April 24, 2009

SilverMoon - Part Two

So, it turns out we are moving tonight and tomorrow. So I need to really get packing.

No pressure.

So today, you will just have to be satisfied with Part Two of our latest bedtime story. But I promise I will try and post pictures of the house this weekend.

Click here if you missed Part One! Especially to read the warning about the word "beautiful"

"Well well!" growled the giant lion. "What do we have here? You look like a tasty little snack!"

"Mom." Savannah interrupted yet again. "Um, she needs to go back to the mouse and ask the mouse for help!"

I laughed and told her it was sounded like a good plan but if she ran back to the mouse the lion would probably chase her.

SilverMoon was terrified! "Oh please." she said quietly, "Please don't eat me!"

Just then, a gust of wind blew and sent SilverMoon's long mane flowing. And in the moonlight it looked like silver waves of silk.

The lion stopped in his tracks and stared. "Wow". He said in awe. "That is the most beautiful hair I've ever seen! I'll make a deal with you. I promise not to eat you if you give me enough of your beatiful mane to make a necklace for my wife."

Now it was SilverMoon who stared. Beautiful? Her mane was beautiful? No one had ever told her she had beautiful hair before.

Of course she agreed and the lion left her as happy as can be with a long braided rope of her silver hair between his big jaws.

(At this point Savannah and Joseph were giggling like crazy in their covers.)

After a short nap and a snack, SilverMoon started her long climb up the mountain. She climbed for what seemed like a very long time. She was hot and very tired. But just before she reached the top she heard a noise.


She stopped and looked around.

"Its a snake!" shouted Savannah and Joseph at the same time! Well, I wasn't about to let them get this one right so I had to think of something quick!

SilverMoon turned around and found herself staring at the most enormous... (pause, pause) lizard! It was huge! His head come up to the top of her legs but he was very long and had a huge red and black tongue!

"Ssssooo, whats to we havess here?" The lizard said in a slippery slimy voice. "Me thinkss you would makes a tassssty ssnack for me and my friendsssss." The big lizard chuckled, showing a mouth full of my sharp teeth!

Well, at this point SilverMoon was just so very tried and scared she started to cry and big silver tears started to roll down her cheeks and made little pools of silver liquid on the ground.

The lizard stopped and stared. "Wowss!" he said in awe. "Your tearsss iss sso beatifulss!"

Again SilverMoon was stunned! All the other unicorns cried tears that looked like glistening crystals and her have always been silver. So the other unicorns would make fun of her when she cried. But here this big lizard said they were beautiful!

"I'll makes you a deal." continued the lizard, "Your tearss would makes a perfect paints for me new houssse! Gives me a bucket of your tearsss and I'll lets you go."

Well of course SilverMoon agreed and since she needed a good cry anyway, she filled up the bucket in no time.

After she was done she finished her long climb up to the top of the mountain. She couldn't believe it, she was almost there! And as she looked down at the bottom of the mountain there was a valley full, just full of..... (I paused here for a second and Savannah shouted, "Unicorns!" But I had a little twist up my sleeve.

No, it was a valley full of horses! Plain ole' black, brown and white horses.

SilverMoon felt so sad. Not because they weren't unicorns but because she was and she thought that they wouldn't like her because she was different too. Sadly, she decided to go down anyway and try to sneak past them and try to find another place to live far away.

When she got to the bottom of the mountain it was night time again and a full moon was out so she could see pretty well so she didn't think she would have a problem sneaking past the horses.

But just as she came out from a bunch of trees, she found herself standing in front of big black horse! The blackest animal she had ever seen!

"What are you doing here?" the black horse said in a deep voice. "You shouldn't be here!"

Trying not to cry again, SilverMoon said, "I know. I'm sorry you saw me. I was trying to sneak past since I knew you horses wouldn't want to be my friends since I'm different. The other unicorns didn't like me either. I'm sorry you saw me." And SilverMoon turned to go.

But the big black horse stopped her.

"You have it all wrong!" he said. "It's you unicorns who decided you didn't want to be our friends since we aren't as beautiful as you are. That's why we live on this side of the mountain. But you are most welcome to stay here."

SilverMoon turned back around to face the big black horse, her hair rippling silver in the moonlight. She wondered why the horse kept staring at her.

"Really? I can stay?" she asked.

"Of course!" said the black horse. "My name is Midnight." he said, "King of the horses". (Oh! My names are so very clever)

Shocked, SilverMoon quickly bowed. But Midnight told her not too and she stood back up.

"You are so beautiful!" Midnight said at last.

SilverMoon was once again stunned. First the mouse, then the lion, then the lizard, and now the horse! Could she really be beautiful?

"But", she said, "I don't look like the other unicorns. I'm not as beautiful as they are."

Midnight walked closer to her. "Of course you are! You don't have to look like everyone else to be beautiful." (Oh these sneaky teaching moments of mine!)

And for the first time in her life, SilverMoon felt beautiful and special. Midnight took her to meet all the other horses and made lots and lots of friends and she lived there happily ever after.

The End.

"I like that story mommy." Savannah said grinning from ear to ear.

"Tell uth a nother thtory mommy!" shouted Joseph.

"But that was a really long one!" I told him. "I'll tell you another one tomorrow night.

"Ohhh!" They said pouting.

Well, at least I'm good for something around here! =)

3 super cool people speak:

Romulo & Lydia said...

Don't you just love packing! We're moving too (but I have a month to do it and minus 4 kids). Good Luck!

Heidi said...

VERY subtle on the message. I love it. Every child (especially girl) should hear it. Good luck with the move. In-town moves can either be the best or the worst. Or both.

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

You are such a great story teller!

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