March 15, 2010

Pass the Buck

I made chocolate chip cookies last night.

The fact that they are almost gone is beside the point here.

The bowl that the cookie dough was mixed in, sat unwashed on the kitchen counter.

Upon entering the kitchen, I find two little monkeys (aka boys) doing their best to scrap and lick up any remaining bits of cookie dough from the sides.

There was also cookie dough streaks all over the counter, mini finger size of course.

As soon as they saw me, they threw the bowl aside and shouted, "Can I have a cookie?"

Me: "No, because you made a big mess all over my clean counter."

Joseph: "I didn't do it! Jacob did!"

Jacob: "I did not! Daddy did!"

Joseph: "No, Daddy's not here!"

Jacob: "Well, mommy did it!" 

Me: "Haha, no I didn't!"

Jacob: "Yes huh! Layna did it!"

We're all about accepting responsibility around here.

12 super cool people speak:

Anonymous said...

haha! your mistake was leaving the bowl with the remains of cookie dough in the sink! If you were addicted to sugar, I mean, smart, like me, there would be NO remains of cookie dough in the bowl, it would have already been licked clean!

Linda said...

That is the only reason to have siblings. And a husband!

Patty Ann said...

This sounds just like my house! and, by the way, it doesn't change just because they get older!!! somebody, anybody, everybody and nobody are alive and well and living in my house!!!

MindyannaJ said... I need to eat some cookie dough... :) (PS you should totally try digital scrapbooking if you haven't yet. I think you'd love it! It's so much faster too!)

Living the Scream said...

my girls just did the same thing with Lucky charms! so funny. that is easier to clean than cookie dough though.

Rachel Sue said...

Nobody does a whole lot around here. And everybody gets punished for his misdeeds.

I'm such a mean mommy!

Garden of Egan said...

Well, you sound like the best mom to teach your children responsibility and all that.
Yup, I think you should write a book about responsible parenting!
Hilarious by the way.

the fowlers said...

just wait until they get older. it took years to find out who ate all my christmas candy (i couldn't eat while my jaw was wired shut. so i had hidden it). then you'll end up at a kitchen table interrogation for hours!

i like that they blame the parents before the sister.

the fowlers said...

oh, and i edited my post because of your question! kind of a big thing to forget, right?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

The words cookie dough are breaking down my resolve!!! :) Must...resist...

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

LOL. That's too funny.

Charlotte said...

I have yet to tell them the crumbs and/or dirty faces and hands give them away, I'd like them to think I have magical deduction skills as long as possible. "I know who did it and am giving you a chance to confess before I give you a double punishment" then works like a charm.

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