April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend - Part 1

Since the demise of my beloved iMac, which took my favored photoshop program down with it, editing photos has become a real chore. Dang windows programs.

So forgive the late posting.

As mentioned on Monday, we had quite a few family members and in-law family members join us. My brother Abe happened to be graduating from college and since it lined up with Easter weekend, my parents came down to see him walk and celebrate the holiday with all of us.

Oh, and Abe and Annie are moving down to Salt Lake, abandoning me. That was the other reason.

And since my parents were coming, my two younger sisters decided to come join us as well, who will both be moving far away within the next six months and abondoning me too.

Not that I'm hurt, crushed, and devestated over it... really! I didn't effect my mood at all. I love having my family in town!

The thing is, my family gets along really, really well.

We are all quite mature and sophisticated.

Even the kids are on their best behavior and don't pull crazy stunts.

My children personally set the example for good behavior and manners.

But despite our calm and mature personalities, we do know how to have fun and there is never a dull moment.

Luckily, we all get along with each other's spouses,

and we respect bounderies in matters of personal conduct.

I personally make an effort as hostess to make everyone feel welcome and wanted.

My nieces and nephews LOVE me! I have a gift for making them smile.

We always make sure our children are involved in age appropriate activities of the highest caliber.

We may not enjoy food very much,

or go through lengths to ensure there's enough for everyone,

but what's that compared to knowing our family values privacy above all else?

But since none of us look-a-like we're always having to tell people we're related, especially my sisters. (who are moving away and abandoning me) For some reason, no one can see the resemblance! Weird.

Oh well. At least I'm told quite often that Claira and I look exactly like each other. I've even been asked if she's my little clone!

It's nice to know what I'll look like if I'm bald.

So yea, just your average, everyday kind of family! (who are all moving away and abandoning me, not that I'm having issues with that... clearly)

Just wait until I tell you about our easter egg hunt....


5 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

I think you are going to be the "OFFICIAL" story teller of all our activities! LOVE IT! (smile)

Amy said...

Cracking up.

I don't even know your family and I already love them! So sorry they are abandoning you. The NERVE of those people!!!

You guys are almost as cool as my family. Just sayin'.

Abe n Annie said...

Blame Abe. It's his fault that we abandoned you. I'm just sayin'.

Sue said...

I was the one who abandoned my family 21 years ago by moving to No Cal from So Cal.

They still call me out about it!


balloongal said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Looks like... fun?

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