March 13, 2010

A baby blessing, or a hooligan party?

Thank you all for your kind words about my dad. They really meant the world to me! You even managed to smear my mascara. My dad is going to read every last comment.

*sniff, wipe eyes* Okay.

So last Sunday, we went down to see little gal be blessed. The one there in Granny's arms. Lillie... Lilli... Lilly... oh dear, I'm a terrible Aunt! I can't remember how her name is spelled!

Don't worry Lill(y)(ie)(i)! I'll bring you some chocolate to suck on and we'll be the best of friends! Your mom will love me for it too! I just know it!

And this is her older brother, Trouble-Maker Nathan. Just kidding, he's just a big goof ball. A crack-up if you will. A hoot even. Just depends on what side of the country you're from.

Just in case you couldn't tell by the brown hair and the super-cheesy smile and pointy chin, that's me on the left, then my crazy sis Becka, and my single bro Abe.

Did I happen to mention he is single?

In case you are wondering how a stud like that could be single, well, allow me elaborate.

And Becka wonders why  I refer to her as my crazy sister. Hmm... not that this picture is any indication...

Err, I mean, *cough* I don't know to what you are referring. (as I take a sip of my drink with my pinky finger pointing out)

We are your perfectly normal, totally un-crazy family. See?

And then there is this daughter of mine who couldn't seem to peal herself away from this games.

She spent hours like this, seriously.

And Joseph did his best to wait patiently for his turn. I guess waiting on girls is something he ought to get use to.

*sigh* Okay, fine! Here's your dad-gum picture girls!

I received threats to my life, home, shoes, and chocolate if I did not post this picture.

So FINE Jackie, Becka, and Alisha! You happy now?

(ppssst.... I expect payment in full in small, un-marked bills)

And Alayna would like to add her two cents and tell you what she thinks about the matter.

I understood perfectly.

This next picture reflects personality so well!

*cough* Err... I mean, Luke was just looking up when the picture was snapped, really! 

Wait, who took this picture again? Becka?

Oh okay, never mind. I guess that was his real face at the time then. hehe

Just in case you are not one to see the obvious, we're sisters. Angel, there on the right, she's Lill(y)(ie)(i)'s mommy.

Yes, her name really is Angel.

The only girls Abe manages to get his arms around. Haha! That was a good one!... I think I better double bolt the door tonight.

In closing, Alayna would like to express her feelings and share some thoughts.

The end.

8 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

Very absolutely darling pictures! I love the one of the little one glued to the electronics!
Looks like you have a little too much fun together.
Did I mention how absolutely beautiful that baby is?

Patty Ann said...

Aren't families wonderful! Loved the pics and the post, the baby is beautiful!

Brittney said...

So are you saying Luke doesn't like pictures.. or are you saying he's usually grumpy? Looks like a fun get-together!

MommyJ said...

Families are funny. I would never call your family hooligans, but I'm absolutely certain I'm related to a bunch of crazy hooligans... when we are all together, oh man is life funny.

Great pictures. Your baby brother is adorable. I have a single sister in law... he live anywhere near DC?

Heidi said...

Fun times! But it looks like Alayna looks is losing her baby chubbiness!

GordoSafado said...

As to your statment about me only getting my arms around those girl...well, could you ask for better looking group of girls? I thought I did pretty good for myself =)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Brittany: Haha, he was a bit grumpy that day. He was ready to head home and I wanted to stay!

MommyJ: No, unfortunately not. But I have another single (29 year old) brother in Virginia!

Heidi: *sniff* I know!! Boo hoo.

Abe: That was not the come-back I was expecting! That was so sweet! Love you!

Rubber Ducky said...

Ahh savannah found a pixter. Those things are fun..... Well were fun... *cough* anyway.....

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