March 29, 2010

Just barely overheard.

(Sorry if you're one of those people who hate it when bloggers post more than once in a day.)

Dinner was going to be ready in a few minutes.

I pulled Joseph (who just turned four) out of the pantry for the third time, telling him that dinner was almost ready and no matter how much he begged, I was not going to make macaroni and cheese for him.

Having a complete hunger meltdown, the following conversation took place. Remember, he has a lisp.

Joseph: *crying* Fine! I will be seventeen and I will die!

Me: Uh... why will you die?

Joseph: *sniffing* Because I will be sixteen and died and be around here!

Me: But why will you die?

Joseph: *exasperated* Because I will be seventeen!

By now he's looking at me like I've gone daft for not completely understanding.

Me: But why?

Joesph: No, peoples just put nails in Jesus and he died! And that wasn't very nice, huh. I don't want to be dead.

Okay then. I'm just going to blame it on the Primary teachers and their Easter lessons.

He then starts licking a head band that was sitting on the counter.

Joseph: *mischievous laughter* I will make this all slobbery! Heeheeheeheehee!

Me: Okay, that was gross. Well, dinner is ready!

Joseph: I don't like your food. It tastes disgusting!

Once everyone was seated I handed Savannah her plate. She then wrinkled up her nose and told me it smelled like throw-up.

See if I make Chicken Alfredo Lasagna ever again!

I guess now would be a really, really bad time to go into how rewarding motherhood can be....

8 super cool people speak:

Living the Scream said...

the ups and down of being a mom ha so funny

Garden of Egan said...

Oh. my. heck. You have the most entertaining kids. I swear I wish I were a fly on your wall.
So did Joseph eat your dinner or was it too vomity smelling? Hopefully he didn't listen to his sister and he ate thus alleviating his starvation.

Nothing like kids to make you feel like mother of the year.


dang them primary teachers.

The Damsel In DisDress said...

Tell Joseph your friend Damsel almost died of being 17.

I love him already. See, I have a Joseph too, and he was 4 only a couple of minutes ago it seems. Dang it, he just turned 11. Waaa!

Anonymous said...

that was funny! I love conversations with children, especially when you can't figure out what they are saying and you just have to nod and say, "uh, huh. yep. oh...ok."

Linda said...

He could have eaten with us. We had Mac and Cheese!

Wonder Woman said...

We had mac & cheese for dinner tonight. (1) Superman's out of town. (2) Spiderman's been begging for it for a week and we were out till today. (3) I accidentally forgot to feed him lunch and felt really guilty.

A little piece of me died when I was 17. I totally get it. ;o)

Amber said...

A perfectly logical explanation. Come on! : )

I really hate Mac and Cheese. I hope my kids don't like it or I will turn 27 and die. Just because. (27 because my kids will be old enough to ask questions like that.)

Heidi said...

And that's why I never serve people my food. :-)


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