March 22, 2010

Mission Yellow Sun - Status: Complete

She ran for her room.

Panic was setting in, her breathing was shallow and constricted, her eyes wild and crazed with fear and betrayal!

Dashing through the entrance she quickly closed the door, glancing around the room to make sure she was alone. She crept softly to her computer and started tapping on the keys with ferocious speed.

Dear Sunshine, 

AAAAHHHHHHH! Where the heck did you go?! 

Don't leeeaaavvvveee!!!!!! How could you DO THIS TO ME!! 

It was a cruel, cruel joke to come along, shining forth in all your happiness and glory for a meager couple of days, only to snatch away your warmth and sunshine, leaving in a hurry like some convict in fear of a female police officer. 

You've trapped me in the house with four incredibly grumpy kids who just want to play outside on their bikes and jump on the trampoline!

Have you no shame? How dare you. How dare you!

You are messing with the mental stability of my family!

Savannah keeps asking to get her ears pierced. I wasn't prepared for this!

Joseph had been walking around with this purse casually slung over his shoulder.

Jacob is like a broken record, permanently stuck on screech mode!

And Alayna? Alayna thinks she needs a bra already!

I blame you for this. Next time you show your yellow face, it better be to stay.

Or else.... something... something very bad will... happen. Err... yea! Yea that's right! Something very bad!

Disappointed in you,

Sitting back with a huge sigh of relief to have completed her mission, she put on a big smile, opened the door and bravely stepped forth to meet the firing squad, refusing the blindfold as a sign of her bravery.

13 super cool people speak:

Hil said...

SERIOUSLY, where did the sun go??? RUDE.

Thanks for the laugh on this gloomy day.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, bring back the sun! Love this post!

Heidi said...

My family had an ear piercing rule: not allowed until 18 or out of the house. I always knew it's because my dad finds the concept disgusting (I'm on his side). But maybe it was also because my parents didn't want to deal with hearing me and my sister ask for it. There were so many girls in Kindergarten and 1st grade getting their ears pierced, but it never phased me because I knew I had 13 more years to go.

The purse? I like that. It matches his eyes.

Sarah loves it all said...

Love it Serene! You're blog is the best way to perk up any day. Oh and as for the decorating sign up sheet...remember your post on MMB about your house and furniture? I really respected that. It made me reflect on what I buy for my house that I may not need.

the fowlers said...

don't worry, spring tricked us all. i tried to take the baby for a walk and there were a couple of snowflakes. snowflakes! in the south! come ON!

Mona said...

Okay - this is really going to depress you. The sun is totally raining down in Washington state today. Real sun. We don't quite know what to do.

Anonymous said...

yep. Some kind of cruel, cruel joke to taunt us, making us think it's spring time and the sun is here to stay. then oh, so cruelly, it's gone. I hear you...maybe not quite as well and normal as my 4 kids try to kill each other, but I hear you!

And the bra? Oh boy. My 5 year old keeps asking when she'll be able to wear one....oh boy! if she's anything like me...the booby fairy will not be stopping at our house!

Linda said...

I will not tell you about all the crazy sun we have here. And about how my kids have been riding bikes and playing on the trampoline. And how I had to turn the air conditioner on in the car today. I won't tell you because that would just be rude.

BTW... I accidently wore my bra inside out out all day long yesterday. Soooo not the same effect as wearing two bras. In case you were wondering.

Amber said...

Mr. Sun is trying to trick us. Meanie head.

Mama Smith said...

Hmmmm...I had to check this see if the SUN was going to come up without protest...Seems...there is a little mix up...There are dark clouds where the sun is suppose to be...and "clear" skies out a different set of windows...on the other side of the house...You'd think the CLOUDS would get it right...When the sun is trying to pop it's little head in the morning...the CLOUDS need to MOVE over to the OTHER SIDE of the valley...then, move back over to where they were...when the SUN is moving to the other side of our that the sun can shine through those windows...I am making sense, aren't I???? Anyway, the CLOUDS should know better, don't you think?

Charlotte said...

I hear you. We had a week of bliss and are really unhappy stuck in the house today with rain. That sun is a cruel tease.

Sue said...



(I'm entirely too thoughtful to mention the lovely weather we've been having here in Northern California.)

Rachel Sue said...

Totally know how you feel. . .

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