April 23, 2012

Wasps and Raspberries

I was weeding out the front flower beds this morning... that have yet to have any flowers planted in them, eh hem anyway, that's beside that point.

With flip flops on my feet and a shovel in my hand, I was whacking at those weeds with all my might so I could pull them out of the hard ground. I reached down at one point to grab a handful of weeds when a sharp pain penetrated the soft skin between my thumb and index finger.

Obviously surprised and in pain, I jerked my hand back while my other hand that was holding the shovel, involuntarily shoved it forward as I let go.

Poor Jacob who had been crouched down next to me had the unfortunate luck to have that shovel land right on his head. He looked so stunned for a moment then started to wail. I looked from my hand down to the weeds and saw that nasty wasp crawl out of his patch to gloat at me.

I took that shovel back in hand. He didn't gloat long.

Dag-nab-it I've forgotten how much those suckers hurt.

I made sure Jacob was okay then sprinted in the house to take care of my sting.

Not long after I was going at the weeds again, a blister broke out on my palm. At this point I was feeling rather irritated at my bad fortune this morning, so I decided to call it good.

Gathering up a big arm full of weeds, I started carrying it over to garbage can. Just as I was passing Claira, a rock feel off the pile and right onto her little head.

Curses. Poor thing was so shocked, and I am so done with those stinkin' weeds this morning.

Saturday Hubby took it in his head that we needed to clean out the garden area. Feeling rather shocked at his eagerness, I readily joined in. I thought for sure I'd be tilling the garden myself this year as Hubby seemed to have no interest in it. Guess I was wrong.

Just don't tell him I ever admitted to such a thing.

So Hubby cleaned out the garden and tilled the ground. When he was done I started going at the raspberries. They needed pruning badly and we decided that with so many starts, and despite our small garden space, we would make two rows of raspberries.

A few hours later....

You think I look bad, you should see the other guy!

The raspberries didn't stand a chance against my devastatingly muscular arms.

Especially if you read the post before this one, you'll understand.

Devastatingly muscular. Yup.

Try not to be too jealous.

Our garden is about ready to be planted! But there is a cold streak coming on at the end of the week so we're going to hold out a bit longer.

In the mean time, I'm wearing shorts today in honor of the 80 degree weather we should be having today and tomorrow.

Ah... bliss....

6 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

You need one of those light blue, button-down work shirts. You arm looks stingy!


PS. Clearly gardening is dangerous for kids... ;)

Amy said...

I just turned on the air conditioning in honor of 100 degree weather. Ugh. Summertime sucks.
in AZ, that is.

But there are fun things about it too. Like vacations.
Usually somewhere cooler.

balloongal said...

I like your garden space. We have our windowsill and if we're really ambitious, we can plant a little bit in front of our downstairs neighbor's window. We just have to be careful to plant low lying plants so they can still see out of their window.

Saimi said...

Good job on the gardening girl, you really took one for the team!!

Give those raspberries another year or two and they'll start taking over your yard.

Mine are going crazy!

Sarah said...

Do you know how AWFUL it is to miss a fantastic phone call? It's right up there with wasps and raspberry bush abuse! Wow, it was a day, but missing you was the worst part!
Want to hang out? We should do that! :)
Love you Garden Conquerer!

Valerie said...

Looks painful! And your poor children. :) What luck they have being at the wrong place at the exact wrong time.

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