January 19, 2009

This List Is All True

You know you must have a big baby belly when:

1. You walk into Relief Society at church and half the women in the room, most of who you don't know, literally point at your belly, give you a sympathetic look and exclaim, "You're still pregnant?" or "Hey, you're not suppose to be here today!"

2. You end of talking to several men in the ward, whom you've never talked to before, only to find out people are teasing your husband that you are still pregnant!

3. All the younger women in the ward start giving you a list of things you should try to start labor. After declaring that you've tried them all they just give you a strange look and say, "Oh".

4. Even your maternity shirts won't cover your whole belly.

5. Your kids drop something on the floor during Sacrament meeting and it literally takes you 5 minutes to find some way to contort your body into some odd looking shape, since you can't bend over any more, just to pick it up.

6. Your four-year old kid runs to give you a hug and ends up bouncing off your stomach instead.

7. While sitting down, the kids start using your belly as a table to hold their things.

8. Every time you wince from a kick or contraction, your toddler exclaims in a questioning manner, "is your baby getting too big?" 

9. You can't bend over far enough to see what your kids have wiped on the underside of your belly.

Most often heard statements in the morning:
There is no cheery, "good morning" or any such thing from my children. These are literally the first things said by them when they come out of their bedroom in the morning.

1."Mom, what shall we do today?
And yes, she really does say "shall".

2. "Mom, I need a drink to make me feel better"
Apparently, she often has a "tummy ache" that only a drink can fix.

3. "Can I go outside and ride my bike?"
Somehow freezing temperatures don't seem to bother her.

1. "Mom, I want ice cream"
Which only turns into crying once I tell him no.

2. "Mommy, I need candy."
See reaction to number one.

3. "Is daddy at work?"
Is it obvious who the favorite is around here?

1. "Poopy! Eewww!"
This is most often declared while patting his bum.

2. "More!"
He generally pops up with his sippy cup since he is allowed to go down with a little water at night, and holds it out to me.

3. "Up"
This words also means: down, out, help, or if he doesn't know what to call something but wants it anyway. In the case of the mornings, he either wants to get out of his crib asap, or he wants me to hand him something he can see from his crib. If I get it wrong, it could result in disaster.

2 super cool people speak:

Mona said...

Oh poor baby! And I mean YOU! You're right -- it is ALLLLL true. Have you tried a bumpy boat ride? Or over zealously swinging a bat? Both worked primo for me. Oh yeah, it's January. A loooooong winter.


Mama Smith said...

I am going to have a GRAND TIME...Can hardly wait to see all of YOU later TODAY!!! Leave for the airport in a couple of minutes..

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