January 3, 2009

Its a New Year?

Yea, I know. I'm been a major slacker on my blog lately. Its just that I have been so, so busy... oh wait. 
Actually, I've just been so, so lazy. You gotta cut a beached whale some slack now! Or maybe I'm a penguin. I'm getting the waddling thing down, and I do live in frozen tundra land so... I think penguin is more appropriate than beached whale. 
Truthfully, my every waking thought is dominated by thoughts of when is this baby coming? And, how can we re-organize and squeeze more space out of this apartment?
So, yes indeed, my blog has suffered the consequences.

Well, let's see. How was every one's New Year? Mine was, well, different. While most of you were out partying (don't deny it, I know you were) or spending time with family, I was home, alone, with the boys. Luke abandoned me New Year's Eve to go see his brothers to go on a snowmobile ride back in Wyoming. He took Savannah with him. Not on the ride of course, just to his parents house.
So, I threw myself a pity party!! Yea! I bought myself some sparkling cider and key lime pie! What? No chocolate!? 
I know I know. But with it being New Year and all, I thought I would do something a bit different. Besides, key lime pie is the only pie in the world that I like. Well, unless it was something chocolate of course. 
It was yummy. I didn't save any cider for Luke, sorry man. But, I couldn't eat the whole pie before he got back so, he got to have some of that.
Well, at least the boys enjoyed their New Year treats! Ha ha! Bet you can't guess what they're eating!

2 super cool people speak:

Sarah said...

I was home alone with my kids on NYE too. Boo. Hiss.

I saw this and thought of you - how you're wanting to dedicate yourself to your children, but you're driven to create the art you're so talented at. http://whodoesshethinksheis.net/

It looks really interesting.

Mama Smith said...

Hey...I was HOME ALONE...ALONE...ALONE...Hyrum was at a YOUTH Party...Garvin and Abraham went to Eustis to COOK at MIDNIGHT for the Leesburg YOUTH DANCE...while I stayed HOME...to be there when HYRUM came home...You see...he just got his license on HIS BIRTHDAY, as you know, and I wanted to make sure he got home SAFE, since the party ended at 1:00 in the MORNING and it was his FIRST DAY DRIVING WITH ME...!!! I was UP...reading...ALONE...Hmmm...Wasn't really a bad evening...(smile)

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