April 2, 2012

April Family Challenge - Get outside as a Family


Well, we are back from our family vacation! So fun! I have so much to show and tell! But that will have to wait until I get a chance to go through all the photos! So yes, you must wait in suspense until then.

And I know you will be, waiting suspensefully that is.

Okay fine, even if you won't be, I will still indulge in my little delusions and think that you are.

In the meantime, I have a little announcement to make!

And no, I'm not pregnant.

Admit it. That was the first thought that popped into you head.

Anyway, I have decided to join up with a group of bloggers called The Family Network and actually put my blog to good use. The point of The Family Network is to encourage quality family fun by having monthly family challenges. Each of us in the Family Network will take turns choosing the theme of the challenge. Cool right?

So I hope you'll all want to do it with us!

Wait... pish,"hope" nothing! You WILL join us! Because it's going to be awesome!

This month's challenge is: Get Outside As A Family!

LDS Parenting is challenging all of us to get outside this month as a family. Any day of April will do. Choose an activity -  plant a flower, stargaze, take a walk as a family, clean up trash, hang a birdfeeder, etc… then come and tell us what you did! What was your favorite part? What will you remember the most? We are making memories here!!!
Some of my family's personal favorite outdoor fun includes: 
  • Family walks/bike rides 
  • Star gazing on the trampoline
  • Lunch at the park or in the backyard
  • Tag, freeze tag, monster tag, whatever weird version of tag the kids come up with
  • Being April and all, the kids will LOVE the upcoming Easter egg hunt

Make sure you all share your ideas and pictures by:
  • Commenting right here on the blog, tell us how you’re getting outside as a family this month, or any other fun outdoor family activities you've seen, heard about, or want to try!
  • Share your ideas, plans, successes on my Facebook Page. I’d love to see pictures or just your ideas! Even better is to post it on your own page and link back to us!
  • Share your family outdoor activities with us below by linking up a blog post! No blog? No problem, just add your fun family picture!

Don't miss out! This will be fun!

4 super cool people speak:

Amy said...

Cool! Down in AZ, we'll have to pray for a day in the 70's. April sometimes gets too hot to play outside (at least in the afternoon), but is still too cold to swim. We're such a weird state.
But the challenge sounds fun!

P.S. Your family is so dang good looking.

Sue said...

Good for you! The family challenge sounds like a great idea...


Lara said...

I already met the challenge this morning!! We spent the morning playing outside in Mother Nature's April Fools joke - it is only the second time all winter that Jackson has been able to use his snow boots.

balloongal said...

This is great. April 12 is Look Up at the Sky Day. And it happens to be during my daughter's Spring Break so we have plenty of plans for getting outside as a family that week.

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