January 6, 2009

Should I Let Him Go?

Yesterday after work, Luke approaches me with this question.
"So, how do you feel about me going to Minnesota this week? On Thursday?"

Here's the thing. With the last two kids, I have gone into labor after I was "checked" at a doctor's appointment. I have an appointment tomorrow, Wednesday. Jacob was 2 weeks early, I will only have 2.5 weeks left at this appointment.

I have had a couple dreams where I have delivered this baby all by myself because Luke was gone somewhere. (Not that that means anything, I'm just throwing that in because)

The reason this trip is important is because his company has asked him to manage and run a new business they are starting. So, Luke needs to go on all these business trips in an effort to gather clients,

So, either I let him go, and risk the whole, "Well, I went into labor while you were on the plane! Sorry, you missed the birth!" or I make him stay and risk, "Well, nothing happened! You missed this business trip for nothing!"

What should I do? I can't decided!!

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Romulo & Lydia said...

What a dilemma? I know how you feel. Romulo had to go on a business trip the day of my birthday and it stunk but I also know the importance of getting clients and forming new relationships. It's our life now and whatever jobs he takes only gets him more exposure. I don't know if that helps because childbirth and a birthday doesn't compare but I'm trying to see long term. But if he does go make sure you have plenty of support (family if possible and church members). I'll be praying for you.

Brittney said...

Well, I think it depends on how much you need him there during labor and how sad he would be if he missed it.

Would his company allow him to go after the baby is born? Or would someone else just take his place if he doesn't go? You also might want to find out how much this decision weighs on how Luke is viewed by his managers/employers.

Mona said...
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Mona said...

I am sooo happy to find your blog! We did not get time to visit this summer -- I just wanted to kiss your face all over it was so good to see you and I so wanted to know about your life! Now I can follow your blog and get the inside scoop.

As for "should I let him go?"...of course, I believe you should have a heart to heart with him and pray with him (which you've probably already done) and then all you can do is leave it UP TO HIM and be ready to accept his decision. He is being torn between two equally important roles: PROTECTOR and PROVIDER. My own beloved of 31 years travels extensively (globally!) for his work and has done so for the last 15 years. Granted, our babies weren't babies during that period but even still, I try to sympathize with his dilemma in taking care of us. If your man feels he must go on the trip, ask for a blessing that the baby's birth will be delayed, if that's the will of Father, and for strength to handle whatever does happen. Remember: providing for their families no matter what it takes IS WHAT GOOD MEN DO. He's a good 'un.

I am sorry - this comment is so long...I hope that you will follow my blog too, which I post to each Sunday and which is designed specifically to inspire and strengthen young moms and families like yours. You'll definitely relate to this week's post.

I love you!
Mona Z

January 6, 2009 9:12 AM

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Thanks so much for your comments!
So, apparently it would NOT be a big deal for Luke not to go, he just really wants to. And of course he should go, but it certainly wouldn't do any damage to his career or anything like that.
I've had a ton of contractions today so, who knows!

Brittney said...

hello, i didn't even think about the fact that it might be hard for you to find someone to watch your kids last minute if you went into labor, someone to drive you to the hospital, etc... good luck!! I am pretty sure I wouldn't want my husband gone :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL, trust me. Husbands and child birth go hand and hand. I would just die if Luke wasn't there with me. Its amazing how much comfort and support they give.

Mama Smith said...

Is it for ONE DAY? You could tell your daughter...to hold on till "Daddy comes home"...(smile)Besides, you're usually on the phone with me...when you go into "labor"...(smile) Don't forget to CALL me...(smile)

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