition in all things and what not. Something the teacher said made me think of shoulder angels and I started giggling. I got a look from the teacher. (Happened to be Superman.)

I heart Kronk.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! you guys are too funny. Maybe THAT"S the real reason why there weren't any kids in the kitchen! They were hiding expectantly.

So I just pulled out a bag of bread from the fridge that had been sitting on the counter during the explosion.

There was a bunch of glass melted to it.

Don't know how I managed to miss that one!

Stephanie Faris said...

I had no idea a casserole dish could blow up like that. That's scary stuff. But I've DEFINITELY turned on the wrong stove burner, many, MANY times before. I'm glad you made it through without injury!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Aw, Serene!!!!

The ONLY reason why this hasn't happened to me yet is because I have a gas stove top!

Also, because last night we ate grapes and fish sticks for FHE and I called it dinner! Are you still amazed??? :)

Sarah loves it all said...

I'm so glad you shared. I do stuff like this ALL THE TIME! Well maybe not exploding glass, but one time I dropped a 6 lb. container of mustard on the kitchen floor and mustard spewed into all regions of my home. I'm still finding dried mustard stains on areas of the furniture. Sometimes I just lick it off. Just kidding. Maybe.

Kim Coates said...

Kronk is a favorite of mine two. I think everyone needs a Kronk in there lives. Especially one who loves to cook.

So glad no one got hurt when it exploded. I think your shoulder angel must have made you leave the kitchen, for just long enough to avoid catastrophe.

Valerie said...

I love The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk is the best! :)

Sorry about that scary mess! I'm always paranoid after something like that because I seem to find pieces of glass days later. Glad no one was hurt!

Garden of Egan said...

Ok, I'm truly in awe here! You managed to do this totally awesome massive glass explosion not once...but twice. And you actually admit this by blogging about it.
You truly are supermom.

Where do I send the check to the "someone will always be dumber than you foundation".
I think this is truly a public service program I could believe in.

Now I need to leave cuz I feel so much better about myself.
Oh, and Emperor's New Groove is my absolute favorite. I don't pass a Llama grazing in a field that I don't slap myself and scream "Llama Face!"

OK, seriously, I totally love your posts.

Sara Lyn said...

Too funny! I saw the picture and thought, "Hmm... This sounds familiar. I seem to remember..." And then you mentioned it. Yay! Good times.

One Cluttered Brain said...

So I had this really cool comment all typed up and what happened? Blogger ERROR.

i HATE blogger errors.

Anyway, SAME thing happen to me a couple of years ago.
Only mine was lasagna.
I put my HOT steaming lasagna on top of the stove, AND BLAST!

Glass everywhere.
lasagna ruined. Had to run for pizza. Perfectly good lasagna ruined.


It is our Spring break too.
No glass splatters yet.

But i did have a small oven fire.
Burnt stuff on oven caught a smalls fire today at lunch. Time to clean my oven.

No pictures. camera was too far away.

I am looking forward to meeting you at Casual Blogger Conference! You seem so AWESOME!!!!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Psst. Small shout out to you today on my blog.
You make me laugh.
And inspired me to write an article.

I thank you MUCH.

So, you have been LINKED.

Well, linky love anyway.

Hope you get lots more followers! You are also the FIRST one to welcome NEW people to MMB.
Faster than me.

You quick one.
one day i will beat you.


Talk to you later.
Awesome blog title by the way.

Linda said...

Oh Serene, Serene, Serene. That is how I ruined my favorite Pampered Chef pizza stone. Split right in half on the burner. And a coipleof weeks ago I caught my scarf on fire, while it was still around my neck, on the gas stove. Yep. I am genius too. And Kronk is also one of my Herod. Great movie.

P. S. I OWN the book Porn for Women. It is a favorite of mine and my SIL!

Saimi said...

It's not often I'm without something to say, but right now, I'm speechless.

Although if were are bearing confessions, I burned some cream corn in a pan before while I turned my attention to the boys.

Everything was burnt, black and smelly, I just threw the pot away.

Does creamcorn even exist anymore?

Living the Scream said...

I did sort of the same thing once I wanted to broil somthing in my oven and I used a glass dish! it shattered everywhere as well!! but if we did not have things like tat happen then we could'nt laugh about them later!

Rebecca said...

LOL that is a first. I've never heard of the exploding dinner dish. Well hope you are not offended that I'm still laughing... mostly b/c I don't know what I would have done had it been in my oven etc.
Happy Tuesday, stopping by from SITS

Garvin Smith said...

This kind of reminds me of the time I came home from high school and wanted some popcorn. I put the oil in the pan, put the lid on, turned the burner on high, and went to watch TV while the oil heated up. After getting engrossed in the TV show for probably 15 - 20 minutes, I remembered the popcorn. I took of the lid from the smoking pan and the oil burst into flames, scorching the ceiling. Being some fifteen years old and, oh so wise, I stuck the flaming pan of oil under the faucet to put out the fire. The flames shot even higher scorching the other side of the kitchen ceiling. I then ran outside and dumped the burning oil into the driveway, and spent the rest of the afternoon scrubbing the kitchen walls and ceiling. My dad never said anything. I wonder if he ever knew?

Sue said...

I hope the Foundation will accept my sincere thanks. I feel MUCH better about myself already! (And I needed that...)



Anne said...

First of all- I love that movie. It's awesome.
Second- I've done that too, but with a ceramic plate. Glad no one got hurt!

Heidi said...

I am so glad the kids weren't around!

It's funny to remember the many mistakes we made as children (all of the things we kids broke in our homes...), but I think it's even funnier when we do them as adults--as long as no one is hurt.

Kronk is a favorite of mine, too. Why just the other day I was singing my own theme music, inspired by him.

Charlotte said...

I could be a member of the foundation, too. My worst was not realizing you needed to release the pressure in a pressure cooker before trying to open the lid. Got potatoes on every surface of my parent's kitchen.

We could also start the "Causing unpleasant explosions in kitchen's foundation."

P.S. I love Kronk, too.

the Gardners said...

That is my worst fear! Hey, I have a toilet paper tube activity for you...if you haven't already done it! said...

omg Scarey.
Glad everyone stayed safe

Emily C said...

I did this the night before we were leaving for a trip. I was trying to make hard rolls (per hubs' request) for sandwiches in the car.

To get a good crust, you want steam, but I was afraid to throw cold water on my electric heating element in the oven. So instead, I pre-heated a glass dish and threw cold water in it.

DON'T EVER DO IT. I was SO ANNOYED that I was now out an 8x8 pan, AND had a big mess to clean up 10 hours before departure.

The Tanners said...

I didn't know that happened! Thanks for the warning! Wow! Way to clean it up so fast! And don't worry, we ALL do stuff like that!

Krajcimama said...

Stopping by for the first time from SITS - your comment today caught my eye so I thought I'd venture over...glad I did!

I've turned the wrong burner on before - never had explosions but have melted quite a few things...including my Chillzanne veggie tray from Pampered Chef, that stuff ain't cheap!

I've also become increasingly perplexed as to why water I put on to boil an hour ago still hasn't started to boil...yep, forgot to turn the darn burner on!

It's those days I turn around and walk out of the kitchen with the phone in my hand and the pizza place on speed-dial!

KC Mom said...

Uggg! I've only done that once..never again!
Stopped by from MMB!

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