April 20, 2012


I was sitting on the couch downloading a preschool learning game on my kindle for Jacob when Alayna saunters up and stands next to me.

It didn't register right away what she was doing or saying, but then my mind zeroed into focus.

As her little hands squeezed my arm up and down, she kept repeating, "Squish, squish squish, squishy squish squish squish, squishy squishy......."

If you need me today, I'll be downstairs... doing girly push-ups for my apparently, really squishy arms.

And eating chocolate to nurse my bruised ego.

I'm all about being properly balanced like that.

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Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} said...

so funny. my kids are obsessed with the moon, so 2 year old Abbie tells me... "Mommy wook it's a full moon, it's as big as your head!"
My mom just laughed.
There are no push ups to rid myself of this lunar sized noggin:)

balloongal said...

Heh Heh Heh. Your kids are so funny.

Sarah said...

I got told the other day I'm 'so soft now!' I'm actually really happy with my soft curves, but the weak Relief Society arms I can do without. Some friends and I started a pushup program 2 weeks ago just to target our arms.

Heather S said...

bahahaha. kids. this is the reason i prefer to not workout in front of my kids. their honesty/observations are brutal!

jaacs said...
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jaacs said...

LOL. Oh no! This reminds me of when my two oldest came up to me last year and thought it would be funny to pat Mommy on the bottom. I was wearing yoga pants and apparently the resulting effect of that pat proved to be quite impressive because the next thing I know, they are smacking me on the bottom chanting, "Shake, shake, shake!"

As if things couldn't get better, the little Stinkers did the exact same thing a few days later with my stomach! Did I mention I had just had a baby two months prior? Oh! And I had developed gastritis and my gallbladder was getting ready to abandon ship...so all forms of chocolate or any sort of edible comfort was off-limits.


Obviously, I'm scarred. ;)

Sue said...

I laughed out loud reading htis.


Seth said...

Bwahaha. Thanks for giving me a good laugh.

Mama Smith said...

Thank goodness...none of you children were that OBSERVANT when you were growing up...(smile)

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