April 18, 2012

Vitamin Sucker

Whenever I am pregnant, (and no, I am so not making an announcement) I get knocked flat on my face with morning sickness. The constant nausea can be brutal at times.

I have tried every trick in the book that is suppose to help, but to no avail.

One of said tricks some people swear by, is taking a vitamin B6 supplement. Tried it. Didn't work. Whatever.

It's kind of like trying to give up my chocoltae addiction. Tried it. Didn't work. Whatever.

Still, I have a big bottle of B6 sitting in my cupboard. After having a discussion with a few people on the benefits of B6, like increased blood flow to the brain and calmer nerves, I couldn't help but think this would be a great vitamin for my children to take, besides the kid ones they have!

I'm trying to draw attention away from the fact that I should probably be taking half a bottle a day. After five pregnancies, by nerves and brain need all the help they can get.

Work with me here, I grew with a super health conscious mom.

So, I started giving Savannah (age 7) and Joseph (Age 6) a little B6 vitamin before school in the mornings. They are small enough, and the kids are use to me giving them vitamins, so much so that they just kind of scrunch up their face, shrug their shoulder, and swallow it down.

Yesterday morning at breakfast, everyone was in unusually good mood, so when I brought out the vitamins, all four of the older kids wanted to try the B6, even Alayna (age 3). I handed them out and they all downed them with their juice.

Alayna took a little more effort but after some whining and grossed out face making, and with all the other kids cheering her on, she swallowed it down and beamed with pride.

You'd think she had just won the Nobel peace prize or something.

Anyway, since everyone seemed to be in a good and daring mood, I brought out the vitamins that hubby and I take.

"Oh yea? Well who wants to try and swallow and big mommy vitamin?" I taunted.

The "we are cool" feeling was still lingering so they all wanted to. I only gave them to the three older ones and Savannah downed hers with her juice like a pro, then smugly told the others that it was easy and you couldn't even taste it.

Joseph then popped his in and managed to swallow his down without much drama.

While all this was going on, I noticed that Jacob (age almost 5) had his head down, resting in between his hands.

Soon all attention was focused on him as all the kids were pounding the table with their hands chanting, "Jacob! Jacob! Jacob!"

Some people have drinking dares, we apparently have vitamin dares.

I think our game is way cooler, just sayin'.

When he didn't look up I asked him if he was okay. Slowly he raised his head and looked at me. The expression on his face was a weird mix between looking like he was going to puke, like he was sucking on a lemon, and like he had just seen a horror film.

It took me a minute to register what was going on.

"Jacob?" Are you... sucking on that vitamin?" Tears welled up in his eyes and he nodded.

Ack! I'm... *gag* I'm even feeling all nauseous as I'm writing this, thinking about how totally disgusting that must have tasted.

He spit it out into his hands as I eww-ed and gross-ed and, you're not suppose to suck on them, at him.

Savannah took charge, being that she is so old and mature and knows everything now *insert eye roll* went over and encouraged him to swallow it down with his juice.

To my great surprise, he did! We all cheered and he looked so proud of his great accomplishment, even laughed when we all congratulated him.

*shuddering off the heeby jeebies* Yuck, vitamins taste gross, and as much as I love mine, you couldn't pay me enough to suck on one. Bleh!

This morning, just for fun, I asked if anyone wanted another mommy vitamin thinking they would never go for it. Savannah proudly said yes! Joseph took Savannah's cue and okay-ed.

Jacob looked down-right worried for a minute before he broke out a huge smiled and vigorously nodded his head.

"Oh ya?" I said disbelieving, "And do you think they taste good?"

Jacob threw out a big "Yes!"


I will never understand kids. Because right now, I feel all... *gag* grossed out again. *shudder*

Quick! Pass me a chocolate bar....

8 super cool people speak:

balloongal said...

I am amazed what my kids will do when they've made up their minds. They can be so stubborn at times. I wonder where they get that. :)

Shaylee Ann said...

>.< That's one brave child! Wow. Up until I was eighteen I couldn't even swallow vitamins. Just always had this reflex that wouldn't let them go past my tongue. . . . But sucking on them is so much worse than eating them all crushed up in applesauce. Go, Jacob! Way to go completely against normality! :D

Sue said...

Such a funny story! Kids (and yours in particular) crack me up.


PS. A little word of caution on the vitamin thing. Doses that are good for adults can be toxic for kids, so you might want to go online and make sure the dosages are okay for their weights in case they decide they want to make a regimen of it.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Sue, Thanks so much for your concern!

It's only half the dose and trust me, they will never want to make it a habit! LOL! I think it was a one or two time deal!

the fowlers said...

Gross! When I was little I chewed some Tylenol because I had never taken anything but the chewable before... worst thing ever! I can't believe he didn't spit it out immediately.

Heather S said...

Another 'mela' lady!
our kids take Vit D (gel tablets) but swallowig anything else is hit/miss for most the most part. good thing they love koala pals, they chew to their hearts content.

Garden of Egan said...

Yikes! I loathe the smell of vitamins, I can't imagine sucking on one.

Mama Smith said...

It will be fun...to see how the children begin to feel or "behave" with vitamins in their system...Even us old folks...have a better disposition...(smile)

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