March 6, 2010

I get another wrinkle.

"As soon as he gets home, I'm going to kill him!"

Such was my manner of speaking while on the phone with my mom as I was waiting for Luke to come home.

The contractions had been coming about ten minutes apart and this being my second baby, but the first time having gone into labor myself, I had no idea what real back-labor was like or was "posterior" positioned babies meant.

It was a Sunday morning and the contractions in my back were getting bad enough I couldn't stand up anymore. Luke decided we should stay home but he wanted to drop off our tithing to the Bishop and come right back. As soon as he walked out the door, my contractions started coming hard every three minutes.

45 minutes later, I was ready to strangle him! No, seriously, I really was. The church was only a two minute drive away.

I was sobbing, doubled over in pain and we raced to the hospital.

Yes, Joseph's birth-story is filled with nurses running out with wheelchairs upon seeing that I could barely walk through the doors, old-school doctors with very large hands, *shudder* and epidurals that didn't work properly come pushing time.

Once they explained that Joseph was facing up towards the ceiling instead of down towards the ground, they explained the back labor and why pushing was so dang hard and painful! They had to turn him as I pushed.

I don't know how long I did, but I remember having the desire to kick that big doctor in the face every time he told me to push again.

Once Joseph finally made his grand appearance, I was sure they were going to tell me he weighed at least ten pounds.

"6 pounds 2 ounces!"

Seriously? All the work, for six pounds? He was my smallest baby to date and the only one born without a big head of hair.

But he grew into a chunky baby plenty fast and from there into a mischievous little toddler.

And now, he is four years old!

Okay, so Spiderman is only his second favorite character but it would appear that Batman is soooo last season since I couldn't find him anywhere. But Joseph was quite happy and super excited to have Spiderman adorn our kitchen.

And since I would NEVER be ghetto enough to wrap birthday presents in Christmas paper and plastic sacks... err... that wasn't me who did that... okay, maybe it was, but I would never actually admit to that on a blog!

But the cupcakes were pretty cool. I wanted red frosting but I hate the way it tastes after adding all that food coloring so I just bought red sprinkles and dipped the tops in it. Wal-la! Red cupcakes!

We kept it simple. I've decided that for me its not worth it to throw a huge bash before they turn five. They're never going to remember it anyway and this young they just get so excited about the little things. So we invited a couple of Joseph's friends over for cake and ice cream.

And opened presents.

This next picture IS THE BEST! This is Savannah's present to him. She even wrapped it herself!


What you see before you is a hat made by Grandma for Savannah when she was a little toddler. Haha! But he thought it was cool anyway. I love it!

New Spidey hat he saw at the store a couple weeks ago and has been asking for it ever since.

Once everyone went home, we got ready for bed and played a game with the new toys.

We even had cheerleader!


And then it was time for bed, goodnight!


Happy birthday buddy! I love you tons!

 And now, I must go finish packing. We're headed down to Provo for a baby blessing! Have a great weekend!

11 super cool people speak:

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Aw... what a sweetie - Happy Birthday and hope your trip goes well!

Michelle said...

Looks like a fun party! Happy Birthday Joseph!

I ran out of red food coloring the other day and tried mixing jello powder in for the color. I was surprised how yummy and bright it was...just a though for next time... :O)

Heidi said...

How weird--I was reading your birth story while David Copperfield was on--right when the mother was having her baby.

My parents also didn't believe in parties for the kids...until we were a LOT older. And even then, she figured her own 8 kids were enough to have a "party." So yeah, no birthday parties. I was so deprived! :-)

It looks like it was a fun time. I love your kids!

Patty Ann said...

Love it! Your spidey is a cutie! I love the cupcakes and the christmas wrapping. It is so comforting to know that I am not the only mom that does that! I don't do parties though. I always figured we had enough kids for a football team anyway and we make a party all by ourselves! Have a wonderful weekend!

Suze said...

Awww...that was so cute.

I laughed out loud when I saw the presents wrapped in Christmas wrap and grocery bag. I have been guilty SO many times of doing that. But would a Christmas present ever be wrapped in anything other than Christmas wrap? Heck No!

Happy Birthday to your little man.

Stacy said...

So cute- looks like a fun party!

My second happened so quick that she was born on the freeway on the way to the hospital... I thought ssomething like that was going to happen to you!

Wonder Woman said...

Where in Provo are you?! I might make a trip up just to meet you in person and give you a squeeze!

happy birthday to your little man! He'd get along well with my guys -- they adore Spiderman and Batman both.

Linda said...

Tooooo cute. Yes didn't you get the memo that Batman was so last year. My fist baby was also posterior. Yes love that feeling of the baby coming out the spine! And that is so like a man to take 45 mins for a 10 min trip. With my 4th baby my hubby actually stopped by his school to drop things off on the way to the hospital. I was at a 7 when we got there! I am still mad at him about that too. (yes, boys from Henderson are totally rude!)

Anonymous said...

Awesome MOM!!! At least you are ON time with a party...not 5 months after a 1st birthday...trying to pretend she doesn't look a day over 1...OOPS...maybe she will forgive me one day for that.

He didn't mind the wrapping either did he? My boys just wrapped 2 presents in Christmas paper...wiped out 2 rolls of tape...then reached to finish off with DUCK TAPE! Hahahaha

:D Maria

Charlotte said...

My first baby was posterior, too. Hours of labor on my hands and knees and she still came out sideways. Lucky me.

For the first year after we moved I gave all the kids their presents wrapped in the moving paper I'd saved from the boxes. I'm a super mom that way.

I would have killed my husband if he'd run an errand while I was in labor. Especially if he took that long! What, pray tell, held him up?

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

It was fast Sunday and he decided he would stay for the Bishop's testimony who ended up speaking for most of Sacrament!

Yea, he's lucky he's still alive!

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