January 8, 2009

Who Let The Cookies Out!

I'm sitting here at my computer, bemoaning the fact that I thought I was in labor this morning due to intense and consistent contractions that suddenly decided to stop cold turkey.
Don't they know that is SO MEAN!? Where's the complaint box? I need to leave a note.
Still, I had started the day with high hopes of a day filled with pain and agony with a blissful ending. So, when I saw the package of cookies Luke had bought at the store last night just sitting there on the kitchen counter, still mostly full I starting thinking, without really knowing I was thinking it, that I should enjoy what time I had remaining being pregnant living the high life. That roughly translates into, eat the cookies.
I tend to be a health Nazi after I have a baby to lose the baby fat but I confess, while I'm pregnant, the desire to eat healthy and exercise dies with the first twinge of morning sickness.
All that hard work disappears as suddenly there is so much more of me to love!
So, here is sit, weighing in at 1-2 pounds (hmm, the number button seems to be sticking...strange) and I must sadly confess that the cookie package is empty.
Should I be publicly admitting this?
What? Oh come on, its easy to pop one or two in throughout the day and before you know it, well, there just isn't anything left! Then comes the part where Luke and the kids want some and yet when the package gets opened it contains well, nothing.
Of course I plead total innocence and ignorance concerning the matter. I doubt they bought it, but still, they can't prove anything!
Nope, nothing at all.

10 super cool people speak:

Katherine said...

Hmmm...the * is above the 8 so you must be 182. Which means your 9 month preggo self is all of five pounds heavier than my non-pregnant self. I ate a whole package of crackers yesterday. And more than a dozen no-bake cookies today. But let's just not think about that.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, no, I do not weigh 182. Less. But I'm going to change the symbol anyway. =)

Kira said...

Honey, your at 132 and you know it. Cookies. Fine. Just lay off the Twinkies.

Heidi said...

You can't have the baby, yet. You said weekend, so I was praying for weekend. :-) Enjoy the cookies. You deserve it all!
P.S. Would it be too much to ask you to convince her to come on a day that I already have to remember a birthday. So much easier that way. :-) 9th or 13th. You choose. Hmm...I think I hear a loud "9th" coming from across the country.

Mother Smith said...

Sorry, Heidi, but, "Granny" here is SO MUCH OLDER and MIND NEARLY GONE...10th, 13th (we at least agree on that one) or the 15th (I know Sarah, NOT the date you would like to wait for) would be DELIGHTFUL...Of course, my granddaughter will be FORGIVEN, if she came today...(9th) (smile)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Eew! Twinkies!

I can have the baby today, the ninth. I like that idea! But my sister's birthday is the thirteenth and she told me I'm not allowed to have my baby on her birthday, she doesn't want to share.

Ruth Sutton said...

I keep checking hoping to see you havn't posted, which will mean you can't (since your so faithful) because you are in labor at the hospital. Soon i'm sure, but never soon enough for the pregnant one. Good luck. I'm praying for you. Enjoy those cookies. Every single one. You deserve them.

Brittney said...

haha, you're hilarious. I've heard of people having high hopes for nutritious eating during pregnancy. Then those hopes are usually dashed as soon as they realize they feel sick and can only keep down certain foods.

I'm totally a dr., so I know that if you ate a whole package of cookies it's because your baby must've needed them nutritionally. Otherwise you wouldn't have a craving for them.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, that's right!! It's all for the baby you know. ;)

Chelsea said...

Fun to catch up on the blog - can't wait to hear the good news when your little girl gets here ! :) You always write such good/clever posts - and you write of things we all think about ... like sitting in the same seats at sacrament every week, how easy it is to eat a whole package of cookies when you're pregnant, etc - so awesome! I hope everything goes well the labor - your little girl is going to be beautiful!

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