April 20, 2009

Back to Reality - Part One

Its kind of strange how, once you get back from a trip, it seems like you never left. I wonder why that is? And I got more sleep this weekend then I have in ages and yet I am exhausted this morning. Now that is unfair.
Someone find me the sleep fairy, we need to talk.

Wednesday night about 9pm, we head over to Wyoming to drop off the kids with Grandma and Grandpa. We get to bed around midnight and at 3am we get up, get ready, and head for the open road.
We had to make a stop in Utah for Luke to take care of some business with a client. But after that, we drove straight to Vegas. It snowed quite a bit on the way down and Luke and I had to keep swapping between driving and sleeping since we had a hard time staying awake. But we finally arrived about 5:30pm, since we lose an hour, it was really 6:30pm.
We decided to take a quick nap before dinner. I remember looking at the clock as it read 7:15pm. The next time I woke up it read 11:30pm. Opps. I told Luke what time it was, then we both rolled over and went back to sleep, not waking up until about 7am the next morning.
It was so nice. Uninterrupted sleep (with exception of the sirens that seemed to never end) and no kids to worry about when I got up! Strange, but nice.
Once we got ready and had breakfast, we made our way down to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino Convention Center for the Expo.

From about 8:30am to 4pm we walked through the Expo, talking to who knows how many people. My name tag said "consultant" on it. Ha! Right. I just followed Luke around trying to look older than 25 years old, though I don't think I was successful, pretending to understand what every one was talking about and occasionally asking a question or two so people didn't think I was mute.
And let me tell you, after 8 hours of walking around in heels, my toes were hating me. I think they would have up and left me if they weren't so attached to me. But I took one for the team, all in the name of looking professional... well, except for that couple hours where I just took my shoes off an walked around barefoot....
After that we went back to out hotel and changed. We thought it would be fun to go see a show. So we got online and starting looking around. I really wanted to go see Cirque De Sole'. But at 70 bucks a piece we decided to skip it. Then we ALMOST got tickets for the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur but again, the expense was, rather large. So, in the end we decided that a show lasts but a moment, while a house lasts forever! That's right, sadly, no show. Although someday I really would like to see Cirque De Sole'.
We decided we would walk the strip for a bit instead because that was free! And even then we only walked part of it. Its kind of a scary place. Luke's lucky his arm is still attached as I clung to it for dear life the whole time we were there.

We walked by Cesar's Palace.

Saw the water show at the Bellagio... twice. Luke wanted to experience "Ocean's 11" first hand.

We walked by Excalibur.

And New York New York.
But Luke said we had to take a picture of "The Golden Calf".

My favorite place was the M&M store. Although, I couldn't justify $12 a pound chocolate so I didn't buy any M&Ms either. Might as well go to Walmart and get the same stuff!
But it was fun, till Luke got in trouble for flirting...

... and I got in trouble for trying to eat people who strangely looked like chocolate to me.
I couldn't help it! It was a natural instinct!

We fell asleep early again that night, about 10pm-ish. Is that a sign of old age? Or a parent? I'm still trying to decide.
The next morning we checked out of our hotel then went back to the Expo for a couple hours. After we felt sure we had talked to all the people we needed to, and my feet were screaming at me, we jumped in the car and decided to go see Hoover Dam.
I will post about that tomorrow. I think I'm going to go back to sleep! Right after I find that Sleep Fairy.....

3 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

If bed at 10 pm-ish is a sign of old age, I'm in HUGE trouble. I'm glad you had fun. Sorry about your feet.

Mona said...

Serene! You have no idea how many business trade shows and expos I have "followed" Dale around - just to have an excuse of a couple escape! Sounds like your was a bit more successful than our Hawaiian Magic (this week's Musing). AND YES! You are the winner of our ice cream drawing! Hurray! Hurray! Please remind me of your email address so I can hurry your gift certificate to you:


Mama Smith said...

Oh...Sarah...How wonderful...you WON the drawing from Mona!!! AWESOME!!! Better than the odds you would have had in VEGAS!!! (smile)

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