December 30, 2008

Call Me Crazy!

Okay, maybe not. Its just slightly awkward.

Story One:

At church on Sunday, I was in the hall taking care of Primary business (I just got released by the way) when I strike up a conversation with a couple of people from the ward.
Brother W. turns to me and asks, "Now when are you due again?" 
To which I reply,"January 24th. When is your wife due?"
He answers, "On the 20th. Now, this is your second right?"
I smile. This is his second baby so, maybe he just thought it was mine also. Oh well, might as well drop the bomb and see what happens.
"No, this is my fourth actually."
His reaction did not surprise me one bit. As his eyes bulged out of his head he says, "Are you serious?"
At this point, Sister H. points out to Brother W., "Well, she had all of hers close together." 
I couldn't help myself. I indignantly replied, "Savannah's four years old!"
At this point, Brother W., who is by nature rather loud and boisterous, looks me full in the face and says, "You're crazy!" I mean, I would love to have a big family, but my wife couldn't do it. But, wow, YOU ARE CRAZY!"
The sweet things people say. Oh well, just smile and nod, smile and nod....

Story Two:

A family trip to Walmart on Saturday for necessities started to get a little out of control. Kids, they want to be independent or something! Sheesh, don't they know this is a dictatorship, not a democracy? LOL
Anyway, at the checkout line, I am in the front, unloading while Luke is in the back of the line dealing with the grumpy kidlets. The cashier starts.  "Wow, are they all yours?"
Smiling I rely, "Yes, yes they are."
She looks at them again and with a touch of awe says, "Wow, you are so brave, you must be supermom!
I wanted to tell her just how far from the truth that is. Just because I had these kids close together doesn't mean its easy or anything.
But then she catches a glimpse of my stomach. "And you're expecting another one? Oh wow!"
I really don't remember what else she said but she went on for a little while. 

Maybe when the kids get a little older it won't be such a shock factor to people. Perhaps its just the lump of little bodies that throw people off?
Is it bad to admit that sometimes, all these things that people say to me sometimes makes me feel a bit.. abnormal?
I think I'm going to make a shirt that says, "Yes, they're all mine, so don't ask!" LOL

If you ever get tired of me telling these stories, just say so. I won't promise that I'll stop, but I'll be more careful about how much I tell.  =)

9 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

I love the stories! And, no, I don't think it will stop when they get older. My parents were frequently asked if we were all theirs. Especially since Mom looked like she was still in her 20s and never had a pregnant day in her life. And I can't even count how many times people would drive by our van, get these shocked looks on their faces, and start counting just how MANY there were in the vehicle. I think they thought we were some special organization...of course, in my family, "special" probably should have been painted on the side of the van!

Kira said...

You are abnormal. I'm older than you, my kids are farther apart and I get the looks, comments and cold shoulders all the time. I'll print us both a shirt.

Marvin and Brenda Henry said...

I love the stories! Keep them coming!!! =)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Thanks guys. And Kira, I think matching shirts would be awesome! =)

Kim said...

I'm happy to see you had a GREAT Christmas, too! I loved how you ALL slept in:-) I remember as a kid getting up SO early and having to wait till my parents got up so that we ALL could go out at the same time.
You gotta love the nesting phase of pregnancy! I hope it all works out for you space-wise. I remembered a while back about you saying something about getting into a home? Will you buy one in Idaho Falls? You'll have to let me know:-) I'm sure you way excited for the extra space one day...I know I am (and I only have one kid right now)!
And I also LOVE your stories...your a wonderful writer and they always make me laugh!

Brittney said...

haha... I'm starting to realize this is quite the regular thing for you... like every time you go out in public. It's just the nature of how people are. It's nice to make conversation, and the most obvious things are the easiest to talk about. I have no kids, so probably the cashier is bored when I come through the line.

I know you get sick of hearing the comments on how crazy you are, but every time you hear it, you should just pat yourself on the back and think of it like a compliment because they are basically saying, "You are a better person than I!!"

Mama Smith said...

All you have to say is...that "It is a FAMILY TRADITION"...and that you didn't want to miss out on all the not participating in this tradtion!!!! (smile)

hjsmith said...

Hey Sarah I love you stories you know that. Hey if ever you get a shirt made let me know I will get one too....if anyone knows others comments and looks that would be me aswell.....the joys and fun and everything else that goes with it(: Hope you are doing great and the kidlets(: too...that includes the biggest kid(: teh one you married(:. talk to you soon(:

Garvin Smith said...

Know this: You are doing what is right. God said "Multiply and replenish . . ." not "Add one or two." I'm not condeming those who only have one or two, but we know that to curtail the birth of children is not right in teh sight of God. Trust me, they will slow down and quit coming when it is time.

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