January 12, 2009

You Can't Win Them All

Yes, I'm still pregnant. But we won't go into that right now, its just too depressing. 

Do you ever notice how you get into the habit of sitting in the same seat, or at least pretty close to the same seat every Sunday in Sacrament meeting? And the same people tend to sit near you? At least I know the people who sit in front of and behind us don't really mind the ruckus we make otherwise they would move, or at least, I would assume so. 
I always figure it was the people who get bored in Sacrament who sit by us just so they can have some entertainment.
Since we have Sacrament last in our ward, people tend to "save seats" so they can sit where they want and aren't forced to sit in the hard chairs that are set up back in the gym. Yes, I confess, we do it too. We ended up back in those chairs once and it was a nightmare with the kids, so yes, I have stooped to saving seats.
Well, yesterday, all the benches where we usually sit were already strewn with coats and books and bags, so, I saved a seat on the other side of the chapel. You never know who you are going to end up sitting by once you change up your routine.
We ended up sitting in front of an elderly couple, quite elderly in fact. That always makes me a bit nervous, you never know if they are going to love watching you struggle with your kids or hate it. We lucked out and they were quite friendly.
With Luke preoccupied with Joseph, and I was busy with Savannah, Jacob was between us just doing his own thing, most of which I caught out of the corner of my eye.
Jacob is standing on the bench turned around, watching everyone sitting behind us. He decides to be friendly and with his chubby little fingers, he bends over the back of the seat and starts "shooting" this poor little couple while trying to tap their knees.
The guilt must have got to him because he next takes a pretzel, puts it in his mouth for just a moment then gets a better idea! He takes it out and offers it as a peace offering to the woman. At first she tries to refuse it but Jacob is most insistent so she accepts before I could intercept! Next he offers one to the man, who also accepts, then Jacob drops on on the ground in front of them. The elderly gentleman uses his foot to scoot the pretzel within reach picks it up, then hands all three pretzels back to Jacob, who promptly shoves them all into his mouth.
And I'm sure all parents know what is coming next. A full mouth always seems to trigger... a cough! That's right. I just thank my lucky stars that Jacob had turned around at that moment. So, at least I caught most of the blow, and not that poor couple sitting behind us. Not that anyone enjoys being spewed on but, better me than them. I'll spare you the gorey details.
Ick, no matter how hard you try, you just can win them all.

4 super cool people speak:

Sarah said...

Hey, Serene - just came across this blog.


I haven't looked over it too carefully, but thought that if you had any sleepless nights when you're bored on the internet, it might be interesting to look at. Like I said, I haven't looked over it too awfully much.

Brittney said...

I'm impressed she took the slobbery pretzel! I have to say I draw the line at taking other people's kids' slobbery food.

John and Jami West said...

Your posts are like the highlight of my day Serene! I love how you write them. What a fun experience in church. I remember being that kid with my poor mom and dad and 5 of us. Only we would fart and then yell out "DAD!!" really loud during a prayer in sacrament. I know.. gross!

Mama Smith said...

One of my fond memories of when you were all small...was JOSHUA...In those days, I only wanted "glass" bottles to put his milk in...(He was my FIRST, afterall)One sacrament meeting, he decided to throw his bottle over the HEADS of those in front of us...landing in FRONT of them...SHATTERING the "bottle of orange juice" all over the chapel floor...(NO CARPET) I was grateful they were FRIENDS of ours...However, I was CONVERTED quickly...that "glass" bottles were NO LONGER going to be used...at church, anyway...(smile)

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