January 3, 2009

Tackle On The 15 Yard Line...

Oh, if only I had a video of this! But no, I must do my best to tell it with words and hopefully create a clear mental picture.

Five dollar hot n' ready pizza was on the dinner menu tonight. Jacob, the bottomless pit, Joseph, the sugarholic, and Savannah the picky, were all eating dinner. Joseph only ate about two bites then, due to unforeseen potty circumstances, ended up in the bathtub first. After the other two were done eating, they to joined him in the tub. 
Joseph insisted he was done with pizza. Fine.
Jacob, wanted a bit of chocolate milk. Since we were having such a healthy dinner to begin with I figure it would be no big deal to grant this small request. (Okay, I finally figured out what he wanted only after he got sick of me getting it all wrong and had decided that the only way for me to understand what he wanted was if he was rolling around on the floor while bumping into walls and crying)
Once Joseph the sugarholic figured out what Jacob had, he insisted his life would not be complete without some as well. 
However, I told him that since he didn't finish his incredibly healthy dinner (aka cheese pizza) that he could not have any. But if he finished his piece, I would most certainly get him a drink of his main source of happiness.

Main Story:
While having this conversation with Joseph, Jacob had discovered Joseph's pizza on the table. Naturally, being a bottomless pit, he decided to do his best to dispose of said pizza.
Joseph, determined to get his chocolate milk turns to get his pizza only to find it in the hands of his most dreaded enemy, the bottomless pit.
In a flash of noise, he starts screaming and crying and makes a run towards Jacob. Jacob, seeing the imminent danger, jumps down from the table and tries to sprint past Joseph to the living room where, I'm sure in his mind, he would be saved by the big, bad, parents. 
Unfortunately, Joseph would do anything for chocolate milk. So there, on the line that separates linoleum and carpet, the great tackle took place.
With both boys screaming their heads off, Joseph tries to pin down Jacob and grab the pizza at the same time. While Jacob is doing his very best to stretch his arm as far as it will go to keep it out of Joseph's reach. Oh the weeping, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth!! Literally.
Being the totally awesome parents that we are, Luke and I both laughed for a bit, then Luke slowly made his way over to separate the intertwined limbs before anything too disastrous happened, like pizza getting on the floor or something.
There's nothing like in-house entertainment!

2 super cool people speak:

Charlynn said...

That is hilarious!

Mama Smith said...

I can PICTURE IT....Too bad you didn't get to VIDEO it...cause it would have been a KEEPER!!! (smile)

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