March 26, 2010

One of THOSE days.

Honestly, I can't belive I'm sitting here at 1:24AM writing on my blog.

Well, I mean I CAN believe it, it just seems morally wrong, you know? Because anyone with young kids would be out of their minds to be blogging at such an insane hour.

I guess that makes it official then. I've lost my mind.

If you happen to find it, please attach some chocolate and a hundred dollar bill before you send it back.

Thank you.

Since yesterday started an hour ago I suppose I should refer to it as such.

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. You know... THOSE days.

The day had barely begun when I just lost it at my two year old. Sure he was screaming and kicking, sure I didn't want him to wake the baby, but still! I was miffed. So much so that I actually sat back, completely stunned at myself. I really was too. Where had that come from?

Weird. I'm usually capable of a teeny bit more self-control. Geez, who's the adult around here anyway?

As the day continued on, and the weather became even more cold and wet than it already was, so did everyone's attitudes.

It will one day be said in heaven that I was strong. So very, very strong.

I did NOT give in to the over-powering urge to duck tape my children together, or to invest in muzzles, or to put a lock on the outside of their bedroom door, or to go sit in the corner and suck my thumb.

No indeed. I was strong.

I settled for a mattress sandwich trap instead.

Okay okay fine, not really! Their situation was completely self-inflicted.

I just left them there for a while.

Now where was I? Oh yes, emphasizing that fact that I was strong.

Well I was, at least right up until we finished with parent-teacher conference, (Savannah is doing awesome in school BTW) and unloaded the kids from the car.  That's when I flew the coop with screeching tires and burning rubber as I fled the house and made my way to a girl's night out.

It was just what I needed. Free pizza and fun company.

Upon my return (Okay, honestly, I don't know what is up with my weird writing language tonight. "upon my return"? Of course, it IS after one in the morning. I'm going to blame it on that) Luke informed me that Savannah had a little accident with Jacob's head and knocked out her other loose tooth.

Oh dang, I almost forgot, the tooth fairy! Errr... I mean.... I just KNEW there was a reason I am up so late!

Totally planned it this way. *cough* That's right. Absolutely.

And as much as I appreciated everyone's spectacular feedback for the tooth fairy HERE, I think I'll have to stick with the 50 cents, just divided up into more coins. Because right now, she's all about quantity, not quality.

They'll be plenty of time for that when she gets older and understands the true value of money.

Right after I give the tooth fairy directions to her pillow, I'm going to bed. Because in a few hours, I'm going to REALLY regret staying up this late.

13 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

Ya, why are you up so late? Oh, ya well, it's nearly 0200 and I'm sitting in front of this thing too...reading your post.
Wow, I'm gonna be tired tomorrow.

Oh, and about putting children between the's totally NOT a CPS offense. You should know that there are more effective ways of making the mattress technique more effective though......duct tape. Yup around the entire thing. More than once. Use the whole roll.
Yup....just sayin'

Love the pictures.

I should have had my camera more often when the kids were little....or not.

Heidi said...

I remember an incident involving me and my brother's head. Only it was my foot going into his mouth that knocked out the tooth...and it wasn't an accident. Hmmm....

My 6-year old nephew just gave my 4-year old nephew a dollar bill for his birthday. The giver thought it the most awesome present and the youngest thought it was even better. Something about paper verses coins, I suppose. But I still think inflation has made teeth way too costly for the tooth fairy and I think you've got it right with quantity than quality. Plus, later you can always quote Lucy from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" to explain that away.

I like the mattresses picture! :-)

Mrs. Clean Freak said...

Dont feel bad for blogging so late. i call that ME time! Especially when the babies are sleeping. those kidz are adorable btw.

Neat idea....between the mattresses huh? I like that.....its fine sometimez kidz can pluck a nerve but you right, its still about being strong and who is being the adult. I have to tell ma self that sometimes. Hang in there...I like the mother you are....having four kidz can't be easy but you make it look that way. I have 2 kidz and its u gud ma! Be Blessed! *smile*

Momza said...

Ahhh the awful forgetful tooth fairy!
She and I go way twenty years! What a lazy fairy she is...sometimes it'll take her a week to finally REMEMBER my yahoo's lost a tooth and WANTS the Money, honey!
Hope you got some rest.

Acting Balanced Mom said...

I hope you were able to get back to sleep okay! I blog in the middle of the night fairly regularly because I wake up to go pee and my brain starts working whether I want it to or not... but at least I had a few hours before I started...and I can usually head back to bed for a couple of hours before the alarm goes off...
glad you were able to stay up and make sure that tooth fairy came... she's a tricky one

Wonder Woman said...

Today is starting out as one of those days. Mostly because last night was one of those nights.

I suppose if my boys are abnormally well-behaved we'll be okay, but I have pretty low expectations where they're concerned.

Garden of Egan said...

Thanks for the comment on my post written in the wee hours of the morning....too.
Ya, I'm OK about the car being fixed. What I'm really happiest about is not having a car payment. I wasn't going to go down that road.

Sure love your blog. It always makes me laugh. I remember well the antics of my kids at those ages.

Courtney said...
This craft made me think of you, I thought you would enjoy it.

Linda said...

Hey I see room in that mattress sandwhich for a few more kids. I am sending them over. Okay?
Glad you got a girls night out. Now go take a nap.

Sue said...

I remember how much I needed those nights out with my girlfriends. Made me a much better mother.

(I also remember staying up reaaallly late just because my kids were in bed and I could actually think straight.)

And this was a pretty straight-thinking post!


Amber said...

I recently (like last week) had my FB status read something like "why do I stay up so late? I know I'll be tired! Help! Cure me!" Needless to say, I am not cured. I know that I will regret staying up late, but I need some time when I am completely alone. Most of the time that comes at 1 am. Sigh.

Saimi said...

Love the post, and the mattress sandwich! My kids are all grown adults, but the preschoolers sure can test a nerve, and this is why we keep a secret chocolate drawer. It gets us through the day! :)

Hang in there!!

Charlotte said...

I try to keep strong, but I do keep duct tape handy in case I loose it someday.

I'll make sure to keep a mattress trap ready from now on, too.

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