March 11, 2010

There's nothing like having a five year old tell you...

So, I meant to write this up this morning but I made the mistake of starting a new book. 

I just finished it. The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. I loved it. Definitely a girl's book.
I really need to work on my pacing when it comes to reading. Its a terrible weakness of mine!

Its a close runner up to chocolate.

And I uh... I read a whole book yesterday too...*cough*

Okay, so what was I going to write? Oh yes.

There's nothing like having a five year old tell you, "I'm right and you're wrong!"

Yesterday morning, Savannah woke up and informed me it was Crazy Hair Day at school.

I told her it wasn't because I never got a notice for it. She kept in insisting that it was and I kept insisting that it wasn't! Finally among the tears that had started to flow down her distraught little face, I said in exasperation, "Fine! I'll call the school and ask."

Reaching into the drawer I pulled out a newsletter that had been sent home on Friday in hopes that it would have the school's phone number handy.

As I flipped though the pages, my eyes fell upon this:

School Spirit Week

Each day this week they are doing something different. Sure enough, Wednesday was crazy hair day.

Oh nuts.

She had already missed out on participating on Monday and Tuesday, and I felt like a fat slice of moldy cheese.

Turning to Savannah, I apologized and told her she was right.

Drying her eyes, she puffed up her little chest and with just a hint of sass said, "See? I'm right and you're wrong!"

I then flashed forward ten years and saw us having this exact same conversation.

So, with only a few minutes left before the bus came, I did what I could for crazy hair day.


I just made a bunch of bear ears on her head an looped a ribbon thought them. She thought is was pretty cool and I was instantly forgiven.


Today was 'dress like a book character'.

We went for "Fancy Nancy". These are the cutest books ever and we both just love them. I would highly recommend them to anyone with girls!


My neighbor was nice enough to let Savannah borrow this super cute red skirt! It was perfect. Savannah was in heaven! 

I guess from now on I better be a little more careful about assuming that I'm right. Chances are, I'm probably wrong.


11 super cool people speak:

Jackie said...

Yet another reason why, in my mind, girls are harder than boys. And mine is only 3.5 months!

Linda said...

It is Reading Week at our school and that got to do something everyday. They boys love it. It drives me to drink. I sent my husband to WalMart last night at 9 to search for colored hair gel for Crazy Day today. He came home with finger paints. Sigh.

It takes a big girl to admit she is wrong. Get used to it!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Yeah, unfortunately they are almost always right... can't wait to see what tomorrow is! Luv the red skirt for Fancy Nancy!

Heidi said...

Bear ears--is that what those are called?

She is a cute Fancy Nancy. I think we should have a dress like a book character for work. At least once a month. Too many characters I would love to be for a day.

So, which did you like more: Princess Academy or Goose Girl? And have you read Hale's Book of a Thousand Days? (It's my favorite of hers.) It's a one-day read, too. I know too many of those if you want to enjoy that guilty pleasure!

Patty Ann said...

Love it, love it, love it! The Princess Academy was one of our favorite books! I read in the hall way ourside their bedroom door. It helps them to "sleep" I also love the Fancy Nancy books! Cute hair do! And, just so you know, you will be wrong until she is about 25 or so. Then it gets better!

Amber said...

Fancy Nancy books are awesome!!

I am so grateful that kids forgive easily.

P.S. Your daughter's hair was Fabulous!!

Garden of Egan said...

Now dangit she is cute! I love the crazy hair hair. You are talented.

So ya, flash forward 10 years...that oughta be fun.

About the bookaholic thing....I read the Twilight books in 3 embarassing.

OK my verification word is too funny:

hotfuz! Sorry that just cracks me up

Mama Smith said...

Sarah Serene comes by it naturally (when it comes to book reading)...My husband use to say..."Oh No!" "Deb has a book!!!...Looks like NOTHING is going to get done, today!!!" I, too, read the Twilight series in 3 days...I just considered it "vacation" time...Since, our vacations were "camp outs"...and not a cruise or some exotic glorious oasis somewhere...I was entitled to some "vacation" spot...where I could go and "relax" and "enjoy" some time in a different dimension....It was always hard to come back to "reality"...but, the stories usually stayed with me...for a day or I adjusted to "real life" once, again...(sigh)

By the way, talented daughter, you did NOT get your talent from ME...when it comes to being creative with HAIR...except the hair berets I use to make...(smile)

Darling pictures of Savannah...!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Love the messy hair do! When we had spirit week, *MY* Savanna didn't believe me that it was messy hair day and wouldn't let me do it. She told me later at school that she felt dumb that her hair wasn't messy so she ran to the bathroom and tangled it in knots. Nice! Moms know everything...when will kids get it? :)

Charlotte said...

I have a definite reading problem. Once I start I can never stop.

My kids prove me wrong almost daily and I think I've yet to make it on the 1st day of spirit week with my kids. Missed day one of Dr. Suess week, too.

Emmy said...

My three-year-old already says this to me. Even when she is wrong, she is sure she is right. I have no idea what I am in for...

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