April 15, 2012

Easter Weekend - Part 2

We had the guys hide the Easter eggs Saturday afternoon. I later decided it had been a really bad idea once the kids started discovering empty eggs. *insert evil stinky eye here*

Hey, at least when I steal candy from little kids, I have the decency to cover my tracks by spreading the other candy out so it simply appears that the containers aren't stuffed to maximum capacity.

You can tell I write a blog post late at night when I start using phrases like "maximum capacity" to explain how much candy is in an Easter egg.

Anyway, the kids were all excited about the hunt, especially the big kids. Ahem... Abe.

Oh dear... *gasp* do you see that? Do you!? I think my brother's mannerisms have rubbed off onto my boys! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....................

On your mark... get set... GO! 

I think all 96 eggs were snatched up in under five minutes. I think it took so long because there were so many little kiddos. At least fighting over eggs was at a bare minimum.

It only got ugly when the big kids started fighting over them. Awwwkwaaarrddd....

Okay not really. It was a big ole' snowball fight that broke out with all the hard crusted snow left in the shadowy spots behind the house.

Poor Angel (yes, that really is my sister's name), I think they were trying to shove it down her pants.

Have I mentioned lately how mature and sophisticated we all are?

Just checking.

Even my little twiner nieces had a blast.

Those girls know how to work the system around here! But sadly they've all gone and abandoned me by moving away, so how will I ever teach them how to handle their daddy? Or tell all his embarrassing life stories like every big sister is suppose to do for her little brother?

Ah well, I suspect those girls will be alright

Well, maybe anyway..... Stay strong girls! Stay strong!

All in all, I think the kids had a blast!

Soon, all us responsible adults wrestled the candy baskets away from terrified-that-they'll-never-see-their-candy-again grasps. I mean honestly, you'd think they were afraid I was going to eat it all!

Pish, give me some credit! I'd save them some-ish... a little bit anyway. Hey, I'm simply looking out for them, that's all! Motherly love and all that. *clearing throat...* What!?

Anyhow, after we ate a fabulous dinner and did some socializing, our lovely company whittled down to just the family members who were staying at our house.

The next morning, being Easter Sunday, was kind of a crazy who-gets-the-shower-first-before-all-the-hot-water-is-gone sort of morning. Luckily church started late enough so I think we were good. Soon the girls we're flaunting poofy dresses and the air smelled of mouse and hairspray.

Okay okay, "flaunting" wouldn't be the right word for miss sass-a-frass here who didn't even want to wear her dress in the first place.

At least Lilli know hows to flaunt.

Claira got tired of flaunting and settled for staring.

While the girls were flaunting the boys were, well, you know. Doing all that important stuff guys like to do.

The girls had other plans.

We all tried taking family Easter pictures but, you know how that can go.

You probably didn't believe me when I said it took us twenty pictures to get the one I posted on Monday.

Well, here ya go. Proof.

We even tried to take pictures of all the present cousins/grand kids.

Check out Jacob's face. Wait for it...

Wait for it...

And... mean auntie Becka took away all his blankets. Ruthless I tell ya.

And there you have it, our Easter in an egg shell. (I know, I thought it was clever too)

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

The End.

4 super cool people speak:

Mother Smith said...

It truly was an AWESOME weekend...I am going to miss...our gatherings at your house...Getting at least 1/2 of us and sometimes more...has been such a blessing...(sniff...sniff) But, then, who knows...how things will shift, again...(smile) When Hyrum comes home from his mission, he may attend BYU-Idaho...Abe and family will be in Utah...and who knows...maybe, others may shift our way! I will keep thinking and praying it WILL HAPPEN! (smile)

Sarah said...

Okay, we need to talk! :)
That was one seriously wicked awesome post too! What a work out on the uploading/cropping/whatever happens to put pictures up on a blog, etc. You. Are. Awesome!
Looooooooooooove you!
Approaching the ridiculous. :)

Sue said...

Loads of fun, wrapped up in one big family.


balloongal said...

Oh, wow. I love your humor and reading your blog posts.

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