January 7, 2009

My Little Keeper

In the midst of the everyday chaos and destruction of kiddy life, there are times when their purity and innocence really shine out.

My little Savannah has been my faithful little keeper these past few days.
With the contractions, the sore back, the bruise the baby has given me inside my belly, and with all my muscles stretched tight, pain is kind of a constant thing right now.
With every groan I let out, Savannah is by my side, asking me if I'm okay, telling me to "sit down and relax".

She, in her little four-year-old way, will rub my shoulders, scratch my back, bring me a drink of water, or pat my belly while she tells her little sister to "Be careful! You're hurting mommy."
The other day, I was hurting from cleaning and rearranging things around the apartment. Savannah comes up to me and says, "Mom, we should have a prayer and ask Heavenly father to make you feel better." So, we get on our knees and Savannah says a sweet little prayer asking that I would feel better.
When she was done, she gets up and promptly asks,"There, are you feeling a little bit better now?"
I love to see her faith in her little heartfelt and most sincere prayers.
What would I do without her?

P.S. Luke has still no decided for sure if he's going on this business trip or not. We're going to wait until after my doctor's appointment today to decide for sure.

3 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

She is so cute. I love your kids! And you, too!

Kira said...

Little girls are delightful. Those little fingers are the best backscratchers.

Mama Smith said...

Savannah is BEAUTIFUL!!! Like her MOM!!! (smile)

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